Divine knowledge, understanding, acceptance and bliss are the key words associated with our crown chakra vortex of energy. What a gift! Let’s delve deeper and balance this incredible chakra through awareness, sound and kriya that the ancient yogis shared with us .. deepest gratitude from all my being… it is ALL within US all… we just have to remember how to unlock it … here we go! ๐Ÿ™‚ Join us! And please book into class, even if there is a chance you can’t make it.
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Sat Nam and warm greetings to you!!

…do you feel boundless, infinitely creative and a deep inner happiness regardless of what is going on in the outer life?

This is a selection of the many gifts the crown chakra offers us.
By the way if you wish to read up about the other chakras, I am posting the previous newsletters on my website today, for you to enjoy. You can find them under my blog by clicking here:
The crown chakra allows us to feel open to and receiving universal energy through the top of our head. Once we feel connected to the Source, we are able to surrender to and receive the wisdom of the universe. We can feel our whole spine and body being activated by universal energy.

Our perception of reality shifts when we experience our connection with the universe/source/all that is… we realise our boundlessness, and infinite possibilities in each moment.

Now that is REAL living in my books ;-)!!!

This chakra rules the brain itself and all major systems of the body, including the nervous, the skeletal, and circulatory system.

So this means as we balance and work with this chakra, through our kundalini yoga practise, we create harmony all over the body plus our consciousness expands where deepest knowing and peace and full connection reside!

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter and please let me know about your thoughts and experiences!!!

Much JOY and thank you for being part of our beautiful community! As a group consciousness with the intent to raise our frequency and experience self-realisation, infinite peace and joy for life itself through awareness, we are making a huge difference not just in our lives and those we touch, but also the surroundings of where we meditate together … we create a wave of uplifting energy that many benefit from just like that …

To me this is the ultimate way … we take care of ourselves by practising yoga (union with self), and take care of our mental and physical health, and also vibrate this out, allowing others to be uplifted by it through our shifts and realisations, it is an endless ripple in this cosmic play … humbly yours,

Sabine Abnashjot
When you are centred in this chakra (i.e it is balanced), you will be aware of the unknown and conscious of the infinite.
You will be experiencing a reality beyond the realm of the physical senses!
Inspiration will come to you easily. Problems either don’t touch you, or you see them as gifts, and you address them creatively, in your truth and with inspiration beyond the logical mind.

This chakra called Sahasrara resonates with: I accept, I know.
Divine knowledge, understanding, acceptance and bliss.

The shadow experience is doubt and despair.

When blocked it manifests as: doubt and denial of spiritual reality, religious extremism, human imperialism.

When it is balanced it manifests as: saintliness, bliss by being in but not of this world, experiencing all as one, the integration and actualisation of peak experiences, samadhi.

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Our gong bath is coming up Saturday night the 29th of November. All bookings must go through this Eventbrite system to avoid congestion at the door o the evening. Set your intentions for deep healing now. This is a profound and rare sound healing event with 7-8 huge bronze gongs vibrating away tensions and balancing the nervous system .. more info is found when you click here below, including the option to book in.
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