Finally ….

I am learning how to YouTube more professionally …. and sharing them with you here … and would LOVE your feedback …

Also today is the Lion’s Gate ..  and a very potent day for accelerated growth. I shared about this in my last newsletter and on our fb page I share our newsletters as well. You will find a link below…

Enjoy your day! Shine YOUR amazing light … unique and full of creativity and totally honouring who you are…

Many blessings ladies and see you in class …

I will write a separate email newsletter in regard to the upcoming series of the 10 light bodies of consciousness and the numerology that goes with it also. I will offer great rewards and incentives for you to join us and elevate together into our true brilliant selves … awakening any dormant limitations bit by bit!!!

Also the upcoming  veil painting class is highly joyful, contemplative and the art form so ethereal and beautiful. It is literally a ONE- OFF weekend workshop, as my friend is visiting through my personal invitation … nobody is teaching this spiritually awakening art-form here in Adelaide .. it is DIVINE .. more information and illustrations was on my recent newsletter. She is asking for JUST 10 participants, and early bird offerings finishes at the end of August.


Stay amazing … !!!!!!!!

Sat Nam
Sabine Abnashjot
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Enjoy base chakra contemplations. I loved creating these videos! Many more coming up! Ask questions so I know what you would like me to talk about and share/teach. Thank you so much!!!
Amazing sacral chakra contemplations … enjoy, comment and dive deep.
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Solar Plexus – fire element … enjoy the reminders, and honour your amazing self!