Sat Nam!! Happy New Year to You!!!

Wishing you an amazing year of 2019! May it bring you amazing joy, laughter, and success in all that you dream of from your heart and soul! This year of 2019 is a number 3 year! Quite a different energetic from the year before, which was all about self mastery.

A bit about 2019 vibrationally and hence our focus for the year. In February or March we shall go back into combining numerology as we delve into the 10 light bodies of consciousness again. This will be announced via newsletters and on our facebook page (

Thus a Universal 3 Year is a conscious reminder to be aware of the 3 aspects of your being and align your ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ in the direction of LOVE… to become a source of POSSIBILITY in your life.   Moving away from the linear physical imprinting of IMPOSSIBLE to the multi-dimensional state of I’M POSSIBLE

For many of you, 2018 – Universal 11/2 year was quite challenging on many levels, as you confronted within your life those areas that were preventing you from truly shining, being yourself, and hence harnessing an amazing opportunity to becoming empowered in self mastery. We had amazing classes surrounding this theme! Very deep and freeing work! I am truly honoured to be on this journey with you all!!! Thank you for being there and being such dedicated yogis, finding inner union of the Divine within yourselves each day more and more!

Many themes came up, like many of you recognised relationships that you had outgrown, work/career paths that no longer held your interest, or felt the strong desire to break free from friendships that were draining or suffocating your spirit.

If you have been holding on during 2018 (it can be hard to accept the inevitable and let go at times)…  then embrace 2019 with renewed positivity and inspired passion, as a huge shift is on the horizon for you.   It is time to FREE YOURSELF, and ignite the torch of your Soul to greater heights of illumination. I am excited and feeling it!!!

2019 will be a pivotal year for many of us, as we reflect on the chaos that was 2018 and work with the 3 vibration during 2019 to communicate with clarity, heartfelt purpose & soulfully aligned intent, living a higher vision for our lives & the world.

Year 3 vibration is particularly about our throat chakra: thyroid and parathyroid. Speaking and hearing your truth! Aligning with TRUTH. That is BLISS! That is divine alignment.
It is your inner teacher – expressing itself.

Communication is a key expression of the 3 vibration as it activates the Throat Chakra, a divine deepening of even more people speaking up, global movements growing stronger and divine inner peace collective consciousness increasing vibrationally.

If you felt the 11/2 vibration of last year gifted you illumination into the source of your problems (yet you still settled for second best & didn’t instigate change)… well get ready, you are going to be on fire in 2019. Honesty, integrity, & authentic communication will drive you to stand up, speak up & be a HEARTFULL advocate for change from within and without.

Through the vibration of the number 3 and her creative/expressive qualities, this will be a great year to really challenge your ‘inner-dialogue’ and find ways to nurture & care for yourself/others in more gentle, caring & life affirming ways.

It will be a year where we maybe become a little more warrior like, and through fierce grace we can joyfully replace irrational and limiting thoughts/beliefs, with healthy, constructive & radiant ways of communication.

The book by Don Miguel Ruiz ‘The Four Agreements’  will be a brilliant handbook to help guide our Universal 3 Vibration year…

Be Impeccable with your Word
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions
Always do your Best

The driving force behind a Universal 3 Vibration year is the Trinity – Mother, Father & Spirit;   Sun, Moon & Earth;   Life, Death & Re-birth;   Past, Present & Future;   Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva;   Hope, Charity & Faith;   Past, Present & Future.

Thus a Universal 3 Year is a conscious reminder to be aware of the 3 aspects of your being and align your ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ in the direction of LOVE… to become a source of POSSIBILITY in your life.   Moving away from the linear physical imprinting of IMPOSSIBLE to the multi-dimensional state of I’M POSSIBLE

And this is the truth!

All you need is within you!!!
Right now!

The trick is to be aware of it, let it come forward, drop the barriers that have suppressed this truth within!

I am soooo excited for this year’s vibration and to be here and serve us all to elevate into our truth …our amazing divinity within so it is expressed in every way, every word, every action, every stillness. This truth centre is our SAT NAM!
This comes from Sa Ta Na Ma.

SA TA NA  MA is totality!
SA is birth, the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is, or will be.

TA is life, existence, and creativity which manifests from infinity.

NA is death, change, and the transformation of consciousness.

MA is rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

Many blessings!!!
And thank you for being you and being so dedicated to your highest divine living!


Classes in January 2019

Just for January we are having a unique schedule:

This Sunday 13th we have 2 classes:

A special morning class at 9-10:30 am – deep self healing!

And a 4-5:30pm class.

Both at our home studio “Infinite Yogi” and booking is essential via the app or by texting me as class size is maximum 10 yogis. ($22)

This set up is for 13th and 27th of January!
On the 20th we are having the last immersion (3 hour) class! Excellent for beginners and those who wish to refine their practise.

Sunday the 20th is our last immersion special class for sometime, where we dive deep into the practise, intention setting and self love. Deep relaxation with sound bath is extended also. 3 hours of bliss! Booking in is via the kundalini studio app or by directly messaging me.

That morning we also have the 9 am class. You can book in via the usual website booking system for that class.

Excellent for beginners and those who wish to refine their practise.

Booking is via the kundalini studio app or contacting me directly. ($40)
Refreshments and chats after class!



Free community meditations begin again on Thursday the 16th of January. They are held at the Burnside Ballroom from 1:10-2pm.





January special

Special January offer for starting your new year with a clear and conscious intent, clarity and feeling empowered.

I offer 1:1 coaching for women, creating your powerful alignment together with you, using yogic techniques, personal meditations, home practise, and NLP and hypnosis. Tailored to your specific needs. You can join a programme for an annual coaching package or a 3 session package, for which I am offering special prices this January.

The sessions can empower you deeply in all ways: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course physically.

Inner clarity and direction make ALL the difference in attracting what we want in life. This clarity helps us to recognise our path and truth. This then energetically becomes attracted to you and you are able to respond because you actually see and feel ready/worthy of the opportunity!

It is my total joy to see you shine your brightest light!!!

Usually $160 for 1.5 hours
($460 for 3 sessions)

For January 3 sessions for $400! Saving $80!

I prefer to work with you if you book in for 3 sessions, as this takes you into the depth that creates permanent change. One session only just opens up the potential.

All this is explained in the sessions and e-mails you will receive! Feel free to email me by clicking the button below, with any questions you may have!




Meditative healing

When we practise kundalini yoga we become very meditative naturally. The class is rhythmic and hypnotic, gradually regulating our breathing, which results in chakra balance, and hence mental, hormonal and inner harmony. After that to meditate is potent. We shall enjoy a divine kriya and meditative kriya practise in each class.



Upcoming: special hormonal balance workshop


Hormonal balance workshop on Saturday the 19th of January from 2-5pm.

Bookings are via the kundalini studio app.

3 hour workshop including notes and refreshments for only $80.

Hormonal balance though chakra balance (kundalini yoga techniques), through detoxing, through mantra and yogic postures. Powerful!!!

You will learn about the essential oils for youthfulness also!

Hormones affect your entire life: physical and mental health and also spiritual awareness!

See you there!