Loyalty and Change
How do you embrace changes and flow with the new offerings of the universe? Can we stay grounded, in the heart and expanded at the same time?

Kundalini Studio and changes – sharing my story

From a yogic perspective we know that the only permanent thing in life is CHANGE. Nothing ever stays the same. And sanity is achieved by accepting the now, the moment, the reality as we perceive it. Mind you, what we perceive is a mere fraction of what is actually around us and possible! Why? Because we tend to be wired to only see what we expect … it is the way of the regular mind .. unless we get in touch with the expanded state! And I know, as you are loving kundalini yoga, that you are into that realisation and practise!

So then there is the loyalty to what matters … what do we want to keep as a priority? How do we find that balance? And what assumptions are we making along the way about certain themes of priorities?

As many of you know, I am in a big transition at the moment. A lot has changed in my life over the last many months. And things I dreamt of and was preparing for, have manifested. Just like that. Although of course my whole life has prepared me for this. And YET, we can never truly KNOW what the best choices are. We have to trust in a Divine path, our intuition, our heart and be ok with making so called ‘mistakes’.

Mistakes are really just learnings … as little kids, we didn’t just crawl for a day and then walk. It was a preparation, on many massive internal levels of sight, muscles, coordination, brain development, feeling safe etc .. So it is with everything. And the more we are focussed on what we WANT/PREFER and connect with that potential, the greater the acceleration to experiencing it directly. That is pure energy, magnetism, wisdom, awareness all combined. Openness. Playfulness. Seeing life as a dance.

I often go back to the question: will I smile and feel happy that I dared to take that leap when reflecting about it on my death bed? If it is a yes, I listen to that!

I love to listen to my heart. It has expanded so much for me recently and I truly feel it is leading the way so divinely. The intellectual self, the ego self, the orderly, predictable self gets a bit hesitant at times about its apparently passionate, spontaneous, joyfilled moves … but you know what? GRACE always follows immediately! Honestly. And yes this has taken deep contemplation too… awareness of what matters, and how to juggle a few priorities .. and to take the courage to risk to face not being approved of or to be misunderstood even.

Being grounded through belly breathing, being in nature, and base chakra balance is massive for such changes to be enjoyed without ‘freaking out’, and then manifestation or actualisation can stabilise.

All of life is about balance and imbalance .. and this balance is not something you can copy from a book or be given or told about specifically; it is our task each day to be aware of our unique way of finding balance … this can mean enjoying the imbalanced times too! It is all valid and part of the whole after all. With duality we learn from the polarities of our choices and experiences.

So why am I mentioning ‘loyalty’?
First of all thank you for your current or recent loyalty to kundalini yoga or me as your teacher, and to yourself for that immense self-care and self-alignment spiritually, physically and mentally.

I am deeply loyal to our classes and what we so far shared at kundalini studio over the last many 8 or so years! I loved EACH and every class! 100%! And no, I will never stop kundalini yoga! I will still teach in Adelaide, even as I now transition to spend more time in Melbourne, spreading my wings in many ways here. (I am writing this newsletter from Melbourne, St. Kilda.)

My life has been very stable in Adelaide and my priority has been the utter joy and privilege of being with my children … it still is so, yes; only now my children are much older and there is more allowance to branch out for me now.

So currently I am here and co-creating with other yoga studios and perhaps going to hire a space here for weekend workshops when I am here. Also I am beginning the corporate journey with the wellness training and my website has all that info on it (www.inspiredmatrix.com). This is financially more sustainable too.

So this is a bit about my current journey. I reflect and take action. That is the way to shift into new ways of being in my experience.

First seeing and having the potential awareness – that indeed anything is possible – being really honest and connected with my deepest truths about my choices that resonate with my soul’s joy. Considering all others involved, the potential consequences on all levels – positive and negative .. observing this from the neutral mind.

Then doing it, bit by bit, noticing how the universe responds. Responding to the universal gifts and signs. Are doors opening or closing? What other learnings or preparations do I need before I step into it?

This is yogic awareness and also what I teach/coach in NLP and hypnosis sessions. Info on this is on the abovementioned website also.

So I am going through that shuffle .. being loyal to my old life and yet letting go of some things I cultivated over 8 or more years .. routines, foci, ways of living …

I want you to know that I appreciate your sharing your journey with me so far, and your loyalty to yourself and kundalini yoga and me as your teacher/space holder. I am so blessed! In so many ways, and I am still here of course. Just going through experimental changes and in my heart alignment on a very deep level … trusting the divine guidance.

You will read more about the ACTUAL changes and how they may affect you in the column below.

Feel free to email back by replying to this newsletter. May it inspire you to take quantum leaps, trusting your heart, or preparing yourself step by step for your deepest alignment of your soul’s & heart’s mission and vision for your life here on earth!

Deep Namaste and Sat Nam Wahe Guru!!! So grateful!!!!
Sabine Abnashjot

Contemplation for you

What is changing in your life that you could flow with more?
What would you love to change in your life?
Have you asked for this?
Are you preparing for it?
Have you released negativity around this?
Are you open to this?

What are you loyal to?
What loyalties are no longer appropriate or healthy for you? How can you adjust that gracefully?
Are you loyal to yourself and your top priorities?
List them and reassess to refocus on what you really want.

Journalling this, to get this (this awareness/thinking/ideas/ideals) out of your head and into your deeper conscious awareness by writing them on paper is a powerful manifestation tool. Try it!

The changes and new offerings
Due to the renovations of the chapel (our usual larger space, vs the hope hall cafe), I have decided also that I will take a break from teaching in the hope hall and wait until the chapel opens up again. The date for this is Sunday the 11th of November!!! It will be epic and amazing for sure!!

In the meanwhile I will put some special classes and workshops on offer through the FREE kundalini studio app. These will be held at my home yoga studio and we can have up to 8 or 10 yogis due to the size of the space; so bookings will be essential.

Current ideas are: intention setting workshop. Journey into full chakra balance workshop. Enhancing heart and intuition connection workshop. Aromatherapy workshop.
Gem stone bracelet for intention and vibrational lift workshop Saturday 27th of October in the afternoon. They can be chakra balancing and be used for essential oils also.
Extreme self care workshop.
Chanting workshop.
Sound bath and meditation workshop!
NLP and hypnosis workshop.

Feel free to send me ideas/feedback.

Check our my youtubes on my Inspired Matrix channel.
More coming! There are mini meditations there. And I will upload weekly there.

I appreciate your support by subscribing and getting notifications as I publish them. This is joy too, and I will improve over time. I am just going on and producing them, so perfectionistic ideas can’t hold me back. It is good to realise nothing is ever perfect and to do our current best with the right intentions. If just one human is touched or uplifted by this, and can use it as a source of comfort and inner peace, then it was worth it!!!

Connect with me on fb if you can, as I share events there also.

My PhD is going well and slowly, as I adjust to the changes in my life in so many ways. I love the theme and research and really am about to dive deeper into sleep and breath patterns to assist relaxation from a research perspective!!!

I love and am doing more public speaking and love inspiring and educating people to live their healthiest and hence fullest potential! If you want to invite me into your workplace for wellness or public speaking, I would love to hear from you! I thank you in advance for being so understanding and shining your own divine light!

So look out for special classes and workshops on our kundalini studio app.
I will post a newsletter about this too once they are scheduled.

So much sharing! Bliss!!!!! And thank you again … I have had so much beautiful positive feedback and it means a LOT to me!! Keep writing and sharing your experiences, wishes and about your journey! You can reach me via this newsletter or on kundalini studio on facebook, or even as an offering I would appreciate a review on a Google search. I really appreciate it so much!!!

See you soon!!!

Blessings again! Sabine Abnashjot

I love holding space, running fundraisers, public speaking, wellness training and taking us to the Himalayas !!!