Are you in touch with your zest for life? Your internal source of strength? Do you feel alive, vibrant and centred? These are the qualities the Solar Plexus Chakra offers you .. in class we will balance this centre plus you will learn much more about this incredible centre within you .. more in the newsletter below … I am literally fired up! This is fantastic science/yogic knowledge! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Warm passionate greetings dear yogis,

let’s get into it … this week is all about your power centre … like this image above, you have the solar energy within you .. the source of amazing heat, fire, transformation, transmutation.. energy itself! The yogis have always known this and hence there is much information about our navel centre/ solar plexus that used to be kept secret, only release to those considered ‘worthy’ and therefore in integrity to hold such powerful knowledge.
Through Yogi Bhajan this has become available to us … just ONE kriya could take a student a year of service and practise before the master would offer it. We are so blessed!!!!

So how do you feel about your life? Are you creating what you truly want, with passion and commitment to yourself? Do yo feel very present, centred, empowered? Do you feel capable, vital and full of dynamic life force?

The 3rd chakra, solar plexus, Manipura is all about ACTION & BALANCE .. It is linked to your digestive fire .. is your digestion all balanced? If not you can balance this by setting your naval centre and working with this chakra!

I love seeing what is happening to my awareness, body and dynamics in my life, as a sign to see where I am at … no judgement at all… it is as it is in this moment – and the next moment is already here, transformed by our new way of seeing and being.

Last week we talked about the 2nd chakra offering us the ability to flow with life as it presents, not wasting energy by resisting, but instead to channel it towards creativity – this 2nd chakra is ALL about flow and creativity … you are creation and flow itself after all … how sublime is that? So now we are looking at the next vibrational essence of our fire energy … it can be called our SPIRITUAL WARRIOR too …… it is inspired… it is powerful … it shakes things up, and releases the old … including our old habits and unconscious programmes … WOW!
And we all have old programming in our unconscious that could do with an upgrade, so we can truly fly!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well… more info below … for now let me be fully grounded and remind you about a few important dates:

End of year dinner to get to know each other better or just enjoy yummy indian food … after Thursday night class (you don’t have to be at the yoga class to join us for the dinner)

Thursday 18th of December 8:30 pm till late
We will walk there from our class … restaurant to be announced soon .. it will be on The Parade, Norwood.

Thank you to those of you who RSVPed already!!!!

If you are coming and haven’t RSVPed yet, please do so by replying to this newsletter and just sharing your intention with me/us.

Also, amazing gong bath: Saturday 29th of November 6:30-8:00pm
By gong master Jaye from Sydney. She is travelling down to SA and this will be amazing!She teaches students across Australia about the gong. She is bringing 7 massive gongs and other instruments for transformation, by car (as flying with them would be extremely difficult) to offer you an incredible, unique experience of letting go and shifting old energies, by just lying there on your mat!!!! How glorious a gift! Set your intentions and see you there!

It is $40 regular and $25 concession. You can pay in advance to secure your booking by visiting my booking system online (my website) here:

Gong bath bliss
If you prefer you can also inform me of your attendance by replying to this email and booking in. The last time gongmaster Jaye was in Adelaide was 3 years ago … so this truly is a rare event to embrace, if you resonate … “Vibrate the cosmos and it will clear the path” is a little quote she uses, and it is so beautiful and true, and precisely what the gongs are here to help us with, amidst our busy days and complex lives …

ENJOY right now .. your infinite gift of life and rich experience of infinite possibilities …

Much joy and deepest thankfulness to all …

Oh yes, could you please book into class if you can?
It is easy, simply visit my booking calendar here:

Booking into class

Sabine Abnashjot
M: 0424 029 032


The will of the spiritual warrior… being committed to yourself, in the highest way; having the energy and power to step into that fully …

According to the ancient science of kundalini yoga, the goal or purpose of the Solar Plexus chakra, is to free oneself from subconscious emotional imprints.

We must consciously process our subconscious fears – AND feel them!!! Rationalising is not enough, and will not offer freedom!!! These emotions must be fully embraced and FELT. Rationalisations, justifications, and explanations are MIND GAMES and totally irrelevant to the body and feelings. The solar plexus can really be experienced through FEELING, not through thoughts.

To release the imprints in the body, we must FEEL the energy in the emotion. By feeling the energy in our body, we transmute the heavier energy into lighter energy.
When you allow yourself to feel the emotion and sensation of an experience fully, you tap into the energy so that you can use it; you take the power from it… you do this by being present to the experience/sensation/ emotion in the body, UNTIL the body relaxes and releases.
When the energy moves through the body, you can use it for your own EMPOWERMENT!

The key to being able to process all negative emotional imprints hidden in the solar plexus is to remember that they are NOT you.
But as you feel them, you will get in touch with the real you.

Remember : We project our fears from the solar plexus. We manifest what we project..

The processes for relrasing our deepest negative emotions – fear, anger and sadness involves:
breathing (certain styles)

Jump into the black hole and look: there is freedom in the void.
Touch your innocence.
Be vulnerable to yourself.
Be honest with yourself about what you see and feel.


It is about healing the ego damage created .. now you can claim the gifts of the heart … fear is transmuted by love … the energy of anger/fear is transmuted and used into love… sadness releases into surrender …

Some basic information about the vastness of our Solar plexus chakra:

โ€œcenter of personal powerโ€, โ€œcenter of digestionโ€

โ€ขsanksrit name: Manipura (lustrous jewel)
โ€ขmantra: be strong
โ€ขsymbol: downward pointing triangle housed within a ten petaled lotus
โ€ขcolor: yellow
โ€ขlocation: directly below your sternum & over the stomach
โ€ขcorresponding hormonal gland: pancreas
โ€ขassociated anatomy: stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, liver, diaphragm, adrenals, skin
โ€ขcharacteristics: self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, freedom of choice
โ€ขsolar plexus chakra life issues: developing a strong & resilient ego, knowing you are worthy
โ€ขaffected by: power, control
โ€ขphysical activities: martial arts, competitive sports, hiking, cycling
โ€ขspiritual activities: leadership programs, psychotherapy, drama class, appreciating solitude
โ€ขmusical note: E


This chakra is linked to the muscles, to fatigue, stomach ulcers, allergies and diabetes.

If the solar Plexus chakra is blocked, then you likely feel easily depressed and rejected and possibly wanting to blame others for your insecurity feelings.

You are an emotional chameleon, always willing to change to suit the needs and wants of others to be more accepted as you need reassurance and to be in the good opinion of others. This only hurts you more as your own sense of self worth fails to manifest as a result.


Most of us are taught from early childhood to repress our emotions and feelings. The rules of society say that we must always be practical and wary. It cautions us against exploitation. We live in a restricted society where people will often take advantage of one another, so this problem is difficult to overcome.

By repressing the solar chakra, you place yourself on auto-pilot and this can cause severe emotional problems among others. Doubt and mistrust will eventually destroy your vitality if this continues. They must both be endured and finally overcome.


Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy โ€“ Spins fast with no harmony

overpowering, rigid boundaries,addiction to security, lots of fire energy, projecting superiority, viciously competitive,may need drugs to relax, canโ€™t show emotional warmth, fears intimacy, overly intellectual, sluggish, lazy, tired, angry, workaholic, obesity and overeating, lack of tolerance,hoarding, material greed, burnt out, exhausted, angry,intense,forceful, intrusive, hard ball, hyped up, ambitious, rebellious, controlling, perfectionist, aggressive, threatening, dictatorship, quarrelsome, goal-oriented, power-loving, fear of change, disconnected.

Deficient energy โ€“ Spins slow with no harmony

Loss of self worth, feeling inner void, shrinking courage, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, afraid of being alone, weak inner strength, fragile determination, negative self image, disconnected from gut, chronic disorganization, poor focus and discipline, disconnection from body, need constant reassurance, phobic, confused, fearful, anxious, restless, distrustful, depressed, insecure, loneliness, canโ€™t settle, energy vampire, weak intentions, poor boundaries, financial difficulty, lack of confidence, underweight, sexually insecure


If the third chakra is imbalanced, you are likely to be a workaholic control freak who never slows down long enough to face feelings of never having measured up to the world as you feel you should have. These feelings likely manifested themselves as a result of your sense of self and self esteemโ€™s growth being impeded as a child due to emotional or physical neglect.

Physical Imbalances

stress, ulcers, bulimia, insomnia, diabetes, anorexia, depression, confusion, muscle cramps, indigestion, panic attacks, adrenal problems, absorption problems, arthritis, fatigue, cancer, obesity, gall stones, food allergies,liver problems, premature ageing, multiple sclerosis, stomach problems, difficulty breathing, digestive difficulties, coordination problems, disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestine.

Disorders of solid parts of the body- bones, teeth etc.

Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks.

Frequent illness (can be deficient and/ or excessive)

Psychological Imbalances

Sleep problems

Obsessive behavior

Compulsive behavior

Addictive personality

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