Warm greetings dear Yogis,

What an INCREDIBLE day: world yoga day on the 21st of June was! Thank you all who attended this incredible class at the Burnside Ballroom last Tuesday night.  We had a full house of incredible souls come together to share union with ourselves and opening our heart chakras further, with blessings for world peace and healing … Sat Kar Tar and Ong Sohung! It was utter pure bliss to share this with you all … !!!!!! This is how history is made energetically … we are all so powerful, as individuals and as a group field of consciousness it is amplified .. My gratitude for each of you and life itself is infinite …. Truly!

We had well over 100 people in the room (the picture is not showing everyone)… I didn’t count exactly but my daughters who also took some amazing pictures and footage did. Thank you for your kind donations also! We have $438 in donations of which half will go to the RSPCA  and the other to Catherine House.  What a potent day!!!

How are you feeling afterwards? Remember the heart of unconditional love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the entire world benefits from this!
Remember the shadow is fear and attachment.

This week we shall do another specific heart kriya in classes, to keep going with this incredible specific energy…

This Tuesday (7:30 pm –9:00pm)  the class is back in the Glenunga Hub for one last time!

After that classes will be held at the Burnside Centre, 401 Greenhill Road Tusmore, in the yoga hall and at times again at the ballroom. I’ll let you know when we are at the ballroom through these newsletters, so you can just attend for the amazing effect of the heated floor!!! 😉

This Thursday and Sunday classes are as always, as per my website on www.kundalinistudio.com.au

Thursday is 7:00pm -8:30pm
Sunday is 4:00 -5:30 pm
In our usual Norwood Chapel.

Here is a bit more info about the heart chakra. This is just a mere tip of the metaphorical  iceberg of course!

Take a deep breath in … belly expanding .. chest .. collarbones … hold …. Slowly exhale .. lengthen your head towards the ceiling, exhale collarbones, chest, belly back towards the spine.

Repeat  …. Conscious breathing gives you mental, emotional and chakra balance … breathing deeply, slowly and evenly is the greatest power you have within you right this moment …

Oceans of gratitude and feel free to reply to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences around kundalini yoga and your life.

 Sat Nam! Sabine Abnashjot

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Heart Chakra

She describes it perfectly, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, which is the same as our classes, kundalini yoga, yoga of awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmLVI10CA0o

Heart chakra location

The most commonly accepted location for the fourth chakra is at the center of the chest, between the breasts. As a chakra, it’s important to remember that it is multidimensional and is often represented with a front going through the center of the chest, and a back going through the spine between the shoulder blades.

It’s slightly to the left of the actual organ of the heart. That’s why it’s often referred to as the “Heart chakra”.

Because of its location, the heart chakra is associated to the cardiac system and the lungs.  These organs are interdependent and rely on air and breathing to function properly. The gland associated with the heart chakra is the thymus, which is in charge of regulating the immune system.


Behavioral characteristics of the Heart chakra

The Heart chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  • Capacity to love
  • Compassion, empathy
  • Forgiveness, acceptance
  • Grieving
  • Relating, relationships, connection
  • Compassionate discrimination
  • Center of awareness, integration of insights
  • Harmonious, peaceful way of being

The Heart chakra is about connection and relating. While focusing on the heart chakra, the emphasis is on love, giving and receiving, and how open we are in relationships.

Another function is to connect and bridge the lower and upper chakras and their energies. In other words, the heart chakra acts as a center of integration of earthly and more spiritual matters. There is no dichotomy: In the heart, the experience integrates the two and allows us to relate to both aspirations in harmony.

Love is the energy that helps transfigure emotions and experiences. It’s an essential element of any relationship and relating. Love in the heart chakra is not just about romance, but about going beyond the limit of the ego and preoccupations with oneself into compassion and acceptance of all that is.

The heart chakra is also a center through which we experience beauty in life. Seeing the world through a balanced fourth chakra is being in a state of openness and acceptance that brings us in touch with our world and ourselves in profound and fulfilling ways.

Heart chakra imbalance

The heart chakra can become imbalanced as a result of life experiences, physical illments, or significant changes in your environment. It may manifests as a heart chakra blockage or an overactive chakra.

Imbalances can manifest as:

  • Being overly defensive
  • Jealousy; fear of intimacy
  • Being codependent by relying on other’s approval and attention, trying to please at all cost
  • Always putting oneself in the role of the savior or the rescuer
  • Excessive isolation, recluse, antisocial
  • Holding grudges, not being to forgive

When your fourth chakra is blocked, you may experience heart chakra pain.
Reference: Heart – the chakra bible


The Heart Center means warmth, compassion/passion, kindness/hatred—everything that is wonderful in the world and everything that is rotten on the planet all come from the Heart Center. If you set your heart on something, your head will give in; that’s why it is the most powerful center, and extremely dangerous.

On the other hand, this is the only center worth living with. In behavior, you shall not understand another person’s feeling accurately, intuitively, if you are not compassionate to yourself, period. Your friendship won’t last, your relationship won’t last, your marriage won’t last, this or that won’t last; because if you do not have passion for life, and compassion for the self, you do not know what life is.

The mantra Humee Hum Brahm Hum means: “We are We, We are God.”

Posture: Sit on your heels with a straight spine. The upper arms are parallel to the ground, on the same level as the shoulders. The elbows are bent and the fingertips are nearly touching each other at the center of the chest near the heart center. The hands are flat with the palms facing downward.

Mantra: The meditation is done to the sound of Humee Hum, Brahm Hum by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem Singh. The meditation is silent, you do not chant aloud.

Focus: The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

Meditation: From the starting position, the hands and forearms move out to the sides, palms facing down. Pull the navel point in strongly and lift the solar plexus and diaphragm slightly in a focused motion. As the arms move back in, the navel is released. The navel is pulled in as the arms again move back out to the sides. Continue this movement, using the rhythm of the music to set the pace.

Time: 11 minutes.

To Finish: Inhale and hold the breath 15 seconds and then release. Repeat this two more times and relax.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This meditation can be found in Physical Wisdom available through KRI.

Shared from 3HO.org Gratitude! Wahe Guru!