How to be in the meditative mind more .. tips and kriya .. and bring your own cup for yogi tea as my gift to you after class. The recipe is in this newsletter .. plus the benefits … See you soon!!!
Enjoy being you. 🙂 … Do you know who you truly are …? 😉
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Warm greetings to you, Sat Nam!!!! This week we are moving to what we call in yogic terms: Your fourth light Body of Consciousness: your neutral mind, your meditative mind .. the ‘observer state’. 

The Meditative Mind allows you to serve your world around you very effectively and powerfully as it comes from deep clarity, not surface awareness. Often we may do good things for the wrong reasons, and hence they won’t work out in the long run. When you have your meditative mind active/functioning in your awareness, your work/service/actions/doing /non-doing  is effective in the long and short term. 

You also tend to naturally balance out anyone in your surroundings that is either over-protective (negative mind) or over-projective (positive mind). 

A person in the meditative mind is intuitive, has great timing, is a great listener and has a wonderful sense of humour. They /you are balanced between the protective and projective mind! Very powerful and definitely no stress energy dissipated.

A person in a meditative mind can easily take criticism with equanimity. Equally if you are in your meditative mind, your input into other’s lives is more effective, clear, insightful and helpful. You become a mirror for them to see when they are being over projective or over protective. Many people dance between the two. 

The meditative mind helps you to see patterns in your life. Then you decide which to let go of, to serve your life better. 

The meditative mind = STRENGTH. 

Strength is not muscular or intellectual as they fade and come and go, and are limited. When you’re not so well your physical strength also wanes. When you are not so well your emotional self or intellect is not the same. But cultivating a meditative outlook and way is true strength to get you through anything … 

Strength is not from faith and conviction, as these can be challenged too … the strength of faith and conviction is rooted in your meditative mind. It comes from UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF, being anchored in yourself! 


This starts with accepting oneself as one is, right now, flaws and gifts and all.

The meditative mind is the most powerful asset or mind to cultivate for becoming your strongest and happiest self. 

Meditation = building the meditative mind, helps you to see your unconscious blocks and limitations. A lot happens in you under the surface. It is like you are the proverbial iceberg and you barely see the tip of the mountain of your mind, on top of the water, but 90% is under water. 

Looking at this is amazing and also sometimes not easy, but so worth it in every way, for freedom and peace and living our highest potential.

This meditative mind is in you .. like a muscle it has to be trained or acknowledged, given attention to … or for a better phrase: be tuned into. 

Below I will write some tips on how to meditate more and support yourself into a regular practise. 

Wishing you a sublime week!!! See you in class! Rene,her to book in please .. the news system is really EASY! 🙂

Bliss and blessings, 
Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032 


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Two main keys to great meditation:First prepare the physical body through kundalini yoga exercises.
Secondly use breath styles to take you deep.

It is easy. I will show you lots of ways over the time in our classes!

Our annual Overseas Divine Retreat is held in July 8-13th (2015) in Bali . An amazing package .. only a few spaces left to immerse with only women into sacred ceremony, dance, meditation, chakra balance, sound baths, massage, healthy healing foods, Balinese healer, sacred temples, Wu-Tao dance, art expression, kundalini yoga, time to reflect and relax by the pool, and much more!!!!  All supported and nourished and guided by three retreat holders, Ahilya, Fiona and myself. Very nurturing, deep and supportive, and JOY!
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Yogi Tea Recipe and Benefits:
Our amazing yogi tea ‘recipe’ … I am bringing a big urn of it to each class now that it is getting closer to winter and much cooler .. please bring your own cup, so we are environmentally loving heart emoticonIngredients:
cinnamon: 2 quills
ginger: a slice or two
cardamom: 20
black peppercorns: 20
cloves: 20

I use my intuition and no longer count these wink emoticon
As you add the ingredients to boiling water, think great thoughts or sing an uplifting song/mantra chant grin emoticon

Boil for 20-30 minutes.
You can add milk or honey to taste .. you can add black tea leaves too if you like, I never do. 

This tea is incredibly beneficial on many levels ..
• Black pepper: blood purifier
• Cardamom pods: digestive aid
• Cloves: beneficial to the nervous system
• Cinnamon: strengthens the bones
• Ginger root: healing for colds and flu, increases energy

How to get the most our of kundalini classes with me:

  • arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to commencement
  • bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water for perfect comfort and support
  • commit by booking into class
  • communicate with me about your challenges and progress and questions
  • have an almost empty stomach
  • set an intention beforehand and if possible check the newsletter
Meditation tips:Do some physical exercise first, or stretches, yoga etc. (kundalini yoga is designed fully to gear you towards the meditative mind after the kriya always, this is the highest purpose of yoga)

Use and dedicate a space for yourself, where you are undisturbed and set it up to your liking, perhaps with a candle, or plant and a cushion and blanket. (good times to meditate are early morning and/or just before bed, ideally twice a day every day if possible)

Firstly allow your breath to come to your awareness. Change nothing, simply observe at the nostrils or the chest rising and falling.

Allow the breath to slow down and deepen. Both will still the mind.

Note the space between breaths. Very powerful.

Establish a realistic regular practise, start small and daily at the same time to anchor it into your lifestyle gradually. Even 5 minutes at the start and end of your day will offer a lot of benefits!

Dress comfortably, in lose clothing of natural fibre. Have a shawl or blanket to regulate your body temperature.

Aim for a supported straight spine as much as possible, feel free to use the wall and the support of pillows. Your chin slightly tucked in and your chest slightly out. Relax shoulders. It is best to sit, not to lie down, as sleep happens easily when lying down.

Watching thoughts is the way to transcend them … we can’t stop thoughts .. this is a misconception.

You can use Mantra to stabilise your mind and to uplift your vibration. It builds concentration too.

Benefits: countless, but in simple terms, it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps inherent self-healing of the body and mind, and offers increased awareness of love and connection with yourself, increased intuition. And much more!