At the heart centre we open up to another dimension of reality … we bring sacredness and the oneness of spirit into human form … we are able to be real, act from integrity, compassion and caring … for others and OURSELVES …
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SAT NAM Dear yogis or shall I say, dear ones who love union with yourself, which means union with Source …

so much love is available right here, right now, inside each of us … what would make you feel it even more right now … what would help you truly feel it be it, radiate it? A walk at the beach? Time alone in a park, time to meditate, being more relaxed into this now, having that hot bath full of aromatherapy oils, catching up with a friend, speaking your loving truth to someone openly, forgiving someone just like that? Freeing up the heart so that love and inner it can flow and explode!

Many yogis have shared with me that this is what happens during kundalini yoga class for them… this incredible expansion and union with the energy of love and joy… yes .. I know .. it is so sublime and we know it is real, and the truth beneath all the strange concepts we have about life love, and being human …

The heart is not a wishing well of naive fantasies… the heart is a place of power .. the mind creates fantasies to distract you and keep you occupied .. when the heart rules you know it and no thought can stop it or make it different … it is an incredible energy …

When this chakra is balanced, acknowledged, empowered (it is always here ready to be increased and integrated into all that you are in your awareness and experience) you move into empowerment of real experience of higher love to move through all obstacles to bring sacredness, reverence and meaning to our own life and to the lives of others…

At the heart we see opportunities around us and act in synchronicity with the universe…

When the heart is truly ope, we experience the divine as our beloved companion.

Sigh … bliss …

More info below …

Some more grounding things to share with you now ..

The Sacred Resonance Gong Bath on November the 29th (Saturday) is filling up, and I have created an event set up where you can now officially book in and also then don’t have to worry about standing in a line to pay and register and the door .. last time it was overwhelming and hard to greet everyone … so please book in via this events page .. it is secure … print your tickets please and see you there .. feel free to arrive early to relax and settle in …

Here is the link and it is also on my facebook page (personal and Kundalini Studio Yoga)

Booking in this way is essential…

Remember to let me know if you are interested in joining us for an indian dinner after yoga on Thursday the 18th of December from 8:30 pm onwards in Norwood … you don’t need to attend the yoga class to join in with the fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

Please RSVP by replying to this newsletter or emailing me directly.

More for your diary:

Also the last class in December will be December 21st.
And for all of January I will announce outdoor classes!!! More info to come!

January will be outdoor yoga month for us!!! YES!!!

I will return to official classes at the hall Thursday the 5th of February 2015.

Love yourself lots and fly :-)))))

Much joy and love,
and thank you for being YOU!
Sabine Abnashjot
Classes are held in Norwood
Thursday evening 7:00pm -8:15pm
Sundays 4:00 pm -5:15pm

and P.S. Please book in or let me know if you plan to attend class … it helps you to be committed and it helps me to be in contact with you, to let you know if there are changes, and to keep my website dynamic through your visit there… I would LOVE to hold more classes … to do this it helps me if you add you comments or rate my facebook page, recommend me/the classes, or if you have a gmail account you could rate Kundalini Studio Website and Classes and comment … it helps share the love and joy and I can offer more classes for your convenience too … thank you so much in advance …

My website you can google easily or just type in:

My facebook page is:

I would really love and appreciate a comment or rating there, to help inspire other Adelaideans :-)))) Also it means I can expand this passion …

Thank you so much!
Namaste …

Heart chakra energy

Organs: heart, thymus, lungs, arms and hands

Function: unity, devotion, reverence for life, unattached love

Issue: balance, unconditional love, rhythm, neutrality, clarity

Motivation: acceptance, giving & receiving, understanding

Element: air, breath, space

Relationship: to higher spiritual love, to our own heart, to the hearts of others, to the pulse of ourselves and the universe

Force: interaction, love-binding force which holds all together, affinity, rhythm

Aspect of being: spiritual core that unites forces within and without, above and below, centre of peace and inspiration

This is absolute magical contemplation:
Feel it …
Purpose Task of our heart energy vortex (chakra):

To open the feeling awareness and consciousness to discover and experience transcendent force of higher love….
this means to experience the force that connects us all and gives life to all and in doing so, be so touched that we are inspired and moved to higher goals and meaning in life….

To experience a sense of the infinite

To return to our natural state

To integrate, balance and merge mind, body and spirit

To perceive the balance, perfection and eternal essence of nature and life
( to experience the interdependence, equilibrium and patterns that exist between all the parts of the global and universal whole .. to experience that we are all connected)

To tune into your own rhythm (heart beat/rhythm/pulse of life)
In our heart we tune into a silent pulse which is absolutely individual and unique and yet which connects us to everything in the universe…….

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