Warm and joyful greetings to you!!!!

For those of you who are busy, I’ll start with a few important dates to be aware of for when I am away or the hall is booked up and hence there are changes to two Sunday classes: 

Sunday 21st of September the hall is being used: hence the class will be held at the beach instead … Henley Square! 

It will be same time, 4pm till 5:15pm and near the Jetty, Henley Square, in the sand. Please bring your own mat and whatever you may usually need.

Please RSVP to me if you plan on attending, or have any questions: M: 0424 029 032 e: sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au

Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat is held on the October long weekend and will be absolutely incredible!!! It will include kundalini yoga, Wu Tau dance, Sound healing, sacred nature walks, art expression, beading, aromatherapy and much more!!! More details below, however on that Sunday the 5th of October I will be away on this retreat, so the Sunday class will be cancelled … that is Sunday the 5th of October!

If you enjoy to listen to some kundalini rising music, here is a link:


This week we will finish August with an amazing Heart opening and balancing Kriya and Meditation!Plus a GONG vibrational/sound bath!!  This will also strengthen your immune system!

When we LOVE ourselves truly and fully, life reflects this and becomes even more amaZING!!! 😉 Kundalini yoga is amazing for opening up the heart energies/chakra!!!

If you are curious about the incredible effects and benefits the gong has for you,check out my newsletters on my website, in particular: https://kundalinistudio.com.au/classes/kundalini-yoga-inspirations/8/

September will be a special detox month!… balancing and exploring organs and systems such as: the liver, kidneys, spleen, colon, glandular system and nervous system! More information below!!! Amazing stuff!!!!

I will offer yogic advice for you to take or leave in class and on facebook too .. so look out for that and stay connected if you’re interested .. and feedback me ANYTIME please …

It is about enjoying the energy that spring brings, shedding old energies and opening to the new in a conscious way, riding the waves of spring into blooming/coming to fruition in certain ways.

Please see if you can book into classes if possible, I really would appreciate it, further info on why and how are below right … and if you are wondering how to get the most out of class, there is a bit about this below too …

I wish you a magical week, loving yourself, honouring yourself deeply so that this radiance shines so brightly that all that meet you feel inspired and uplifted too … 🙂

If you have any comments, please simply reply to this email. I do love testimonials, but often forget and tend to feel a bit shy asking for them .. it will help others to perhaps wish to taste the gifts of kundalini yoga and I can create more classes, which then gives you more options too.

It is my purest joy to be teaching this amazing yoga! Thank you all for making it possible for me!!!!!!

Please don’t be shy, reply and share!

Much joy always,

Sabine Abnashjot




Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat in October

For your sacred reconnection with your divine self, your three facilitators will offer you an amazing combination of:

*welcome package/notes with inspirations, information and a special gift
*nourishing, healthy organic vegetarian meals and juice, salads included.
*all food provided organic where possible.

*all vegetarian and other food options catered for.

*uplifting, rejuvenating & transformative daily programs (with quiet time to yourself also) to nurture and enjoy every aspect of your being: body, mind and spirit! These include:

~Sound baths
~Wu Tao Dance
~Kundalini Yoga
~Art (drawing/painting)
~Flower Essences
~Intention Setting
~Chakra Toning
~Labyrinth Walking
~Nature Walks
~Deep Relaxation

Retreat details:
Situated on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, only an hours drive out of Adelaide.
Our Eco Retreat is set on acres of pristine bush overlooking the hills to the ocean!

Shared bunk bed accomodation.

A sacred space away from the hustle and bustle to rejuvenate! You will be surrounded by nature, nurture, flowers, feminine ways of sacred processes.

Join Ahilya , Fiona and myself (Sabine) on this incredible rich, feminine, powerful retreat to reconnect, re-energise and being ready for the next chapter as you re-enter the world outside the retreat :-).

Biographies and what you will be offered will be found on our facebook invitation; if you need further info or are not on facebook, contact us anytime.


Intimate group of 12 participants


Friday 3rd of October 5pm start – Monday 6th October 3 pm
(Long weekend in South Australia)


$495 paid by the 12th September, 2014 . A deposit of $300 will reserve your place on this exclusive 12 participant retreat.


Shared bunkhouse accommodation.

Completely relax and unwind at Springmount Retreat in a peaceful, clean, fresh natural environment. Watch the eagles soar above you from the deck or take a short walk with resident kangaroos and an abundance of birdlife.

The genuine Eco-Retreat is situated on 90 acres of pristine bush-land with panoramic views of the South Coast and the beautiful Inman Valley.

Bookings: Please contact either of us:
Ahilya Lucille Horsfall (Sound Baths): 0419 810 174
Fiona Glover (Wu Tau Dance): 0412 613 600
Sabine Toh ( Kundalini Studio Yoga): 0424 029 032

About Wu Tau Dance:
The Wu Tao and Art Therapy is a journey through the elements, releasing gracefully and ease-fully the blockages, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us so that we may embody the positive aspects of each of the elements, living more fulfilled and in balance with our sacred selves.

September Spring Detox Series

We will enjoy kriyas that work specifically to balance your liver, kidneys, digestive system, immune system, glandular system and much more .. most kriyas contain benefits for the entire body and energy field (chakras), however there are some kriyas that are with a specific focus, for example for detoxing!!!

Get read for an awesome spring to be as energetic and vibrant as you can be! Imagine all that radiance, feeling great in the body, enjoying your vibrance and energetic creativity to life itself .. to new beginnings, to doing what you love and loving what you do in every way! We will have visualisations and gong sound baths to shed the old and bring in the best!!!

Here are a few yogic inspirations for your September classes:

Our liver affects our life profoundly, it affects our emotions, our relationships, our health and even the way we think.

It has over 100 known functions from creating hormones to digestive juices & disease fighting compounds. Almost all problems we have – from low energy & sex drive to ageing skin, sleeping problems, digestive problems and all disease can be linked with a clogged liver.


10 ways you can keep your liver happy every day:

1. Start your morning off with warm water and the juice of half a fresh lemon– this contributes to the alkalinity of your body system.

2. Before you get into the shower, do two minutes of  dry skin brushing from toe up to neck to stimulate the lymphatic system.

3. Practice Breath of Fire or Agni. This not only expands the capacity of the lungs to breathe but quickly oxygenates your blood, thus helping the body detoxify itself and remove waste more effectively.

4. Incorporate the cruciferous veggies into at least one meal daily. Enjoy green veggie juices during the day.

5. Eat fermented foods such as raw kraut with meals. They are a rich source of probiotics and enzymes to support digestion.

6. Have some curry! The turmeric in curry powder is anti-inflammatory and contributes to the production of glutathione, a potent liver-protective antioxidant. Avocados are also a rich source of glutathione.

7. Get enough fibre-rich foods to bind up toxins in the gut and help promote regularity.

8. Get out there and sweat! Exercise or sit in a sauna. Sweating liberates toxins.

9. Take an Epsom salt bath before bed. Not only will magnesium-rich epsom salts help you sleep, they also help draw toxins out of the body.

10. An awesome kriya: Kunalini Yoga for the Liver, Colon and Stomach ! We will do it in class!!!



The liver is a giant factory that processes all the food nutrients absorbed by the small intestine into useful forms of sugar, fat, and protein.


The liver and kidneys both eliminate toxins ingested or produced by the body. If the liver is overworked due to stress or poor food, it becomes sluggish, which can result in fogginess of the brain, depression and pain in various areas of the body as the body’s cells react to the toxicity of unprocessed chemicals.


Foods for the liver: 

beets, carrots, green foods, and daikon radishes.


How yoga helps:


Yogis have long known the importance of the navel area, which is the autonomic mesenteric nervous system. It has as many neurons as the spinal cord does, but it distributes them diffusely over the abdominal area and intestines rather than consolidating them in a single tract. It is critical to many components of physical and mental health!


Kundalini yoga increases the fire energy at the navel point, which also aids complete digestion.

It increases the ability of the body to eliminate toxins.

It massages the internal organs, this stimulating them to function more effectively.

Upper arm exercises stimulate meridian points corresponding to the stomach and colon.

Kundalini Yoga kriyas are there specifically to balance and support the liver!

How to get the most from class & how to book in

Booking in:

Class times:

Thursday 7 pm & Sunday 4pm only

(as I am studying at the moment)

When you book in it helps me a lot: If something happens and I have to cancel, I can contact you! Also when you book in, you become committed to attending and receive the benefit of the yoga.. we all know how excuses can arise ;-).

Last but not least it helps my internet presence and hence my website comes up easier in google searches, which helps for more students to discover kundalini studio, and this helps to grow group energy, community and allows me to offer more classes .. which I would love!

All it takes is one minute of your time, or less .. you open www.kundalinistudio.com.au and 1/3 rd of the way down to your left you see a booking calendar .. (under the SEARCH option). Choose ‘Classes in Norwood’ then double click on the pink rectangle that pops up saying ‘book’. Tick the time and the quantity, add your name, Email and Mobile number, and finally just add up some numbers to show you are a human being, not some machine trying to book in as a virus or something like that .. and all done!!! No need to pay in advance!

It really helps me a lot, and I thank those of you that book in!

Deep Namaste and thank you so much !!!!! 🙂 

How to get the most out of classes:

Set an intention – go within and decide what you wish to shift in yourself, open up, release or amplify. Taking the time to get clear on this is powerful in itself! You are so divine and wise and all you could ever dream of, but to realise it takes attention, wishing to get to know YOU, and dedicating time and attention to it.

Arriving to class 10-15 minutes early, so settle and relax or stretch your own way.

Have an empty stomach as much as possible, and bring water for hydration.

Bring your own mat, that you love in terms of: thickness, grip, colour.. it is part of your commitment to yourself too, as is bringing your own perfect blanket, eye pillow (if you feel you would benefit with this during deep relaxation) or pillow for sitting support that works best for unique you! 🙂

Wear lose and comfortable clothing, ideally cotton so the body can breathe naturally.

Make a commitment to yourself by attending ideally at least once a week. Students who attend twice a week always report a greater deepening and expanded benefit.

Let me know how you are going, and know you only listen to your body, trust it and unblock all tensions this way .. that is perfect and union with yourself – which is what yoga is. The body is miraculous at healing itself when we allow it, when we let go of tensions …

Offer me feedback or requests, so I can serve you better!

I can share a private home practise with you, or books, music or ways to meditate or eat to support you!