This week’s class is focussed on pranic balance with a wonderful kriya for balancing the pranic overall health in the body. Prana is the ultimate life force and affects your wellbeing and emotional balance in every way. Huge self healing!

Warm greetings to you!

Let’s get straight into it.. so what exactly is prana?

” Prana is the basic life force of consciousness in the air we breathe and the food we eat, assimilated effortlessly, and Kundalini yoga practice enhances its absorption.

Apana is the eliminating energy stored in the lower chakras. When it is raised and united with Prana (by breath retention & body contractions or locks), psychic heat is generated which raises Kundalini through the chakras.”
Pranayam: is the science of breath ~ consciously controlling the  movement of Prana through the use of specific breath signatures/styles/techniques.

The breath is both gross and subtle: The gross part is the blend of oxygen, nitrogen and many other elements that are found within air. The subtle part is the prana, also called life force, vital force, Chi, and other labels .. it basically is the essence that gives us, & everything on the planet: LIFE!!  .. it energises the mind, body, consciousness, existence itself!

Yogically we are aware of the gift of the breath also in this way: within it is the conscious and unconscious connection. The breath happens naturally, unconsciously .. since birth, every day, every night. And YET! When we become conscious of this usually unconscious breathing, we, at the same time, become more conscious about life, thoughts, habits, that so far have been unconscious. It is like a bridge, and a union also!

The breath is both ‘mine’ and ‘not mine’. Automatic and conscious.

As Yogi Bhajan would say: “The breath shares the nature of both the earthly and heavenly views of things. The breath and the world interact to create the matrix of our life and consciousness. Breath and the world are intimately intertwined.” 

Throughout the ages the sages have told us:

“To ascend to the heavens (this is a metaphor), to become subtle in our perception, and in command of the creation of our destiny (conscious and present), we must first cultivate the breath and then value each word we speak aloud or mentally. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to practise breath awareness and to direct it consciously.
This will then lead to command of the words and emotions.
Then we can create a subtle stillness in the prana of the mind, which opens our senstitivity to the world, which shapes the greater play of life and consciousness. ”

Balancing prana and apana creates:

  • greater health and vitality
  • controlling and awareness of moods
  • developing deeper  concentration
  • a feeling of connectedness, peace
  • balancing emotion
  • increasing range of creative expression
  • overall integration and processing is improved
Notice the breaks between breaths. The state of no breathing. The state of releasing breath and drawing it in consciously.

Our kriya this week is deigned for this and will add to this awareness and create harmony in the following ways:

“The kriya balances prana and apana by focussing on the third chakra at the navel point (fire element, self commitment and sun energy) and then the heart centre (air element, self love).

It is excellent for general strength, for digestion, for abdominal toning, for alleviating mild depression and for developing the HEALING  flow of prana through the hands. ”

We will sit in powerful self healing! 

See you in class!!

I love setting up the sacred and nurturing space for your joy of kundalini yoga and full exploration of your union with your true self!

Please bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water. For greater ease, book in online if you can! Thank you so much! 

Sometimes a powerful practise is to determine what you truly want from life, your highest priority.

With this awareness follow that as a primary guide from all your heart and soul.

Another great way to discover what that is, is to write down what you are truly enjoying and grateful for from deep within.

Can you take a moment now to contemplate this? Allow it to become a compass. Write it down or voice record it, or draw it on a piece of paper.

The truth of this will nourish and support you… aligning with your truth helps you to vibrate in high energy and opens doors for you … allows you to see things you may otherwise not notice.

So … take a lovely slow, deep breath in, right now, through the nose …broadening the body on the inhale, expanding the belly, and then briefly pause … notice the pause .. and slowly exhale through the nose, lengthening the body, allowing the navel to come back towards the spine … hold … and repeat ..

Allow the shoulders to relax … more and more … allowing the prana to flow through the shoulders into the neck and down the arms …. relaxed fingers resting on your thighs …

Enjoy and notice your perception and inner world change … the inner world is always reflected on the outside … so here is our power for change. Delve in … it is wonderful!!!