Sat Nam dear Yogis ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a great youtube may enjoy to play it in the background while reading, if it is appropriate for you.

This is our February newsletter, this time written from the Burnside Library.. where I live has not had electricity in almost two days and I surrendered to coming here.. a beautiful space, sitting by huge glass windows overlooking trees and a road and a little cute water feature. How lucky are we? When we have an obstacle, there are always wonderful new solutions full of their own unique gifts, if only we take a look with an open mind and heart…

The symbolism life gives us every moment is just incredible .. I see the cars rushing by, the trees all still and majestic, the trickle of the water in the pond, the glass window between us, the sound of the air-conditioning, the typing of my fingers and those around me … distant sounds behind me … a child with the cutest voice talking delightedly to her father ..
Such is the gift of life .. full of such incredible creativity and endless layers we may perceive through our unique lenses …

It is joy to contemplate the many kaleidoscopic aspects to our lives .. being in them, participating, observing … immersing ..
Feeling gratitude for it all … everything is a gift and a chance to delve deeper into yourself and all that is …
This is why I love kundalini yoga … we are not only moving the body to tone it, but we are keeping our vessel (body) healthy on all levels (the glands, the immune system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system etc.) plus learning to hold the energies by using our mindful focus, stabilizing our monkey mind, directing attention and energy, and keeping us be full of vitality through breathwork which energises us with prana balance (life force coming in and releasing old stuck energies with the exhale)…

What I love even more is that when we practise ourselves, we take it into the world, and this affects the world positively! It is a service to humanity and yourself .. it is balance… not just a focus on the physical aspect .. and the amazing beauty is that it is very hard to change the physical form (weight-balance, toning, health of organs etc) if the unconscious mind is running wild… with kundalini we release unconscious habits and free ourselves to truly see and walk our path in awareness and freedom .. we also balance the hormones which aid to balance weight .. we also balance the metabolism .. and most of all we work on increasing the level of awareness and consciousness, which translates into healthy food choices naturally, without force, efforting, but joy and definitely no overeating naturally … how brilliant!!!! Feel free to ask me more or if you would like a few classes with a focus on weight balance or physical health in particular ways, please let me know ..

Love yourself fully as you are now … And be your own VALENTINE! Yes! I say February can be dedicated to that .. as part of the new year’s resolutions, what a great platform from which to leap forward! I am very passionate about this, as I KNOW all we need it within us! And once we all embrace and see this deeply, the outside world will have to reflect this back … Sounds simple, but it is a process … a process of taking the time out and commit to time to yourself to connect to that awareness within you … Whatever works for you, honour that .. of course for me it is kundalini yoga .. it is almost like magic, for it touches every aspect of our being, so the transformation is deep and total, rather than sporadic and in only one area of life .. it is all connected … this month I am offering you the double joy of kundalini yoga in nature, and a mini retreat for chakra balance and healing plus going within, where all your answers and creativity are!
Please read the blue section right on top of the newsletter ๐Ÿ™‚ … This is the focus of this month in classes!!!

Keep these dates in mind for special Valentine’s self love:

Sunday February the 16th

Free community kundalini yoga under the majestic trees at the Adelaide Botanical gardens! 8 am-9:30 am .. More details below …
Sunday February the 23rd

A very special first mini-retreat for busy people who wish to take time out for just three hours to go deeper into chakra balances and being your own Valentine!!! We will enjoy a beautiful healing space (sanctuary) and practise intention setting, breath-work (for clearing and then brining in the love using the breath), chakra balancing kundalini yoga, plus aromatherapy to enhance the practise, plus deep yogic relaxation with a powerful intention setting while in that state of very receptive yogic sleep (sankalpa).. and a sound healing on top of that! I will provide teas and healthy refreshments (organic fruits and nuts etc). You will feel amazing, I am sure! Full of relaxed clarity and the energy to set new things into motion for yourself! More details below…

Thank you all for your awesomeness at the beach on the Australia Day long weekend! My dream came true and we shared such a beautiful time at the Henley Beach plus in Evida’s afterwards! Heaven!!! New plans for a sunset class coming up!!!!! We raised among 22 yogis $233 for the children’s charity Can Do4kids!!!! What a divine combination!!!!!!! More below …

Please note I am away on Sat Nam Rasayan level 2 training at the end of February, there will be a Thursday class but no Saturday or Sunday classes on: 1st and 2nd of March. More below about this …


Also note: ADVANCE NOTICE: In March we start an 8 week CHAKRA SERIES programme, where each week we work with a new chakra! It starts with the base chakra on Thursday the 6th of March (same chakra all week) and finishes with the aura and electromagnetic field on Sunday the 27th of April. You will learn much about each energy centre .. how it affects your life, and how to balance it using kundalini yoga ….More in the next newsletter. Here is a link to my website for more background info on this (I am still working on that webpage, but it has currently useful info you can read now already) :

This month we will enjoy a variety of kriyas with a focus on our Navel Point.

In the ancient shastras it states that: ALL YOGA STARTS AT THE NAVEL POINT

I will share a little story that expresses this: A young student asked his teacher how far he must travel to find enlightenment and the true path of the Self.

The teacher spread his fingers wide and said, โ€œyou must travel the distance from the thumb to the tip of the little fingerโ€ฆ if you place the spread hand on your stomach with the little finger on the navel point, then the thumb stretches to the heart centre. This is the mystical path consciousness must ascendโ€ฆโ€

The entire point of balance and force depends on developing the awareness of the Navel Point as a centre around which the body moves in many forms of martial arts.

If you wish to truly understand the nature of meditation and consciousness, a clear conception of the energy and function of the navel centre helps and is vital.

The Navel Point is not just a point, but it is a centre of energy transformation in the body.

The science of kundalini yoga states that the mental and physical levels of consciousness are totally interrelated and co-regulating! There are areas in the physical body that connect with the chakras in the electromagnetic body.

The chakras transform different frequencies of energy, and this transformation results in different behaviours and levels of consciousness.

The Navel Point does not correspond with the umbilicus, navel, or belly button, although it is related to it. The centre itself is etheric, a few inches down and in front of the lower spine.

It has a very important function, since thousands of channels carrying the life force of the body converge through this point and have their different currents, ratios, and intensities of flow initiated and adjusted there.

By observing whether or not the Navel Point is centred in its optimal location, and the intensity of energy coming from it, we can self-diagnose and correct many maladies that would not easily be dealt with by other therapeutic approaches.

If the Navel Point is displaced, many hard-to-diagnose maladies can exist in the personโ€™s body, such as:

If displaced upwards: improper digestion, constipation, acidity, diseases of the heart, and general irritation in behaviour will be the result.
If displaced downwards: loose motion, dyspepsia, colic pain, and bad dreams.

If displaced sideways, acute pain results. These pains are located in the various nerves of the body and are difficult to remove with drugs. In females displacement often leads to such problems as strong pain associated with menstruation and menstrual irregularity.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!! Shine your unique light!!!! Enjoy the links below to your right … where I share research, music and yogic info .. and how to book into classes .. thank you very much to all of you who book in !!! I really appreciate it very much!!!!

Deep breath in …. hold … and slow deep exhale … hold … and enjoy!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032
fb: (Kundalini Studio Yoga)

Kundalini Yoga under the Trees

We will enjoy a glorious yoga session on Sunday the 16th of February at the Adelaide Botanical Gardens.
Come in via Plane Tree Drive and meet in the grass opposite the Friend’s Gate. You will see us!

This is a community class by donation (totally optional).

Starting time: 8am
Finishing: 9:30 am

Feel free to stay afterwards and feel free to bring some food to share, but this is not a must. You are free to decide if you wish to stay for a chat and some refreshments afterwards.

Please bring your own mat and blanket and water.

Donations will go to the children’s charity! ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to invite friends.


Mini-retreat for bliss of balancing the chakras and being your own Valentine (spoiling yourself)

Connect and immerse into your divine self .. in this 3 hour workshop

? Chakras are the energy centres in our bodies which profoundly
affect the way we see and relate in the world

? This mini retreat is ideal for busy people who cherish having time-out,
but don’t have a lot of time!

? Enjoy balancing your energies with ease and joy, using the ancient wisdom of
Kundalini Yoga and the gentle power of essential oils

The program:

* yogic balancing of chakras
* crystal bowl sound healing
& deep (yoga nidra) relaxation
* meditation with visualisation
* intention setting
* notes
* light refreshments

When and Where:

Sunday the 23rd of March
In Norwood:
Essence and Aromatherapy Centre
Shop 2/ 47 The Parade
(Opposite Jack Horner)

It is a tranquil private setting , please enter via the back street, where parking is available; the street front doors will be locked for privacy.
Parking and entry: (on a Sunday when the shops are closed) via Woods and then Beyer Streets

Starting time: 10 am
Finishing time: 1 pm
Investment $88.00

RSVP by contacting me by email or phone, or through the fb invitation.

Beach yoga bliss!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you all so much !!!!! It was a dream and such joy!
We enjoyed the connection to the earth, sea and infinite skies while connecting into our divine selves through yoga!!!! What a perfect day it was too!!!!
Thank you all again and again for making this possible and enjoying it with me, together as a wonderful uplifted group.. I love your spirit in getting up, facing the sun and sand and just flowing with the divine in each moment .. your smiles were heavenly!!!! Deep relaxation must have been incredible .. letting go just like that, in public … total surrender ..

I am truly touched and so were some people walking by … it is great to inspire by example .. and we gave cando4kids something too!!!!! How perfect!!!!

I am delivering the $233 we raised through your generosity that morning, and will publish the receipt as soon as I have it!!!

Keep shining and enjoying being brilliant you!!!


Sat Nam Rasayan Training

For thousands of years, Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret tradition. It was taught in silence by a master to his student and only a few highly developed students were so privileged. The process of training lasted several years until the student could recognize and maintain a state of neutrality and silence.

Ambrosio is from Spain and is an orthopaedic surgeon, osteopath, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner and teacher, and a kundalini yoga teacher. He co-wrote the first book ever published on the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh. His teaching takes him around Spain, Germany, South America and now Australia.

He will be my teacher this time in Melbourne.
Sat Nam Rasayan teaches you to heal others, integrate silence and calmness into your life, release unhealthy behaviour and allows you to experience every moment and emotions without any attachment to them and you develop and establish inner silence in your mind to hone your intuition.

I will share more soon!

Inspirations (links on research and yogic info plus music) for you, class times and how to book in

ยฉ 2013 by American Society of Clinical Oncology
Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Trial of Yoga for Sleep Quality Among Cancer Survivors

From this site type into the search ‘yoga’ and another article will come up .. I am trying to send you the link, but it doesn’t look like it would work.. here it is anyway, but if it won’t open, please try my initial suggestion of typing in ‘yoga’ from within the first article.

ยฉAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology

Yogaโ€™s Impact on Inflammation, Mood, and Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Reclaiming Your Center ~ solar plexus ~ Navel Centre info:

Mantra for compassion and healing

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ramdas Guru
This mantra relates directly to healing and protective energy represented by Guru Ram Das.
It is a mantra of humility, relaxation and self healing.
It projects the mind to infinity, and opens the space to be guided from the heart and compassion.

NASA recoded the sound of the sun as Aum/Om .. here is a link and a fantastic youtube:

This Should Be Taught in School 1of16

How to book in plus class times:

Norwood 7:00-8:15 pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street


Norwood 11:15 am-12:30pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street

Norwood 4:00-5:15pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street
$20 casual class
$18 concession (negotiable)
many class passes available (5 class passes, 10 class passes, 20 class passes, please refer to my website)
You may pay online (I’ll give you banking details), with paypal or with cash at the class venue.

Please book in, if you get the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚
Plus private classes, 1:1 classes.

Plus free community classes – by (you decide) donation and all proceeds go to charity: ‘can do 4 kids’.

Plus group sessions at Integrated Health, Norwood on selected Saturday mornings 7-7:45 am and 8-8:45 am during school terms for a set of 6 sessions.
Dates term 1: Feb 15th and 22nd, March 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.
Handled through Integrative Health who have asked me to teach, their schedule is:
$25 casual $120 block of six sessions, $100 first time introductory offer for 6 classes ($16.60 per session).

Contact me with your interest.
Mobile: 0424 029 032
Email me via my website or simply at