Sat Nam dear Yogis,

Do you know how to relax by your free will, in any situation? Especially while doing things? Performing asana(yogic postures) with a relaxed awareness and hence body, will make the benefits immeasurably more powerful! Learn to relax more deeply through these special classes .. only two more weeks of this specific focus, including this one. It will be JOY! Our joy lies in the ability to flow and relax at will … creativity and energy levels rise in that state .. it translates into your entire life ..

this Sunday’s class is ON, it is no longer canceled! In honouring my truth, I decided not to go to a retreat I was going to attend. Nothing negative at all, just a clear awareness that I don’t wish to attend … I trust that.

Before I talk about relaxation and its immense healing power, I wish to ask you for TWO favours please ..
Firstly, time permitting:
could you reply to this email, by clicking reply, if you haven’t already; and provide me with the feedback of whether you are happy to be photographed sometime in my yoga classes, or if you prefer not to be. I respect whatever you say, without question! I would not take close ups, and I will send you a copy of the photo for your approval before adding it to a photo-gallery ..

Secondly, time permitting:
could you please book in if you are planning to attend the class? If you have the time, I would GREATLY appreciate this .. so I can reach you if ever there is the rare (and it has not happened yet) event where I suddenly need to cancel a class.

Booking in:
All it takes is one minute of your time, or less .. you open and 1/3 rd of the way down to your left you see a booking calendar .. (under the SEARCH option). Choose ‘Classes in Norwood” then double click on the pink rectangle that pops up saying ‘book’. Tick the time and the quantity, add your name, Email and Mobile number, and finally just add up some numbers to show you are a human being, not some machine trying to book in as a virus or something like that .. and all done!!! No need to pay in advance!
It really helps me a lot, and I thank those of you that book in!

Deep Namaste and thank you so much !!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I will bring in the GONG this week to allow the sound to take you very deeply into the space beyond the heavy physicality! The gong also aids you in releasing heavy thoughts and opens you very easily into a relaxed space on every level, physically, and mentally … I have a write up about the benefits of sound healing, the gong and what it can do for you, on my website on this link:
More below … enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

This week’s kriya is a strong workout, and a perfect example of how we can perform it (I will guide you) to keep relaxed while moving into poses to YOUR current capacity, honouring the body and ALLOWING it to open and soften and hence become flexible and free from blockages … we are going to transform the lower centres/chakras into the higher ones, moving energy up, using specific sequences of postures, breath work and awareness! More about this below … be especially inspired by the gong ~ I have written some really incredible info for you on the right column below .. to contemplate and allow .. the gong can take you beyond your fears!!!!! The gong heals the nervous system.. setting you free through vibration, taking you into a deep meditative state……. (and more … read below)….

See you in class! Thank you all for allowing me to live my utmost joy!

Relax into transformation – this week with the kriya and gong bath

I will share a little about the work we are doing this week.
If the energy in the lower triangle of the chakras (lower three chakras) is not balanced and allowed to transform to higher frequencies, one is totally a slave to hunger, thirst and sexuality, following the whim of the body.

Do you experience this in your life? Would you rather be in your centre and relating to life from a balanced, integrated awareness of all your centres, i.e heart and higher self (throat chakra, third eye, and crown centre)? It is deeply fulfilling to have this balance … and if you resonate, then this week will be awesome for you!
Note the postures and feel how they move the energy upwards, integrating your pranic flow throughout the body (which affects the health and wellbeing of your entire body, and the health of the chakras).

When the lower three chakras/the lower triangle rules, any form of discipline will be challenging. The sexual potency of the person will be sporadic.

This set stimulates the energy of the lower triangle: rectum, sex organs, navel point and transforms their energy into the higher brain structures: pituitary, pineal and memory glands.

Overall: you will move into asana to conquer the rule of hunger, thirst and poor digestion. You will release energy into the brain, for clarity of thought and sparkling eyes. Sciatica can be released. You will be enables towards greater sensitivity to the truth in any situation. It creates an alliance between your mind and your soul, so that your mind will never bow before the ego of man. It gives you radiant power. You will release frames of mind that cause tensions, you stimulate and balance digestion and elimination of the intestines. You will adjust the navel point, balance the aura and distribute sexual energy smoothly.

After this kriya, meditation becomes automatic.