Gifts of throat chakra balance: Releasing subconscious blocks of expressing our truth; listening to others with detachment; fearlessly speaking our truth; hearing our own truth; planting seeds with speaking from this awakened centre.
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Warm greetings to you!!

Opening this energy wheel can bring about balance between the past, present and future. When we learn how to express ourselves by using our voices so say what is most true, and to ask questions when we need clarification, we create a sense of freedom.

Do you experience difficulty expressing yourself in a way that creates a win-win situation for all parties concerned? Is speaking your truth making you feel uneasy? Do you silently conduct negative, self-critical conversations with yourself about yourself? If you experience any of these communication drawbacks, you may be up against an imbalance, or blockage, of your throat chakra.

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), which is known as the purification center that relates to self-expression.

It is said that when our throat chakra is open we can transform negative experiences into wisdom.

This chakra not only reflects verbal communication but also includes non-verbal communication and the way we silently speak to ourselves.

While opening the throat chakra is often an energetic practice, it can also be aided physically.

Speaking your truth takes practice and sometimes itโ€™s easier when you can smile and laugh. This way you can remind yourself of who you really are.

The other thing about what makes the throat chakra so important is that is what you seed your future with. It is what you seed your manifestation with. The vibrational frequencies that exit your mouth times the force of will and emotion equals your manifestation.

People who speak about what they want and query others about it generally get what they want. They allow their words to create the manifestation of the next steps they need to get what they want. It is through our words that we ask for what we want and that we make ourselves known to others. It is one of our most valuable assets because we can use our voice to correct anything perceived by another that is not our truth.

It is our most powerful way to stand in our authenticity: to speak our truth. It is our strongest way to manifest: to speak our desires with will and emotion. It is our best way to be known: our voice in words and audio can be spread all over the Earth.

Much joy and love to all… one love!
Sabine Abnashjot

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When our throat chakra is open and aligned with our soul and the universe, we have the power to speak the truth and what we say will come true.

Singing, chanting, vocalising is a primary technique for aligning abs opening the throat chakra.

* Mantras help and offer many benefits:
* Calm and focus the mind
* Bring coherency and harmony in the brainwave patterns
* Connect and synchronise the hemispheres of the brain
* Align consciousness to a particular goal

Mantras are sound waves that affect matter. Mantras reverberate silently within us long after we have chanted them. Over time their cosmic image and meaning are imprinted in our being. Our personality changes. Our projection is transformed and we manifest a reality that reflects our own divinity and grace.

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Sound and vocal expression in a yogic way help to:
* rearrange random, negative or destructive thought patterns, emotions that are negative – INTO coherent and positive patterns
* cleanse subconscious patterns/programmes and fears
* heal fragmentation and bring higher order ands wholeness to brain patterns
* imprint the cells of the brain and body with vibrations of harmony and divinity

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