“Whenever you do something, do it as a piece of art. Otherwise just don’t do it. Let everything express the creativity of you.” Yogi Bhajan

Each chakra is a vision of the world. It is a collection of our feelings, thoughts, and values, and how we encounter the world within them. The second chakra is about desire, passion, duality, polarities, movement, change, and creativity. ENJOY getting to know it better in class this week … ๐Ÿ™‚
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Warm greetings dear yogis! This newsletter is all about the sacral chakra!

First a few dates to put into your diaries:

Christmas dinner
DECEMBER the 18th, Thursday after class, or meet us if you can’t be at class for our Kundalini Indian dinner in Norwood. 8:30pm -late.
We will hire a space in a restaurant nearby …. we have one in mind and I will confirm the name and address …

Could you please RSVP (by simply replying to this newsletter letting me know yes or no to the dinner) as soon as you know that you wish to join us on that Thursday night for the dinner and getting to now each other better?

NOVEMBER 29TH, Saturday:
A massive amazing gong bath session- imagine my Symphonic gong, almost double the size, and 8 of the gongs of various types in one room … fantastic for clearing out all old, expired, stuck energy from the physical, mental and energy bodies .. my friend Jaye will be driving down to SA from NSW to bring her huge collection of gongs to us to enjoy in November.. this will be on Saturday the 29th of November, the session will be from 6:30-8:30pm. She is a gong master and travels all around Australia to teach the way of the gong and to offer transformational sound experience.

Please RSVP by replying to this newsletter with a small note to let me know if you are interested in attending.

Here is a link about the different types of gongs you may experience on the night:

Tickets will be $30 concession and $40 regular.

So let’s get into our second chakra now .. keep reading below and enjoy the realisations …
Embrace all that you are …. all you can be!

Ah and P.S. Please let me know if you would like a Tuesday night kundalini yoga class in Grange … I need the feedback to know if this is something you would enjoy … Thank you so much!!!

Much joy and wishing you a fantastic week!!!
Sabine Abnashjot

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The sacral chakra – Svadishthana
In the body it is located around the genital area, the womb, the lower abdomen. The vibrational colour is orange.

Unlike the first chakra, for which the vision of the world is singular and isolated, the energy of the second chakra involves other human beings.

When your sacral chakra is well developed, you have opinions and make distinctions with passion and motivation. Your language, when motivated from this field of energy, is sensual, glorified, flexible, directed and with goal.
It is the centre that opens you for merger, dissolving your sense of identity into another human.

Life, when you are vibrating from this centre in a positive way, is colourful, vibrant and deeply meaningful. When one is blocked energetically in this centre, it is the opposite.

The element is water .. the experience is flow .. being with life as it moves and shifts continuously.
When out of balance one feels restless, needy, abandoned, anxious.
Mental states that are triggered in an unaligned state are: having desires that seem unattainable, frustration, confusion, judgementalism, jealousy, revengeful, in your head not with your feelings, fantasies and grandiose illusions.

Balanced states: self-love, self-esteem, feeling secure in self, emotionally self-sufficient, feeling connected to others, deep inner satisfaction, sincere purity, joyful, happy, relaxed and free, expansive …

The goal of this chakra is: Divine union with yourself . Feeling the expansion of your own energy as divine union. Imploding within yourself, feeling inner fullness.. completion.

When sexual energy is channeled up the spine to the HEART, the body and the psyche connect to higher love. Physical passion becomes empowered with pure, unattached, non-manipulative love. Communication and understanding between men and women becomes easier. Men and women release possessive and exploitative sexuality. Instead of depleting and using each other’s energy, they nurture and strengthen each other. There is union by merging male and female energies and in that process the auras heal each other and strengthen each other.
This happens only if there is love and compassion for each other, otherwise it perpetuates physical and psychological disorders.
This energy of love must first be cultivated within oneself, for oneself, before it can be shared in this way.
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