Warm greetings to you!

This is a short and sweet newsletter .. please refer to last week’s for a great selection of links on how we raise the frequency on the planet, by raising our own, and by coming together as a field of collective consciousness … this field is what makes all the difference .. and YOU are what creates it.

So taking great care of yourself on all levels benefits not just you, but your immediate friends, family, work colleagues… and literally your ancestors and future generations … the world!

So I deeply would love to see you on World Yoga day next Tuesday the 21st of June from 7:30pm- 9:00 pm.

There is a booking link below that can take you there directly. It is a free event and donations are accepted and will go to RSPCA and Catherine House.

This week: Heart chakra kundalini yoga kriya. 

Your greatest effect in your life is through the energy field of your heart chakra! Self love, and hence deeper love for all, is the greatest gift you can offer yourself. From it flow heart-centred answers, guidance, alignment … doors open effortlessly when we come from the heart. So let’s release inner tension and inner unlovingness … and shed the old and welcome a new world, inwardly and outwardly.

In my last newsletter I shared about the heart energy field, so if you didn’t get a chance to read it, do go back and enjoy … it is beautiful awareness to have …

Oceans of gratitude for this moment, you the reader, and life itself, this amazing cosmic heavenly play.

Shine brightly … light up from within. Carry this light gently into your outer world … let it glow in peace, presence and pure being …

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Sat Nam! Sabine Abnashjot

e: sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au
fb: www.facebook.com/adelaideyoga

This is an image from our last year’s wonderful experience of fundraising over $1300 for research for brain cancer with  this kundalini yoga class … your bliss and expansion benefits all … absolute beginners welcome! The time is always NOW… 



Allow yourself to really unite with the divinity inside, that you are … embracing all that you are and are not, embracing the journey of discovery, into the reality of you… then let this speak … let it shine your way … let it do its divine work … full of awareness and love… moment by moment … open up … into you!