This week: Crystal bowl healing, attuned to going beyond duality. Mental integration into the neutral mind and expanded consciousness beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

First: Grounding – then a new set: all chakra energiser – then hands on heart deep meditation, then “find your rhythm and center’ kriya! Deep relaxation and Smiling Buddha Kriya for Christ Consciousness in you.


Warm greetings to you!!

Yes … so what is this trendy word today that everyone seems to talk about … the chakras.

Well you are most likely here doing the kundalini yoga because you are aware of the chakra system and that we balance these vortices of energy /consciousness specifically in kundalini yoga classes.

It is actually the foundation of kundalini yoga, and the original source of knowledge from which all others are drawing their chakra knowledge… kundalini yoga is the science of chakras in every way, full stop, and the origin of this and the pure, unchanged yoga of that. Which is why I love to practise and teach it. It is pure, powerful and simply works.

Your life is literally in your chakras! Chakras are energy  vortices of consciousness that affect the way you feel, think, vibrate operate and literally determine your wellbeing and human potential on every single level: be it relationships (with self, family, friends, partner, boss, colleague, nature, the world) or be it your physical health, energy, awareness and alignment with your truth. They affect your glandular system too and we are all aware how potent hormonal health is.

So all this chakra talk is powerful, and potent, and yet we must be mindful to trust our own selves most of all … until we are fully awakened and aware of this within, conscious of it in every way, there are layers, veils, interpretations and distortions to the truth of anything, including chakra knowledge. This is why I trust the ancient texts only, and for myself my intuition and heart.

It has become a trendy word, like many concepts can become … and it is wonderful that we can talk about chakras and be understood … it is a very deep and incredible science, and here we are… exploring these centres each time in class.

The crystal bowls I’m brining in this week, specifically tuned, helps you to connect to your deep inner centred clarity beyond duality!

This week we are going to enjoy a new heart chakra meditation, plus the smiling Buddha Kriya for Christ Consciousness within you …

Together with the crystal bowl, this assist you to delve into and connect with deep inner freedom and clarity.

We shall do a new kriya called “Find your rhythm and centre”. Great for tuning into your pace, core, solar plexus and hence self commitment  through the heart.

Totally incredible energy!

My challenge is to only take up 1.5 hours of your time!!!!
And not to go overtime! I’m truly committed to that!

More info about the kriya and meditation below. And a reminder about the world Gong Master gracing us with his presence September 20-21st with a sound healing concert and an incredible self empowering workshop the next day! How to use sound in your every day life, practise, healing modality – from the master himself! Check out Don Conreaux! More info below!

Invites are via facebook also. Join me there under my name: Sabine Abnashjot Toh Harrer
and our yoga page:

Please book into class … 🙂

And I love feedback! You can simply reply to this email with any questions or feedback or sharing of your experiences …

Sat Nam!!!
Blessings …

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About our kriya this week:

Our ability to focus both at our navel and third eye (sixth chakra) gives us the opportunity to command our actions and determine how our fire is used. We can then be pro-active, disciplined, and assertive when necessary, and excited about life. We empower ourselves to wisely direct our energy to support ourselves.

This set is great for activating the navel centre (your core), bringing emotional energy into a flow, and stimulating the glandular system. This can be an excellent set at the end of the day to release stress. You decide the amount of energy you wish to exert for this kriya. Moving the energy along the entire spine will balance your flow immediately. You will release stress and nourish your entire body and mind.

The Smiling Buddha meditation is in our last newsletter and I have posted it on our facebook page and will post it on my website very soon also!

I’m super elated !!!!!

One love …


Join us to experience profound healing with the world Gong Master offering us an incredible concert and a very self empowering and also deeply transformative workshop!
Totally worth it on every level – as sound is energy, pure energy, and when directed with awareness, intent and recognition of its gift, miracles literally happen instantly! The dates: September 20 and 21st. This is a Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Advance Notice: A final (for 2016) Nourishment day for women, by Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat (Ahilya, Fiona and myself) is coming up in November this year on a Saturday! Flyers and more info coming up!



Stay strong and know that your work is powerful and much needed … I know everyone that attends kundalini yoga classes is about shifting into ultimate truth and really discovering who you truly are .. this is quite a spiritual warrior journey, as it has its ups and downs, and we learn to ride the waves ….

here is something to keep in mind, to keep you strong, besides breathing deeply, staying grounded and honouring each moment as it arises as an experience to behold …

There is much ignorance in this world now surfacing. It is part of this cleansing. We (the Awakening Ones) also have our share of ignorance as well. We are shedding ours, but we are experiencing it as it leaves. Our best way to cope with this process is to learn to detach ourselves from the emotions connecting us to the Process. We must learn to “Surrender to our God Self’s Will”, and learn to “Allow”.  By becoming as Neutral as possible, mindful,  loving and kind, knowing that the Universe truly does support us, we become free from all of our inherent Human fears.

One must always bear in mind that all of the trials and tribulations along the way are merely signs of progress.

If you can keep this perspective, it will surely make things go much easier. It does not seem possible at times, with all of the burdens you must carry, but don’t give up when you are this close to the finish line.

You have worked hard to get here, and you will certainly reap the rewards. The only way to ease the pain; gain landmarks and speed up your process is through consistent Energy Work.

Regular chakra clearings, daily practices and tools that will assist you to relieve these hurdles, and to greatly quicken your spiritual path in order to make it a sacred, and a more pleasurable experience.

Today the energies that are coming through are a much higher frequency than ever before on this planet, making it much easier to transmute the lower vibrations through Intention and Choice, which allows transition much faster and easier.