Warm greetings to you!!

This week let us explore grief, which we have all touched upon and know, even from childhood. Words are mere pointers and you may describe grief in a variety of ways:

It is about the pain of letting go, the discomfort of inner change, the loss of a relationship or concepts. These can be inner concepts you held tightly up until now, or a relationship (be it family, friends or intimate lover) that is changing or exiting all together.

It is vital to realise that as we seem to search for truth and meaning, these are still relative for each of us. Some concepts/beliefs we share with groups of people, with whom we share a similar energetic,  and it is where we are at in the moment, so-to-speak! This can change at any time though!

You will have noticed as you delve deeper into life, yourself and the subtleties of it all, that you are seeing new perspectives, and old ideas drop away. Some term this “evolving” or “growing” or “expanding”, or “increasing awareness”. Life will guide you to take a new look at things and is asking you to release, to realise your true self through this. You are constantly learning, unlearning, growing, expanding. Even within a seeming initial contraction, an expansion and growth has to follow; even an apparent set-back is essentially part of the divine perfection of your journey and this is always in your favour ultimately. So love every phase and stage!

We may experience resistance to letting go. Of thoughts, people, anything at all, even habits, addictions, attachments. As we resist we learn through pain, as we block the flow (welling up energy), and as we crack open with that immense force, we feel the push. This can only take us deeper into ourselves.

It is all about truly deeply and fully realising who you are, who you are not, and meeting that in awareness, raising consciousness of all that is … this is an epic, amazing journey!

This is also deeply rewarding and personally I always invite life to take me deeper and show me my next allowing.

While we are here in the earthly realm experiencing through the physical body, we are affected by many things. This too becomes something to master, as you discern what is yours and what is a an effect from the surroundings, which of course are mirrors and  gifts. This is where deep inner centredness is essential. When we keep expanding in consciousness, as all kundalini yogis do by definition, we MUST ground. The more the expansion, the more important the grounding.

I have recently found that my grounding practise needed to increase by a few notches. I was expanding so much, releasing so so much, consciously and through process, that I felt so expanded and felt totally floaty and ungrounded. I also tend to fast when I do this and hence needed to increase grounding food consciously, against my usual way.

This is important and I would love to know if you found this to be happening for you also. I am naturally very open and expanded and my challenge has always been to ground myself, even as a child. So if you are naturally earthy, you may not be needing the extra grounding, anchoring work.

When it comes to grief, to letting go, to shedding the old layers, we are facing strong energies that are beautiful and very potent. We may be grieving our stuff and also for our ancestors’ stuff as we start our own grieving and naturally invite any unresolved family pain to also dissolve … this can be very overwhelming and deeply liberating.

If we are not grounded, and connected to our base or root chakra centre, muladhara, we can be as creative (chakra 2), committed (chakra 3), loving (chakra 4),  intuitive (chakra 5) and expanded (chakra 6) as we like, brilliantly so, but if we are not anchored in the physical, then we are not secure within. We can’t anchor the process. We disperse. (in brackets are just plain examples)

To grieve we need this connection to our inner centre. To let go takes courage, inner stability.

So yes, this is what we shall experience in class this week.

How to ground and deeply work the base chakra, while of course balancing ALL chakra centres.

It is potent. Awesome and empowering. If you want to hike up a mountain or a relationship, you need your feet on the ground. If you don’t, you slip, slide, spin out, grapple, get confused, feel lost, frustrated, act out of character, feel like you’re going crazy,  you feel inefficient and in the end may give up! The message is simple: Ground into your centre and into the earth for this earthly embodiment.

Your entire life is in your chakras. It is in the balance of it all.
Just like living from the heart centre integrates the lower three chakra centres and upper three, this is immense balance. Hence we set intent and always focus on the heart, anahata centre.

The mind itself cannot fathom the depth of this life, and the multidimensional nature of your being… everything is relevant, and to integrate that leads to wholeness and balance … without that, life and actions lack full satisfaction, full depth.

I really look forward to this! I thank you all for your divine presence… the field we create allows us to delve in, and the holding of the space I offer is safe, nurturing and full of deep unconditional love for humanity.

Thank you for being the spiritual warriors. I know this too is a cliche and a mere pointer using words. What I wish to say is that we all know that as we practise kundalini yoga, we clear our blocks, facing and releasing them, and this takes coming to class, never knowing if it will be pure bliss, or a bit of a heavier time as energy moves through the surface to release. This is warrior energy. Self commitment. This includes knowing when to remain still, inward and not attend class.

It is easy to get lost in external distractions and diversions, and you have realised that the gift of kundalini yoga is worth it and far greater than temporary pleasures. The infinite gift lies within you right now, always there! Kundalini yoga is the ancient, pure, unadulterated yogic science that has the manual to help you remember and consciously know it.
How divine!

Thank you all for honoring the silent coming in and leaving. It is beautiful.Silence seems to be missing in our lives a lot more than in the past, so here we have an opportunity to tune in and let go of the outside world, to reconnect to ourselves.

Talking of connecting: I would love it if you could join us on our fb page and check in even, so we can spread the word about classes, so I can offer more classes over time! Thanks so much!!! For sharing the love! Here is the link below…

Love love love it!!!
Sat Nam!!!
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How to get the most out of classes:

  • Love yourself and bring all you need : blanket, mat, pillow, water, shawl.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to staring time
  • Have a mostly empty stomach. Some content is ok
  • Feel free to write notes if you wish
  • Keep inward for highest benefit
  • Let me know by email or directly of questions or sharing you have
  • Always listen to your body, it is highly intelligent
  • Contemplate a powerful intent for class and the week and how you will follow up on it with actions


Grounding exercises outside of class:

Walk barefoot upon the wonderful earth.

Meditate and visualise anchoring into the earth.

Work your base chakra, applying mulabandha and with lower belly breathing

Consume earthy food: potatoes, root vegetables


Feel gravity consciously

Walk consciously

Consciously connect to the earth field

Use grounding crystals: red jasper, haematite, smoky quartz for example

Use grounding aromatherapy: vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss, myrrh, frankincense, cedarwood.

The root chakra is linked with your adrenals, kidneys, skeleton, teeth, large intestine and blood.