This Sunday the 5th of October I am running a Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat with two amazing friends .. sound healing … Wu Tao Dance and of course Kundalini Yoga .. So please note there is no 4 pm class this Sunday. All is back to ‘normal’ after this Sunday, Thursday and Sunday classes will be the usual time and place.
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Warm greetings everyone …

stay awesome and inspired … all the possibilities dwell in you :-). That is my simple message for today… I am about to finish packing my car and heading off to our eco retreat-centre for our Sacred Women’s Soul retreat … totally fantastic energy preparing .. and deeply looking forward to it!!

The point of this little email: There can’t be a Sunday class as I am on retreat.

And all is back to the usual class times next week.

I really look forward to seeing you then … we will commence the CHAKRA series next week .. going through each of these amazing, powerful, energy vortices in detail and teaching you how you can balance, connect with and harness their profound gifts … there will be another newsletter next week about this ..

Much love and joy for life itself and wishing you everything your soul wishes for ….

Sabine Abnashjot

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