Warm greetings dear fellow yogis!

May this newsletter find you feeling great and ready to embrace even deeper inner alignment and truest fulfilment.

Thank you for your feedback!!! I really appreciate it!

I read all your feedback that you shared with me either online or personally or through client forms, and a common theme that is shared, and that I wish to address in the next month for you is:

Feeling more peaceful and even in my moods! Deep anxiety release – not letting anxiety and doubt rule life.

Having increased confidence! Releasing confusion about life’s direction, inner grounding in times of challenge.

Feeling more self confidence – throughout life.

Moving gracefully through change and challenge – aligned with your truest soul purpose.

The 10 light bodies of consciousness will powerfully address all of the above and much more!!!
And I am VERY excited to teach about the 10 light bodies of consciousness!!!!!!!

I will also show you how to use basic numerology as a small bonus, if you are interested.
This is according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the white tantric master and bringer of kundalini yoga to the west. Yes! This teaching will allow you to go into YOUR unique depth and how to align and harmonise these centres of consciousness!

I will provide you with hand-outs so you can enjoy reflections anytime!

I highly recommend for you to journal before or after class.

This is an opportunity to go into much depth and yet it is subtle. And the subtle strongly affects the gross, affecting your every day living experience! I will explain why and what this means as we practise the kriyas (yogic sequences) and meditations and contemplations that go with it!

We will officially start the series on SUNDAY 2nd of September!

The class will be held twice a week: Sunday and Thursday. The following week we shall explore the next light body of consciousness. Etc. Just like we enjoyed the chakra series.

The thing is this: these energy bodies are already constantly affecting the way you see the world, respond to situations and whether you feel empowered and happy or are suffering and disconnected. It is part of all that you are. So to recognise this and get to know this aspect of yourself better, and to navigate WITH (rather than against) it, is very very very empowering … empowering in a divine way, allowing you to embrace your light and truth and infinite self within this finite body temple.

A quote from this sacred text which I will be using and holding space to delve in with: “When you are operating successfully through these ten bodies, there’s a paradigm of success. It is a model of human excellence.”

YOUR 10 bodies: You have 3 mental bodies that influence your mind state. A meditative mind, a projective mind and a protective mind. Those are 3 mental functions. Then you have the soul body, the physical body, the arcline (like a halo around you). Each of these bodies can permeate each other. Then you have your auric body, the pranic body (breath body) and your subtle body. The 11th is a function of your numerology. Whenever we talk about 11’s in any positions, you have to consider everything, all 10 bodies. All bodies are equally as important as the others and all have unique experiential functions in your life.

Usually in order for you to REALLY understand something, you have to understand/feel/realise it on 3 levels. It takes a three level process to be in an awareness so you can truly say: “Yes it is truly mine now, I really have this integrated, I understand it, feel it, live it – it is not a question or mystery or vague expression in my life.” You have to get it physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. With spirituality is is about your flow, what keeps you going.

Whenever you get stuck or trapped in something, this is when your spirit diminishes: it is when you are stagnant. It is the flow of energy that your life keeps you going healthily and flowing. We will always loosen up and flow as we practise kundalini yoga, opening to our true selves, becoming softer, more aware of subtlety and hence free from self-imposed limitations. We realise what it is to flow through the functions and origins of our mental states and how they operate. You will learn much about this over these 10 weeks, starting Sunday September 2nd!

I HIGHLY recommend journalling. As a yoga teacher, as an NLP/hypnosis practitioner and from my own life experience. I can explain to you why it is so potent, if you haven’t already heard me talk about this in class.

Neurological shift is supported by the use of as much of your senses and neurology. And what I love the most is that if you want to change, the greatest thing that can assist you with that is opening up to becoming more light-hearted, to laugh more, to love yourself more .. it is the recipe for quantum leaps or neurological change – therefore permanent change.

This helps to shift the unconscious patterns which is where ALL our stuck patterns reside. If you are interested in this work for yourself, to release anxiety, PTSD and such (in one session!) .. trauma from childhood etc, this work is incredible, (and kundalini yoga fully supports, accelerates and nurtures this) – then feel free to book a session with me! I have seen many clients completely change their lives for the better in one session, about “stuff” (limited beliefs, fear, trauma) that was hanging around for many many years! It is JOY to behold what we can do these days – IF we want to or choose to or are ready to. All in divine timing!

The rest of the August classes are pure chakra balance classes using kriyas specifically for total balance!

See you in class!

Feel free to reply to this newsletter with your sharing, questions or experiences! I welcome this!

Below I am sharing about the FREE meditation classes I teach to the community every Thursday 1:10 pm in the magical Burnside Ballroom.

Also I am opening up bookings for our upcoming kundalini yoga retreat in the Himalayas. So you can plan it and save up for it, if you are resonant. It will be in October 2019, I am finalising dates as I type away here sitting in the winter sun on my porch, with my laptop and cup of tea, feeling so blessed to share such joy with all!!! Details below.

Also an easy way to stay vibrationally ‘clean’ and elevated is to experience daily ‘aromatic dressing’. It keeps the aura and chakras supported and repels negativity from your field.

I am offering a special workshop for 20 participants where I will teach you about the use of essential oils and the chakras and auric balance they help you to experience, how and why it works. You will make your own personalised essence /perfume to take home and you will receive hand-outs! This will be held on Sunday the 23rd of September! From 6pm-9pm in Norwood, where our yoga classes are held. You will make an aura cleanser spray and also a personalised essential oil blend -a unique perfume just for you (separately) to have for exactly your specific needs.

We will also anchor the support of the oils with an amazing NLP technique!!! Also I will guide you through a leading edge Russian/DNA healing meditation for new beginnings and deep release! Only $88! Bookings essential.

Details below!

Also feel free to check out some of my YouTubes on my channel: and many more coming soon: YouTubes about posture, breathing, consciousness and all that I am inspired about! I’ll also be sharing about narcissism and self realisation and more.

Currently I have temporarily stopped creating YouTubes.
Why? Because I started my PhD in July! I am adjusting to the change in harmonising my time around a few projects, including being a mum, running my own yoga business, practising NLP/hypnosis for private clients and also loving to share about the pure and highly elevating and healing essential oils.

My PhD is the culmination of my deepest interest in all my years on this planet: human potential.

I love to study these things in terms of healing, consciousness, breath, quantum, biological science, psychic science and of course yogic science … my passion to help us remember who we are is guiding me daily … I am learning continuously and dropping limited concepts and the bottom line is: you are divinity and your own greatest healer, if you see/embrace this. So I am researching what the ancient true yogis have known deeply: the power of breathing patterns and how they affect relaxation and hence sleep quality. (Onset of sleep, duration and quality of sleep, reducing insomnia). Super joy!

In the meanwhile I have also enjoyed holding extra corporate classes (yoga, meditation and NLP) and taught yoga for stress release at wellness days in government organisations (for adults), and taught children’s yoga both at private schools and for ($5) community classes. Incredible joy!!!

I have been invited to give talks/teachings to communities (Like the “Glow on Masterclass” with Adelady) and met amazing people in the process and can barely catch up on all those events, and hence spend great focus rebalancing daily to find the healthy way to enjoy these awesome opportunities to inspire people. Not much time for facebook, but I am ok with that. All in divine timing. This newsletter is my big sharing for now.

The more we live in alignment with our true calling or soul passion, the more these doors open (to places we may not have even imagined before) and we live a life that seems just so crazy joyful. Challenges come along for all of us, laughter and tears are a part of it all, of being human. What a divine experience! Eternal learning and amazing experiencing.

As you let go, all you need comes to you …. you were just blocking the goodness by holding on to the heavy things, and now you are making room for what matches your new being. Letting the YOU that knows you deserve the best, shine through! Let us not hold on to things that are no longer serving us, let us learn the learning from the challenge, and embrace the brightness of our inner radiant sun.

Sat Nam and blessings!!! Sabine Abnashjot

P.S. feel free to explore my websites for more info. I have a blog on the kundalinistudio website, which has a LOT of info about chakras, the ten light bodies, and yogic health. This info is timeless. I have a whole newsletter about adrenal fatigue and third eye activation for example, and how kundalini yoga helps! Try the search symbol on the top right hand side and type in your search on my website.

My other site is inspiredmatrix.com

My youtube channel is inspiredmatrix

I’ll include a link to a YouTube of mine below and a link to my websites also, so you can explore, if you wish to!

The 10 light bodies of consciousness. Our new series staring in September:
A link to my newsletter on my blog. If you search my website and type in ‘ten light” all my write-ups about each light body comes up for you to read. Here is a link ti the first light body of consciousness.

The ten light bodies of consciousness – body 1 your Soul Body

Links to my websites:

Kundalini Home


My YouTube channel – please subscribe for new releases and notifications

One of my YouTubes:

When you realise that you are the miracle in your life, you will take the time to dive in deeply, and to meet yourself, and to take the time to really look after your physical, mental and spiritual self. As you do this, you will serve the planet and all who are around you! Guaranteed!
You will also find your satisfaction within, and live your soul purpose!

Free Meditation Classes
Just gold coin donation to go to Burnside Community charity causes.
Thursdays 1:10-1:55 pm at the Burnside Ballroom, Tusmore
To book call:
8366 4200

In these classes I teach about the breath and how to meditate in easy and can be immediately experienced ways. I debunk myths and fears people can have about being able to meditate. I teach about the ways of the mind and how to un-hypnotise ourselves into what actually enlivens and uplifts us. We have an awesome community of an average of 30 or more participants, we go deep and I answer questions and take requests, drawing on my experience and knowledge about breathing, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) – I have leading edge techniques to share which they are only just using in America to literally create miracle healings! In each class the content is unique and guided by my intuition about the participant’s needs/readiness. It is ALWAYS pure JOY! Every time!!! It includes yoga nidra in the chair or optional on the floor on a yoga mat.

Aromatherapy and Chakra Balance workshop
Sunday 23rd of September
Clayton Wesley Church
Booking in details are emailed to you as you click the button below (by email)

When you are going through challenges, as we ALL do, we need all the tools we can use… so we can stay at highest possible vibration and navigate through life in a graceful, wise way. This saves time and energy.

One such gift of a tool is called aromatic dressing. It is like dressing yourself with a vibration, in this case essential oils. These are not always pure in shops, even if they claim to be. This workshop is about teaching you to feel confident with essential oils and how to choose them for your current needs.

You will take home notes, your own essential oil perfume for increased vibration and an aura cleansing spray. We will include Russian DNA healing meditations and also a potent NLP technique to really integrate this to empower you in the highest way! It is going to be a life changing event and tool to support your journey onwards!

Himalayas Kundalini Yoga Retreat
October 2020 – coming up
Taking bookings and deposits as of now. Maximum 18 yogis.
Deposit to secure your spot: $500
For full details request the PDF with all the details.

This retreat is in Rishikesh, the Himalayas in India .. we shall be enjoying divine mother ganga, pujas, sacred temples, pure vegetarian food, massage, shopping, daily kundalini yoga and time for free activities for your own choices, including reflections and contemplations.

More details coming up! Request the PDF and book your spot if you feel the calling.

This will be the 2nd time I am running this retreat. The first one was brilliantly amazing, feel free to ask about it!

Spring’s blooming is just around the corner.. as I write this newsletter, the cherry blossoms are blooming in the neighbourhood and it feels like spring .. the sun’s warmth is increased, the vibration in the air is of an energy that supports clearing the past, stepping into the new, allowing yourself to bloom.

Utilize this energy to take you into your new or elevated direction. Just like winter’s energetic is about going inward, restoring, reflecting, slowing down … this is now the energy to harness the energy of a new chapter in our lives!

Going with the message of nature is powerful and supportive. With our lifestyles (in general as a population) we tend to defy and ignore nature’s natural rhythms and inherent wisdoms and messages … we are NOT separate from this, but we try to flow against it .. by using artificial lighting, denying our biorhythms, eating out of season and not spending enough time in nature, with air that is high in pranic frequency that supports our wellbeing on all levels .. it is literally de-stressing to be among trees or at the ocean/lake/river … we are designed to recoup there and to connect to our natural innate knowing.

So now spring is arriving … what do you intend to bloom with? What new opportunities do you wish to embrace? Spring will naturally support this. Your awareness of that will naturally open you up to it.

What self-dedication have you been holding back on and are aware you wish to now embrace?

Ask yourself these powerful questions as you breathe deeply and meditate. Let the answers bubble up from your heart, with your hands at your heart centre and your inner gaze at the brow point. Listen to the first message that greets you. Note it, write it down, honour it.

It can take courage to walk a higher or new path, and to change. To let go of past ways/people/dynamics.

Remember resistance is the way of fear, and the fear is usually specifically of “change”. Why? Well, the unconscious mind recalls times when you talked of your ambitions and you were cut down; it recalls the hurt. It recalls the times you tried and didn’t quite make it, and hence talks to you by discouraging such a painful potential re-occurrence. This is a natural internal, and often unconscious mechanism to keep you the same, “safe”, and to avoid the risk of the unknown that this change brings.

But do you want to stay the same? Probably not. Aliveness is growth, questioning, allowing, relaxing .. being … it is not going in the same cycle over and over and feeling frustrated and victimised by life (unless you enjoy it). The learning is in recognising what your repeat cycles are. They served you once, but not anymore.

If you had enough and feel stuck, try kundalini yoga weekly ..keep up and you will be kept up – Yogi Bhajan said.

It is so supportive in stabilising you as you embrace change. Life is change.

Resistance to change will hurt. It is like denying that there is a storm happening outside your house. It is happening, and if you pretend it is not, then you just have to face it regardless, but most likely with less capacity to deal with it or meet it, or make the most of it! NLP and hypnosis sessions with me can help you discover the root cause of such unhelpful thinking/belief patterns and to let them go. Easily too! It is truly amazing!

Be your own Divine Guide … your own Guru … our classes are intended to purely support you to be that and live this! Making choices and living life according to your divine birthright and capacity. A gift it is. Sat Nam.

I love this image … and this is how I experience the Himalayas. It is easy to meditate there, the vibration is higher and lends itself to yogic advancement and self realisation. I am NOT saying that we NEED to go there to experience this, no. All I am saying that it is an option if it resonates. Naturally all is within, no matter where you go. But you know how you feel in a night club, vs a boxing match, vs a beach with 1000 people around you, vs the beach to yourself, and a magical sunset and a perfect breeze, plus or minus your preferred company. All is a vibrational field. All has the capacity to either match you, or uplift, or support or drag you down. It is a field of energy through which we navigate and it does affect us.