Changes and Divine Invitation for you!
Self Mastery Intensive!
Sat Nam to you!!

2018 is a year of SELF MASTERY. It adds up to the number 11 and hence this year vibration/energetic has been inviting you throughout the year to rise up further into your empowered self, and to drop limitations. Have you noticed? What have been the challenges for you over the years that came up this year also?

Well, in alignment with this, (for I get super passionate about such great opportunities for growth) we have 11-11-11 coming up THIS Sunday and I am offering 2 intensive kundalini yoga classes (3 hours each at my home studio “infinite yogi” – a cute sanctuary which can hold 9 yogis per class) for that specific focus and to really help you move through any barriers and issues you are meant to master this year! (More details below)

The energy of this year is such that it literally invites you to master something you are ready for, and it will push you to look at it and grow and elevate so you are truly embracing and living your fullest potential in that arena of life! It can even be very confronting. It will not support you to turn a blind eye or to sweep a long standing issue under the carpet anymore. It will show up again and again, especially in a year like 2018 ( an 11 year – self mastery) so you take notice.

Vibrationally it will create an outcome, and your willingness to flow and crack open, to release and empower yourself will make it possible with great grace. Your resistance will cause more suffering and in the end you will have to face it anyway – standing tall and empowered and centred, or smashed and ‘dragged along’ … so to speak. You decide….

The rewards for this will be reaped in the following years. The rewards to honouring your soul’s truth are always incredible!

But you know regardless whether it is 2018 and a Self Mastery Year and on top of that 11th of November (11); it is deeply healthy to address what is not making you feel safe, happy or right in some way. Truly, otherwise it just festers and you are delaying your joy and freedom of aligned living! This gateway or portal of 11-11-11 will support you MASSIVELY. And as a group (at yoga with the same intent) and with a self mastery kriya/meditation, you will feel more clear, supported, and aligned and have the courage to really step up now, before the year ends!

As you may already know, with kundalini yoga you can’t hide, and the transformations are on ALL levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually; affecting your endocrine, nervous and chakra systems of consciousness. This is why it is so super potent. It is supportive and graceful also.

Deep inner wisdom bubbles up, awareness that all you need is already within you! Any other belief than that is a pure deception and a lie.

The last 2 intensives at my house have been amazing! 3 hours of bliss with divine yogis – a full little house each time. We sharpened our capacity to know what we want, to set CLEAR and useful intentions (we discuss this each time, and privacy is ensured, sharing is optional each time, and often half the class shares). This in itself sends out a message of clarity to the ever serving universal grace and support, and hence you can be served powerfully and specifically!I explain how this works in yogic terms and also draw on hypnosis and NLP if it feels right.

We have enjoyed amazing longer kriyas that usually I could not teach in a 1.5 hour class! We enjoyed long gong and sound baths, more than one powerful meditation for abundance and deep spiritual alignment.

We have refreshments and some yogis chat after to create friendships and some just quietly go on their way… so magical, beautiful and perfect it all is!!!

So if you resonate, you can register via the free kundalini studio app only. It is easy and safe! Or you can text /email me with your intent and register via direct banking.

I am deeply looking forward to this Sunday’s 2 sessions. They are already filling up, and I am excited to be feeling the keen energy from yogis, ready to embrace their infinite amazing potential, which is ALWAYS around us all, waiting to be vibrated with and embraced on deeper levels!!! We are the change that this world needs…


The usual hall is still not ready – RENOVATIONS have NOT finished so classes cannot commence in Norwood. Only the home classes are possible at this stage until the end of November.

More news below! Amazing new changes and offerings!

Many divine blessings to you!! Sabine…. Abnashjot

Special workshop to support your hormonal health which affects EVERYTHING!

Join us for a unique workshop combining the sciences of kundalini yoga kriya, essential oils, detoxing, and vibrational medicine – a VERY potent combination to rebalance your hormones! You will be inspired and supported!

Did you know your hormonal balance affects your entire life experience?


Because it affects your:
moods and emotions
mental clarity
digestion/ metabolism
temperature regulation
ability to sleep
ability to balance your weight
your energy levels
your condition of your skin, bones and biology
So yes! It is essential we balance our endocrine system.

Each chakra is linked to a feature of the endocrine system!

To balance hormones we need to stay clean or clean up our choices in life. The plastic industry has created a massive issue for hormonal health, and the good news is that certain kundalini yoga kriyas and essential oils can reverse that! This is what I will teach about in our special 3 hour workshop on Saturday the 17th of November at my home studio from 2-5pm.

I have been studying this for over 20 years! Phyto estrogens and xeno estrogens are key players! I will fully educate you about the latest and give you great tips on what to do about it, and why this is so important for your health and youthfulness and much more! For bookings please go to our free kundalini studio app or email/text me with your intent on attending and receipt of financial exchange transfer.
Small class and only $80

Women’s only general kundalini yoga classes as from 2019
This has been in my consciousness for over 4 years now, allow me to share why.

I deeply feel that when we practise yoga and go within, it is different when we are only with our gender, it is an energetic alignment. I have no issues with males, in fact I have seen many amazing male yogis attend our classes, at times 50% were males.

I am wishing to specialise into female yogic knowledge, as this is huge in kundalini yoga. There is so much specific wisdom, knowldge and guidance here. And I can’t share that if males are in the class. Not because it is a secret, no! But because the kriya and points of teaching/discussions are not relevant to a male in our yoga class. In fact I feel we need a male kundalini yoga class, so males can really connect that way and equally study and embrace the specific teachings Yogi Bhajan has for males! I feel this would be super powerful and harmonising in these interesting and challenging times on planet earth as we fully come into the Aquarian age.

Here is a link for more info on this:

The more each of us elevate in purity and true inner visioning and alignment with our divinity, the more we all uplift the planetary group consciousness energies and too, we, ourselves get through the massive changes that need to occur and are happening in an elevated fashion. This alignment, and consciously cultivating this deep alignment daily, will also help us to gracefully move through change, rather than fall apart and feel like victims. We are never victims! We can have it all if we want, but we need to see that, take action and feel we deserve it and show are interested in this.

If we choose other ways to spend our time, in worldly consumerisms, thrill seeking, ogetting lost in online excessiveness, chasing external egoic pleasures/approval/status then obviously this higher aspect of expanded consciousness remains neglected and the grace of spiritual, chakra and physical alignment and hearing our truth and stepping into our highest truths will remain a mystery… and this will cause suffering … why? Because we NEED to rise and evolve. Urgently. And it IS happening. Ask any wise sage or spiritual teacher who is pure and aligned with this. The article link shared above also answers these questions.

And all teachers that are true will remind you that all you need is already within you … the question is: are you ready to embrace that? And you can. But not by running into the distractions of fame, money, comforts, thrills, distractions.

Yes this world has its place for such aspects … yes we can enjoy, have pleasure and fun and possessions … yes! But how balanced is the time spent on that vs your deep inner peace, inner alignment, self love, self realisation, self care, and incredible human potential that you have as a divine expression of life?

Maybe right now is a perfect time to reassess this for all of us again, to dive deeper.. to commit to higher ideals and ideas …. the year 2018 is almost over, lets harness our courage and alignment with truth … and be the spiritual warrior and step away from negativity, oppressions, lack of self care or lack of deep joy and heart alignment … it is SOOOOOO REWARDING!!!!

Journal about it.
Write it down so you can see more clearly.

What is an aligned life?

Feeling free and blessed
Feeling boundless
Knowing your purpose this lifetime
Feeling grateful and ready for more from a loving place
Sharing your gifts with the world

Other news:

Free Burnside meditations are happening most Thursdays: 1:10 -2pm.Feel free to register your attendance with me by replying to this newsletter.

Melbourne: I am in Melbourne every few weeks and working out a balance between Adelaide and Melbourne. I will be teaching yoga here every Sunday unless otherwise reported through the booking system or this newsletter. Feel free to contract me with your questions. I am teaching some yoga in Melbourne, mostly specialist classes/workshops. Loving it! And embracing my new divine offerings!

Adelaide: Have enjoyed running corporate wellness workshops and public speaking engagements recently. Invite me, if you are resonant.

Youtube: My youtubes will improve and become more regular soon: feel free to support yourself and me by subscribing to “inspired matrix – Sabine Toh” – that youtube search should bring me up. Attaching a link to the channel below also. Share your ideas and requests. I will appreciate that. Thank you in advance!

PhD: My PhD is finally rolling along more. I took a while to get into the flow, and I can report I am really loving the topic and work and environment .. diving into the research on sleep and breath and of course the yogic connections! Loving it!

NLP and hypnosis sessions and workshops:
book in any time or request information about this powerful work! Single appointments and group sessions. Email me with your enquiry.

DoTerra essential oil workshops:
These oils are high and pure vibration of goodness from the plant kingdom. I am loving running workshops to inspire and empower all to embrace healthier lifestyles for elevated living, emotional and biological support! I have been using essential oils on my journey since over 20 years and I LOVE them! They provide joy, upliftment, youthfulness, extra energy and clarity, they enhance breath work and meditation and help to let go of stress, negative energy and last but not least support healthy sleep! Bliss!!!! Feel free to ask questions or book into a workshop anytime!!!

In between all that: Organizing our Indian amazing Himalayan retreat, being a blessed Mum of 3 amazing kids, friend, daughter, gardener, running my own small business… and TAX return (eek!!! ) .. and being me (i.e self care .. meditation … just being … playful openminded living)

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