Sat Nam and warm greetings to you!!!

Be inspired! For you are literally infinite potential in every moment! The yogis knew it, quantum physics is revealing this!

So …. remember: You already are divine brilliance, right now! If you don’t consciously know it, it is just because you have bought into the ways of the programmed mind… this goes for us all!! And seems to be the natural way for most of us….

Buying into separation and duality  (me vs you, good vs bad etc) creates an incredible experience from which we learn about perception, ways of being, infinite expressions and ways of seeing …. what an incredible cosmic play!!!

Often it is amazing, full of adventure, bliss and challenges that can bring out new experiences …

On the other hand, this dual awareness, when seen as the only way, can seem tiring, overwhelming, confusing … we build a strong sense of ‘self’ that we protect as our special identity, and then try to abide by it, upgrade it, make it significant and important. And yes, that too is exactly what is meant to be happening and meant to be experienced!

The thrilling day, and the totally frustrating day, for example are all equally as valid and incredible in terms of experience …. it is just us, (our sense of self, identity, our notion of what should be a certain way) that causes us to resist, compare, attach to things/people/situations  and hence to not enjoy and suffer.

All we are going by practising kundalini yoga, is allow ourselves time to remember what the truth of ourselves actually is; dropping the illusive ideas of ourselves, and that is achieved through meditative stillness, which offers insight and reconnection consciously with our inherent true nature …

Kundalini yoga is a bit like self clearing… we breathe to balance everything … for example the pranic body, we hence balance flow through chakras, and hence consciousness expands – we see life in a more balanced way, more aware of our stillness behind everything …. AHHHHH WHAT a RELIEF…..

This in itself aligns the physical body and allows for deep self healing …

Now we can enjoy the ride without getting totally personal about it ……. and YET! I must say, getting personal happens, and that too is an incredible experience, as valid as the experience of one who is beyond taking things personally, and knows it is all one flow of creative, cosmic love, pulsing and dancing as life itself!

Below I will be sharing about last weeks new type of class: the gong interwoven into powerful kundalini yoga clearing practises, which lead to incredible  clearing on ALL levels, only the way sound can!
I have had many many yogis share about their deeply transformative experience from last week’s classes! More about this below! You are never alone, we are all moving through the same waves as we shift to realise our true divine nature on every level!!!!!

REMEMBER: DON CONREAUX not this week but next week!!! Truly the world Gong master, no jokes here! Check the links given below …. open up and explore if this is for you … I highly highly recommend his 2 sessions!!!!! Booking details below!


We will have a gentle deep healing prayerful class this week to connect to the subtle loving inner realm, and at the same time the navel point from which everything arises! The navel point can be out of alignment, did you know this?

We reset it with our practise!

First of all a quote from Yogi Bhajan, White Tantric Master and bringer of Kundalini Yoga to the Western World at the risk of his own life, literally:

“There is a very powerful psychic power under the Navel Point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centres of the body and awakens them within its touch. When it touches the seventh centre, the person knows all.
When it intermingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arcline and makes everything work out for the person. ”

So the Navel Centre is not just a point, it is a centre for ultimate transformation in the body.

This centre is etheric, and the carrying the thousands of channels of life force from this around the body and beyond the physical.

In the discipline of martial arts, the entire concept of balance and force depends on developing the awareness of the Navel Point as a centre around which the body moves.

In order to truly understand that nature of meditation and consciousness, a clear conception of the energy and function of the navel centre is necessary.

We shall be delving into this, this week!

Much bliss, joy, love and Sat Nam!!!
Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032

P.S. Join us for our new Tuesday night classes in Burnside.
Perfect for an early dinner at 5 and then 7:30 pm yoga and divine sleep.


Gong sound healing – experiences and how to allow: 

Last week’s classes created a wave of experiences for yogis, here are some:

Emotional release of grief, anger, sadness after class; during class yawning, coughing, tears, joy, bliss, deep awareness, expansion, clarity, various emotions coming and going, feeling unusually hot, feeling unusually cold.

Literally, the gong releases and brings to the surface, whatever is ready to go, to be seen and released … so you may feel intense bliss for a day, hours, weeks… or feel bliss one day and really upset, challenged, resisting life the next! This is not a predictable thing. It is not something the MIND can grab, predict, measure, categorise, analyse even … it is after all taking you beyond old patterning … beyond the limiting mind ….

So it teaches surrender… vibrating with cosmic intelligence … trusting life itself …. so let go as much as you can  .. trust it … it is the same intelligence that was behind your cell division from where your physical reality started to shape your vessel, the body and all its intricacies… 

The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, hence allowing you to open to new levels of letting go; assisting you in releasing you from the torrent of thoughts  and as a consequence it is stimulating great health into the glandular system.

We receive through this greatly enhanced functioning physiologically, mentally,  and biologically!

P.S.: From last week’s newsletter:
On top of that, this creative primordial sound, with its infinite vibrational tones and frequencies, clears blockages throughout your many systems, such as your pranic pathways,  hence chakras, meridians, and emotional energies held in the body, and surrounding the field of the body … this is a deep purification and also it aids you in becoming very relaxed, meditative and expanded consciousness awareness, touching all that you are. This is the ultimate self-healing state!

I’m writing this newsletter from Toyota at West Terrace, as my car is in service and I am having a day with my sister who is here from Germany … and this place is amazing … tea of all kinds, hot chocolate etc , great open space with lots of light, cool couches, spring water, internet! So here I am… and now who knows what’s next!
Have an incredible now …. enjoy a deeeeeeeep breath in ….. deeply …. suspend this breath … slooooowlyyyyyyy exhale …. suspend …. bliss!!! Connected … here and now!