Sat Nam dear Yogis

first of all thank you so much to all who attended our heart chakra fundraisers! It was incredible energy – very strong – do share more with me more by replying to this email …I know a lot of us opened our hearts more deeply in a very real and tangible way!

We had a total of 40+ divine participants (some attended, some just donated, some just registered and attended,  it was a big mixture of ways of going about it all!) contribute with their presence and donations . Hope Cafe will receive a lovely $200 from all of us!!!!

We enjoyed heart chakra kriyas (2 types), the Cystal lyre tuned to 432 Hz and the chakra centres, plus the Gong. And we had heart chakra essential oils in the class and 6 people won their own blend! It was pure JOY!!!!

It was amazing to be back in the hall and with such a loving blast of light and joy and spiritual dedication. THANK YOU ALL!

So we will be holding more classes like this – possibly once a month! I am still working out my schedule with yoga and PhD studies. These will also be open to MALES! So keep an eye out for this.

These newsletters are for everyone: men can also learn how we shall work with kundalini yoga in a different way, and the great gifts it brings us to be graceful, radiant and in our full light. You may want to send your loved ones to class! As your partner shines their light, all benefit, especially you as a partner to her.

So all classes are just for women from now on, except for the larger fundraisers or world yoga day in June. This has been in my awareness for sometime. It is not a restriction for me, but an expansion into serving women specifically. MORE about WHY women’s kundalini yoga below …

I offer women’s coaching also, using NLP (nuero-linguistic programming) and hypnosis; which is very complimentary with kundalini yoga, in fact much of it is derived from that same source of wisdom!

If you are interested in coaching, send me an email and I”ll send you details about great packages!

In our next newsletter I will share about other upcoming events: pure relaxation/letting go sessions coming up, and chakra series for diving deeper! Prepare for those sessions now by attending these classes, for they will make the chakra series even more powerful for you! Your body temple will be more ready and receptive! Your self-love self-care affects not only you, but all that you are in contact with … we can lead by example for the next generation by truly shining our inherent birth light !!!

Also free meditation at the Burnside Ballroom continues every Thursday from 1:10-2pm. On very rare occasions I am not free to teach, so it is a good idea to email me or check about that.

Enjoy our newsletter and see you in class!!!! Bookings are best via our free kundalini studio app, you can find it on the itunes and playstore. Please check our app and website for changes and updates.

Blessings to all! Sabine
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Why am I specialising to teach women’s only kundalini yoga classes? 

Kundalini Yoga has a lot of special meditations and kriyas to empower specifically women. 

Fast-acting Kundalini Yoga can show every woman how to embrace the feminine energy of creation to enhance her physical and spiritual development, to elevate her consciousness, live her dream and celebrate her womanhood.

In classes women will discover powerfully effective poses with their accompanying health benefits, learn the healing wisdom of yogic health secrets, remedies and recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Kundalini Yoga shares a wide realm of specialized meditations for women so that she can excel in her own identity of self and confront with grace the challenges which life brings her.
A small however important wisdom is to cultivate the excellence, inner strength and discipline to face all difficulties. 
Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west and along with it a conscious way of living to become healthy happy and holy.

He dedicated every summer to teach women specifically to care for themselves, to become self empowered and to impact their homes, families and their communities with universal values of consciousness.
He often said that the state of a nation is reflected in the face of its women. The claim that he stood behind was that when men of the world respect women, there will be peace on the planet. And when women are kind to one another – there will be no more tears.
There is a wealth of yogic teachings for you to experience. 
Challenging Arm Exercises
Challenging arm exercises and meditations are a key technology of Kundalini Yoga. Using your breath, focus and relasing tension gives your the power to excel. Why? Yogic arm exercises strengthen your nervous system and expand your aura. And pregnant women…they are an excellent preparation for birthing. 

We also shall enjoy this for example: 

Call Upon the Maha Shakti Med Call Maha Shakti
POSTURE: Sit down peacefully with a straight spine..  Make a fist of your hands with both index fingers stretched out and pointing straight up. Elbows are bent and relaxed by  side.
MANTRA: Sing the Kundalini Bhakti Mantra:

TIME: 11-31 minutes.
COMMENTS: “Sing it today as a special gesture to the Maha Shakti. Merge in it. This is enough to take away your misfortune. This will carve out of you a woman. Woman needs her own Shakti, not anybody to it. Today let all the past die and let prosperity live. Let you (the ego) die and let your power live.
“I would like to ask you a question. Isn’t there a time in your life when you have a very miserable situation, and disastrous environments confront you? It comes in everybody’s life. Well, this is a Maha Shakti mantra, and when a woman chants it, God clears the way. This is not a religion, it is a reality. Woman is not born to suffer, and woman needs her own power. This is a Maha Shakti mantra. Just utter it once and see what it does.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan