Warm Greetings to you on this wonderful Valentine’s day – symbolic of love, world wide ..

Of course it is love day, every day, every moment … 
Often Valentine’s day is an opportunity for so many realisations: why am I waiting for that day to express my love differently? Do I think about the gift of love around me usually? Love for YOURSELF is what I always come right back to. When you can truly love yourself and journeyed into your heart centre, your life is truly a loving expression of kindness, compassion, joy, freedom, vibrant living, peaceful inner union … 

It seems ALL relationship challenges arise from an inherent lack of inner wounding where we didn’t feel loved enough and took it personally. The can even become a lifestyle for overcompensation and giving so much, that we are depleted, in the aim to receive more love from another.  
If we get that love, from another, can we really embrace and enjoy it though? Do we feel insecure because we feel we need to work for it and earn it again and again? Like a habitual pattern that usually arose with one or both of our parents? 

Or do we ignore and get cynical about love, becoming super independent so we don’t need anything and we just cover up that need through all kinds of habits like perhaps entertainment (gaming, T.V. movies, parties, music) or food, or some sort of temporary happiness giving action? Always on a wave and feeling a let down when it’s over. Cause all will always start and end. To a certain degree that is so about everything … even you inhale stops to become an exhale .. even you become unconscious when you sleep … we all are constantly shifting … which is a divine truth and great beauty. When we want to hold on to something, it hence becomes a true torture of sorts. 

So if one thing fluctuates (like e.g your partner, then you relate to the friend for connection, or a parent, or a book, movie, drink, food etc). When will this ever relax and balance? 

Only within yourself. This is what psychology teaches, and all the masters teach it in various forms. Spiritually it is union with yourself, with the divine (any name you prefer for this) within… this is the pointer to true home, true love, everlasting joy and true happiness … 

If you see a healer or counsellor or psychotherapist, it will always boil down to that wounded inner child, where love was not felt, that is playing out its needs to be met. 

So now you can meet this inner love. And heal those longings for being met and loved from another. This is not an easy road, for as you change, people may challenge you more, questioning your new self loving and empowered ways, and you need strength to move through that … 

So ANY loving healthy self care is the start for this, once you are aware of this wish to heal your heart and deeply fall in love wit yourself … 

Awareness is here and now, as you stop … feel and reflect … where in your life are you reaching out and not met, feeling agitated, frustrated .. confused even? 

Just seeing and feeling and then loving this, being with it, is a great beginning. This needs to be seen, and met and then can easily dissolve. 

In kundalini yoga the self loving can only increase each time, as we become aware that we are searching for home, that we are home within, full of love… (just then my parents came by for a surprise visit, so cute, they brought me a potted sunflower!!! I love sunflowers!!!!! I showed them the finished yogi space “Infinite Yogi” .. so beautiful to see it done! They both helped me in the last few days with final preparations, it was so incredibly helpful and as always they both were just there!!! ….  Then they could not stay for tea or a chat, as they had precious shopping of food and plants in the car..)

Sooo how will kundalini yoga benefit you in your self love, self healing?

Firstly we have heart chakra kriyas (yogic sequences), which teach you to release anguish from the heart and open into its divine beauty using breath, awareness, mantra, mudra and sound …. 

We balance the whole being you are: physically streching , releasing through pranic squeeze, alignment and lengthening … so the body can rejuvenate and readjust … 

You learn to let go, hereby saving yourself so much energy which you usually expend in order to stay tight. 

The reconnection during class is evident in all students, and as you meet yourself, you reconnect to truth, your inner divinity, and hence joy and freedom. Freedom to love yourself, others and to receive love and be ok on your own deeply too. 

Every answer to every question is here within that, for example: 

Why do I attract seeming “bad” luck? The “wrong” partner (they are always “right” for everyone is teaching you things inherently about yourself), a “hard” life, financial stress, inner turmoil.. Why am I racing through life? Why do I feel I am disconnected? Why is my physical body having illness? How can I find my true life purpose? Why has my zest and passion for life reduced? How can I heal my broken heart, body, spirit? 

All this rests in your deep loving connection in your beautiful heart… waiting to be truly opened and flowering like that most radiant of all blooms! 

And we are specifically focussing on this this week ~ HEART CHAKRA WEEK 

You will also see that those who are deeply connected to their heart and lovingness create what seems like flow ( even heartbeat=flowing grace), they have playfulness (freedom cause they love themselves), joy (they follow their spirit).. confidence (they are at home within and have compassion and understanding of the world)… they seem to be ok with relaxation and hard work when it is needed… they follow their intuition because in their heart this intuitive self is supported, heard and not seen in fear … love leads into open seeing … 

If you want to heal your childhood, I highly recommend going into your heart space … for if we don’t heal it, we re-enact these woundings in all our relationships to a certain greater or lesser extend … 

So here we are!!! I’m here to support you, hold space, share the ancient, incredible sacred knowledge of white Tantra – Kundalini Yoga … so you remember and embody the fact that you are the divinity finding itself … we all help each other, and all the self love we find for ourselves, truly creates the shift in the world. Your inner work is the gift to the world. 

Happy love day every day ..(love- week, -month, -year, -life!) !!!!  

So below I will share pictures of the yogi space from which I am teaching 1:1 yoga classes, couple’s yoga classes (union with your divine other and yourself, very sublime!), healings for chakras (sound bath, crystal lyre, sounding chakras, chakra meditation, aromatherapy, polarity treatment), workshops (first one this Saturday, see below), and advanced kundalini yoga. 

This Saturday is our first workshop:
18th February Saturday @Infinite Yogi Hazelwood Park from 2-5pm:  How to use Breath (pranayama) styles for total self management of insomnia, tiredness, or over-reactivity, panic attacks.

You will take home much empowering information, you will experience the techniques directly and you will be treated like kings and queens with healthy wonderful refreshments! You yourself will enjoy ease, grace and empowering learning – directly! You will learn about the yogic science of breath, sound and mindfullness, and the power of yoga nidra and how you yourself can become your own master, according to your personal way! You can also use this knowledge to teach your spouses, children and empower friends … awesome info that we all need in ur toolbox!
I am so looking forward to sharing with you!!!!!

I still have a couple of spots left! Bookings essential.

Our India retreat is in December in the Himalayas, more below also! You can secure your spot with a deposit now. Details below! Email me with your questions anytime! 

Oceans of love and see you in class, I’m ready full of joy, in service full of love and truly feeling incredible gratitude to be sharing this journey with you all!!! 

Abnashjot Sabine 

P.S. Please reply to this newsletter for a very easy way to communicate with me instantly with any sharing, requests or questions you have! 

Kundalini Yoga Classes are:
Tuesdays at Burnside 7:30-9:00pm – Beginners
Wednesdays at Hazelwood Park 7-8:30pm – Advanced – bookings directly with me (M: 0424 029 032 or reply to this newsletter)
Thursdays at Norwood 7:00-8:30pm – Beginners- Intermediate
Sundays at Norwood 4-5:30pm – Beginners to Intermediate

Private sessions 1:1 or for couples: contact me directly
Skype sessions for breathing and meditation: contact me directly
Please book in online @ www.kundalinistudio.com.au


  • Chakra series yoga classes will happen again this year. We go through each chakra in detail each week.
  • World Yoga Day will be held at the Ballroom in Burnside again in June!
  • I’m teaching kids bliss yoga classes in the school holidays at the Glenunga Hub! So if you have children and are interested, let me know! (on fb it is “Kidsbliss”)
  • And I’m going to hold free community yoga, breathing and meditation classes for the Elderly Divine People at Burnside Community Centre very soon also.
At this stage the idea is fortnightly on a Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm:
3 hours of amazing deepenings, details, refinements and personal attention. Includes refreshments (drink and healthy snack) and  required materials (notes/pens/art materials/sound equipments/kriya  or meditation or chanting  or general guided contemplation sheets).

Cost: $55 concession $45

Maximum participant number: 11 yogis so do book in if you are interested

Dates will be always Saturday afternoons, alternating:

18th February:  How to use Breath (pranayama) styles for total self management of insomnia, or overreactivity, panic attacks. 

4th of March: Adrenal Support with Kundalini Yoga – deep skills to destress and recover! Re-boost energy with grace that is sustainable.

18th of March:  Chanting workshop – how to chant with deepest benefit. How to chant from your heart and soul, and the gifts of rhythm, breath and sound.

15th April: Detoxing, fasting and supportive kriyas to heal

29th April: Deepening your Creative living/problem solving skills  with kundalini yoga kriya ands specific take home meditation

13th May: Depression and managing the unknown, communication kriya and meditation

27th May: Gut and general digestive health kriya to heal gut and digestive issues biologically, energetically and emotionally,  and  new lifestyle techniques to suit your personality.

10th June: Heart (self love) and lung balance – plus immune system boost. Centering deeply in your heart space. Deep healing. 

24th June: Your Willpower and commitment strengthened in alignment with your highest joy and benefit – deep alignment with yourself through specific kriyas and meditations to assist with your relationship with others and yourself. 

And for your diaries: Himalayan Retreat in Rishikesh and optional Amristar December 1-7 (-9 th if  you wish to join us to Amritsar)Below is a little picture of the Ayruvedic retreat centre . 

We shall do kundalini yoga twice a day, have incredible organic food of high pranic content (gown right there) … we shall visit an amazing  local market, Rishi caves, Goddess temple, and enjoy ayurvedic treatments, rudraksha mala bead making, a fire ceremony held for us by the local healer, go for a nature walk among fresh springs.

Then as an optional, you can join us to continue on to Amritsar, where the Golden Temple is!!! Trains from the Delhi airport and and required taxi rides will be taken care of my myself and the retreat centre. You just need to get your flights. We can enjoy a group booking! This retreat of incredibleness will be starting December 1-7 2017!!

Then 2 days to Amristar is optional.

I’m still arranging details! 

5 people have already expressed interest and I am taking those bookings already. So let me know if you are interested in joining us on this incredible retreat. 

Deposit is $500 
Full Details will be ready by the end of this week! 

Keep shining brightly!!!

Abnashjot (Sabine)