When we open the third eye and learn to concentrate inside ourselves, we are able to have our mind serve us, instead of being a slave to the mind… the more we are able to hold an internal focus, the more our mind will get hooked on this bliss of our divine internal space and energy …
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Sat Nam to you!

Our deepening into the incredible gifts of the chakras continues as we delve into the third eye more this week …

Inner focus for divine bliss and self realisation …
With this inner focus, we create a focus that is so pleasing and powerful to the mind that our attention automatically stays present …

….. try it right now while reading this … be aware of the text with your eyes and also tuned into your third eye centre .. feels incredible … this is what I love about Kundalini Yoga, amidst so many other aspects: this expansion of AWARENESS and with it the living reality of living ALL that we are !!!!!

The mind will produce and recognise thoughts … this is natural and nothing to fight .. as we relax into this, we become the observer, and we tune into a totally different dimension of being …

When we open the third eye consciously (and remember that all chakras are really one, and we always work all the chakras, and hence the third eye can only be healthy and balanced when all chakra centres are balanced), we acquire greater will and power to decide from a deep wise all knowing space within…

The gift of the third eye chakra, Ajna, is to open our third eye so that we can see truth … For this we have to activate the pituitary gland .. and to calm the mind we practise one pointed focus meditative practises .. which we do in each and every class .. growing your capacity for incredible presence and focus, to your capacity, with grace ..

We will practise a particular inner sound that vibrates this chakra, and practise mindfulness and inner focus kundalini techniques .. plus our kriya to unlock blockages for this centre of awareness ..

Much more in class!!!
I am in utter joy for all this incredibleness flowing right here right now ..

Remember too: In JANUARY we will hold all classes outdoors … more in the next few newsletters …

Much joy, blessings and smiles to you!
Sabine Abnashjot

Ah yes! An article I posted on facebook .. in case you are not connected with me on fb yet, or missed it, here it is:

Pineal Gland: the Gateway to Other Dimensions or a Quantum Computer in our Head

Read more at: http://www.learning-mind.com/pineal-gland-the-gateway-to-other-dimensions-or-a-quantum-computer-in-our-head/


Mindfulness-based cancer recovery and supportive-expressive therapy maintain telomere length relative to controls in distressed breast cancer survivors – Carlson – 2014 – Cancer – Wiley Online Library

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