THEME for this week: TRUST IN YOURSELF! Nothing else matters more. (More in class) 

Wonderful news: Finally our new class will begin! Tuesday nights 7:30pm – 9:00 pm at Glenunga Hub, L’Strange Street, Glenunga;
This is a class for beginners, but all are welcome. I’ll be explaining more in this class than in the usual Thursday and Sunday beginner-intermediate classes. You can book in via my website after this weekend. (The webdesigners are working on it)

It is perfect for having an early light dinner before class around 5pm and to then after yoga a simple night of rest and whatever else you need… like a resting time for the digestive system, and in itself deeply powerful for restoring digestive balance and to allow for inner healing to occur.

Here is a quote for today from Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga into the Western world, risking his life for it. He was the last master of White Tantra. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (which I teach) is White Tantra.

“There is something more in Kundalini Yoga than the exercises you do. It is the flow of energy. The fact is that without having your Kundalini awakened, your soul is not awakened.” 

Warm greetings to you!

The biggest challenge in life seems to be to align with our inner knowing fully, to honour that from the heart-space of oneness … to truly step into life fully aligned with our inherent truth from deep within.  To let nothing define or constrict you… to flow with an open heart no matter what is unfolding , and still in awareness and consideration of it all ….loving yourself throughout. Totally. Not egoically.

Really this is the present moment, now. Right here. If you just breathe and let all thoughts go you will feel the rich beauty of this very moment ….. only a thought/belief that it should be other than it is, can disturb this….

Why delay?

Because this seems how most of the world operates, rushing around, solving problems, hardly taking a break to reconnect to the space within, the true depth of wisdom and silence and total peace that sits there … always.

Hence taking time out to meditate (whatever this means to you .. whatever brings you into self connection … ) really makes that difference … ahhh a funny analogy came to mind!!!!

Imagine you have this beautiful lamp … you want to see it shine and really do its thing … but you don’t know about plugging it into the power point… or when you do, you use a low voltage or a low Wattage bulb … you won’t behold the capacity and vibrancy of the lamp …

So it is with you … plug yourself into your Source to shine, to know all you can be. And the more regularly you do it, the more it becomes a habit, a way of life… it is neuroplasticity at its best .. your habits form your life experience …

So here comes meditation, time to self, to really connect with ALL that you are, loving it, accepting it, being with it.

Also with it comes nourishing it …. taking care of it … with meditation to go within… to YOUR awareness of Source that is you … this can be in whatever way you feel deeply connected with yourself … where you tap into your inherent presence .. your inner completion … your expanded self into this moment of eternal presence … where all is well … literally. This is the gift and capacity in you, in all.

But we must realise to plug in – with our attention .. for it is already plugged in, we just forgot at times and don’t tune into it consciously, blocking it from our awareness…… so consciously plug /align into source within …. and of course Kundalini Yoga is exactly about assisting you with this in every way!

Aligning not just the physical appearing body, but the energy body or prana, apana, your mental and astral and in fact all the ten bodies, plus the chakras …. these correspond to the different levels of consciousness … each chakra as important and valid as the next, each connected to an endocrine system and level of awareness/focus/consciousness. All this is balanced in your divine timing through kundalini yoga!

Hence you touch your inner power, Source itself … your strength, your truth .. your courage … your true capacity …. 

So always focus on that inner strength .. that inner truth .. that inner alignment … your ‘Sat Nam’ .. for it is truly the most powerful gift of awareness in your life ….

You are unlimited! Or as I often say, infinite!

Crack open the barriers in grace with kundalini yoga .. like that last picture on this newsletter!!!



We shall enjoy the Kriya for the Soul body and your total divinity …. and meditation for guidance and integration of the Soul.

I am so looking forward to it!
It is a kriya and meditation that I have not taught before!

Please book in online for classes if you can!!!


As from April 1st there is a slight price change to allow for the fact that all my classes will now be 1.5 hours.

They will always include the full package: Breathwork, tuning in, intention awareness, warm ups, kriya, meditation, deep relaxation, ending of Sat Nam and other additions. 

Please bring your own mat, blanket and pillow plus water. Stay warm! 

Amazing event for women:

Sacred Women’s Soul retreat May 14.

A glorious day designed to nourish you deeply! From 10 am -5 pm. Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Sound Bath, Wu-Tao elemental dance, art therapy.. plus healthy food and amazing company!
Investment just $150 for the day!

Also we are offering an incredible retreat in Bali in July THIS YEAR with the abovementioned components plus massage, Balinese healer, visit to sublime sacred sites …

Honour yourself .. your Sat Nam… it dwells within and is wishing to be expressed … uniquely through you … your joy is the world’s joy …

How to do this?

Start with time to yourself … get to know who you truly are .. enjoying who you are, accepting all facets …

Then contemplate what makes you feel truly ALIVE! That true soul stirring feeling of vibrancy … and follow that as much as you can… trust that as a compass … a guide. From your heart.

Nourish the vessel (body) with healthy food that suits YOU, with movement (exercise) that you love, and with enough rest for healing and integration …

Meditate every day as a habit to connect with yourself. It is like a rewiring of your attention (habits) from the outside world to your inner realm, where truth and presence are. Neuroplasticity is real!

And for me: Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Music .. breathing consciously … and following my bliss from my heart and soul every day … this includes being still.. doing nothing. That is most delicious in fact …from this spontaneous action arises.. that kind of action and meeting of yourself, with yourself and hence the other, becomes super heavenly …

Yes yes … I know .. it is obvious: I am in love!!!




Red Tantra is focused on sensuality and sexuality, while White Tantra is more oriented towards a spiritual approach. There is also Black Tantra which is focussed upon power and its permutations, e.g., siddhis, manipulation, control, etc.

White Tantra evolved in a disciplined way from the more ascetic yogic traditions. Like many other yogas, White Tantra endeavors to transcend the ego through disciplined mental and physical practices under the guidance of a teacher.

In Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we include totality .. the focus is on awareness .. raising consciousness … the centres of the 7 chakras represent levels of consciousness, associated with endocrine systems … this includes your groundedness, your gifts your sensuality, your spirituality and mentality plus of course total physiology (blood chemistry, respiration, digestion, immune system etc) ..