Sat Nam!!!
Just a brief newsletter to keep you up to date and let you know what’s happening with kundalini studio.

Firstly thank you all for flowing so divinely and lovingly with the transitioning that is happening for me, and possibly for yourselves also – and for the awesome messages, from so many of you divine yogis, whom whom I have received full joyful support, as you watch me take new steps (all change usually has uncomfortable aspects to it – that is the re-wiring, the test of courage and alignment – the ability to take ‘risks’ to try new things, to let go of old things, to create new doorways, to follow our intuition, and we ALL get those tests/invitations daily), following my heart and soul and integrating bit by bit all choices in my life … plus thank you too, some less happy expressions/email/texts from one or two yogis that did express feeling negativity around these changes.

All is always a divine invitation to learn and grow, and every challenge is a gift to delve deeper into ourselves more. I love it! Being true to ourselves, our deepest pulse of our heart and soul, is the most divine thing we can do.

In our 3 hour Sunday kundalini yoga immersions, which continue weekly, we have had such divine grace! Setting conscious and refined, healthy intentions (knowing the languaging makes all the difference), meditating for longer times, in the indoor-outdoor environment of Infinite Yogi Studio … looooong sound healing Gong baths, kriya and essential oils and little chats after as we have a little grounding food.
So much joy and going deeper!

Our 11-11-11 classes – both were full houses with amazing yogis, and amazing vibrations.
I had never taught yoga for almost 7 hours in a row .. 6 hours with 30 minutes in between .. and holding space and enjoying the potent self mastery kriya and meditations was sublime!
At the end I slept deeply and blissfully by 8 pm, in my yoga whites! Hahaha! Never did that before!

Thank you to all who attended!!

I am soon to head to the Burnside Ballroom for our Thursday 1:10 pm community meditation! Free! Join us! It is divine!
Always truly beautiful!

Another workshop is happening about hormonal health , detoxing and high vibrational living: this Saturday the 17th of November 2-5pm! Check the details below! Seriously vital information, if you’re not aware of it already! 2 spots left!
Essential oils, and kundalini practises for endocrine health!
Book in via the app or directly with me by replying to this newsletter with a message to express your intent to join us.

I am also working in collaboration with a few new yoga studios, both in Melbourne and in Adelaide! It is joy to co-create and I will share more next time!

With the renovations of our usual venue in Norwood, the Clayton Wetley, I am still waiting to see when the completion is official.
Could be end of November, early December.

Until then you can enjoy our classes only on Sundays 3-6 pm and via the kundalini studio app or by emailing me directly to book in – simply reply to this newsletter.

Another special workshop is coming up on December 15th, Saturday!
10 am – 1pm
$40 to join and learn (hand outs provided).
Extra to make products.
For details see below!
In essence if you’re into healthier living and global consciousness, to make a positive impact, here is your invite!
You can even make gifts to give for Christmas!
Essential oil make and take! Personalised care for non-toxic home made skin oils, aura spray, personalised uplifting scenting and honouring the divinity of your body-temple. It will be fun and informative and all round positive and high vibrational!!

Contact me with ANY questions or suggestions or sharings about your journey with our classes!

I am also offering sound baths, essential oil personalised therapeutic and info sessions, NLP and hypnosis breakthrough sessions, coaching classes and in the meanwhile LOVE learning about sleep, as my speciality in my incredibly fascinating PhD!

In among this, I love time with my kids and being a daughter to my parents and all that brings – joy and also the challenges as they age and what this brings for us all.Equally my children are teenagers and adults and being part of their journey is also divine and full of magic and human-spiritual gifts!

If you have questions/curiosity about ANY of the above, ask me anytime!

Blessings, Sabine / Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032

Special workshop, THIS Saturday the 17th November: to support your hormonal health which affects EVERYTHING! In Hazelwood Park, Infinite Yogi! Bookings essential. Only 2 spots left!

Join us for a unique workshop combining the sciences of kundalini yoga kriya, essential oils, detoxing, and vibrational medicine – a VERY potent combination to rebalance your hormones! You will be inspired and supported!

You’ll learn about which oils support endocrine health, and support youthfulness for example.

Did you know your hormonal balance affects your ENTIRE life experience?


Because it affects your:

moods and emotions
mental clarity
digestion/ metabolism
temperature regulation
ability to sleep
ability to balance your weight
your energy levels
your condition of your skin, bones and biology
So yes! It is essential we balance our endocrine system.

Each chakra is linked to a feature of the endocrine system!

To balance hormones we need to stay clean or clean up our choices in life. The plastic industry has created a massive issue for hormonal health, and the good news is that certain kundalini yoga kriyas and essential oils can reverse that! This is what I will teach about in our special 3 hour workshop on Saturday the 17th of November at my home studio from 2-5pm.

I have been studying this for over 20 years! Phyto-estrogens and xeno-estrogens are key players! I will fully educate you about the latest and give you great tips on what to do about it, and why this is so important for your health and youthfulness and much more! For bookings please go to our free kundalini studio app or email/text me with your intent on attending and receipt of financial exchange transfer.

Small class and only $80

Would you like to learn more about how you can live without toxicity and instead with purity and in alignment with health and vibrancy? And would you enjoy to gift your family and friends such high vibrational treasures?

This is both an educational and practical workshop where you will learn how easy it is to detox, to live with vibrant health, supportive of your emotional wellbeing, endocrine system (hormones) and to have youthful skin too .. in short: to feel AMAZING!!!

You will learn about the benefits of the plant kingdom’s pure essential oils and you can choose to create christmas/birthday gifts for higher living! To attend is just $40.

To create products we have a range of offerings: To make a personalised perfume ($40), to make aura cleansing spray ($50), to make personalised facial oil for amazing skin ($50). You can make as many as you like! Labels included!

Saturday 10 am -1pm in Hazelwood Park at Infinite Yogi Studio (private yoga studio). Contact me for address details (M: 0424 029 032)

See you there! After all we will make all those new year’s resolutions for a higher way to live! This workshop info and practical application will elevate YOU (health benefits are off the chart, literally!) and the WORLD (reducing plastics, chemicals and supporting natural ways of living with an ethical company’s products of purest standard).
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