Ethereal beauty is considered enchanting … mystical .. beyond the ordinary … for me it is everywhere in nature … the lightplay … the delicacy of flowers, leaves with their veins illuminated by sunlight.. what splendour  … the subtleties in the forests like delicate moss covering trees… leaves dropping from branches in a dance, catching the light… surrendering … bird song, and the delicacy of their little bodies and cute round eyes … as I googled for images, ‘ethereal beauty’, I only saw women’s faces coming up in that search … I had to specify that I wanted trees.. flowers … what it speaks of is that we consider ethereal beauty a feminine thing … mystical … bliss to behold … and yes it is … and even though we call it feminine, really it is all one… it is in you and in me, and in all …

I have always been drawn to ethereal spaces where lighting is mystical and inviting … it really speaks, it vibrates, it feels like heaven … this is in you, as you .. in us all …. MORE below and how this connects to kundalini yoga .. how we enhance and connect with this, as this, through this yoga of awareness … oh what BLISS ……. !!!


Warm greetings to you!!!

Ethereal is the theme this week .. your ethereal nature …. as in the email introduction, that I have written above, I started writing about the ethereal nature of things .. and how it feels, its beauty … and now I shall continue by writing about how it relates to kundalini yoga …

To me the ethereal it is a portal to the expanded nature of who we truly are .. it is hypnotic to me … it is a signpost /message of who we TRULY are … energy at play .. mystical eternal beauty in essence … changing … dancing.

Hence I feel so very at home with kundalini yoga … it touches on all our true dimensions, so that the most solid appearing dimension vibrates at the highest frequency and allows the experience of total expansion … perceived within this vessel …

So to expand and be soft, to flow … that is the nature of the etheric .. ethereal …

It is not tight .. restricted, focused on knowing or control. Yes, these will and do arise in our full experience of all that we are able to experience; and there is nothing wrong with these; what I am saying is simply the nature of the ethereal is soft … glowing … seems to trust, to glow, to shine, to radiate … it is magnetic … beyond the simple obvious physical reality … but then as you know, quantum physics has proven what the yogis and sages and saints have said since seemingly forever … we are pure space/consciousness …

Here is a definition:

ethereal |ɪˈθɪərɪəl| (also etherial)


1 extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world: her ethereal beauty.

• heavenly or spiritual: ethereal, otherworldly visions.

ORIGIN early 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek aitherios (from aithēr ‘ether’) + -al.
Usually we suffer when we restrict ourselves.  In other words when we are NOT aware or connected of our ethereal or infinite nature.
These ideas (restricted/limited in nature) and behaviours are arising from old programmings from childhood most likely, and even culture and past lives. We even adopt things in utero! We are so programmed and the purpose of this is so we learn and implement lessons that posed a threat to us, and can avoid them next time without having to even analyse … We learn from restriction to allow ourselves to see that we can be soft, trust and flow.

To free these limits/restrictions/knots up, and become unbound is the polarity and truth of our capacity to experience… to see our true nature beyond these mental habits/unconscious programmes/beliefs, it is helpful to experience the restrictions .. it is in us all, and nothing to beat ourselves up for … just seeing this and having journeyed it is divine, courageous and part of the perfect whole … we learn and experience through contrast in this current reality of duality (right and wrong, good and bad, up and down, etc. – until we transcend this).

At the heart chakra we move from “I” to “we” and we are in the subtle element of AIR and BREATH…

The ethereal is at the THROAT chakra .. your life’s truth, mission, communication, sound …

This week we shall focus on this … to live our truth … to touch the ethereal through the heart of who you are … this is what the kriya is about specifically … however all of kundalini yoga has this as a part of it .. for life is empty without your truth being seen and lived…spoken and heard .. and the connection to the heart is essential … your heart needs to open wide for YOURSELF first so it all can flow  .. hence we balance ALL chakra vortices so you are connected and free to truly embody and live all that you are, consciously!

Each chakra is pivotal and in essence they are all one … union of chakra flow is union with yourself energetically … this IS Kundalini yoga. And as I say in class every time, breath-work it the key to that balance … hence right now … take a deep conscious inhale through your divine nose …. hold gently .. exhale, brining the belly back towards the spine, emptying out completely … hold … and start again .. nice and SLOW and deeply conscious, feeling the sensations as they arise and fall away …

Soooooooo …..

In class we work to realise our expanded nature …

Remember what I shared a few weeks ago, if you read the newsletter or attended class:

“Our own beliefs, habits of possession, constriction, anger, tension and attachment set up energy patterns within the body that disrupt the normal flow of vital energy. This opens the door to disease, both physical and mental. We create our bodies with each thought and activity, as well as with each meal. ” ~ Yogi Bhajan

As we shift in consciousness and awareness naturally with the profound & potent gift of kundalini yoga, we break through limited habits and raise our frequency to truly embody the ethereal consciously, the infinite … the bliss …

You don’t have to believe me at all… test it out for yourself … shift your eating to higher frequency and watch how your wellbeing shifts with it; your thoughts and physical senses will shift over time, guaranteed … ask me more about this if you have questions…

The other test is to simply commit to your kundalini yoga practise … to once a week at class and some practise at home, even if just 15 minutes …

Warning: your life will change and release old heavy thinking, eating and company … and open your life to greater alignment, inner joy, awareness and living with clarity and direction … all in your divine timing and your dedication to your being … 

Sat Nam dear Yogi! Oceans of joy right NOW .. Sabine Abnashjot

I’m super excited as usual, feeling this potent, incredible energy right now … wow .. what a huge gift!!!!

P.S.: Check below for some new events coming up:

  • Tuesday night classes in Glenunga start in April.
  • In May we have a wonderful nourishing retreat day here in Adelaide for you!
  • In July we offer a divine sublime retreat in Bali
New Events to support your divine journey 

Tuesday evening classes start Tuesday 5th of April in Glenunga. 

Time: 7:30 pm -9:00 pm

Simply have a light meal around 4-5 pm and perhaps give your body the potent gift of a night without dinner, like a mini fast. This rests and recuperates your entire system and actually adds to your health and longevity.

From April all classes are officially 1.5 hours and for the first time in 4 years there is a slight price increase .. as there is an increase in rent also with the extra time, and with inflation. 

This will all appear on my website early April, the new financial quarter.

Nourishment day!
Saturday the 14th of May 2016
Norton Summit
10 am – 5pm
For deep pampering, reconnection and honouring the divine feminine in you.

Includes refreshments, healthy lunch, gift bag, kundalini yoga, Wu-Tao dance of healing the 5 elements, Sound Bath, Sacred divine ceremony (fire ceremony) for release and recommitting, art therapy and more!
All women, and maximum number is 20 participants.

For bookings and more info:
Or contact me by replying to this newsletter.

July 7th -14th, 2016 BALI here we come!! 
Ahilya, Fiona and myself are offering this incredibly powerful immersion in July in Bali at the Floating Leaf Eco Resort! Amazing space!

  • Ocean views
  • rice fields walk/view
  • massage
and exactly what we offer above in our Nourishment day package, except it is then daily kundalini yoga, dance of the 5 elements for deep healing, meditation, sound baths, art therapy, sacred ceremony, chanting…
  • a special visit to a female Balinese healer
  • visit to chakra cleansing waterfall and again so much more …
  • healthy amazing food .. and awesome company!

You can book in via our website (as above) on or reply to this newsletter with your intent or questions.

Deep Namaste!