Ready to take a quantum leap?

World Yoga will be the perfect event … plus supportive Youtube Meditation included below… 



Sat Nam dear Yogi!!

Yes our annual amazing GLOBAL YOGA day is just around the corner, and our PERFECT chance to lift our vibration higher, and in turn help lift it for all, including the planet and its divine inhabitants. You know there is a threshold and as we get together globally with as many people as possible, MIRACLES happen!!! Truly!!!


What we do as a group (field of consciousness) together is: we create a very powerful influence on the larger level of consciousness (the mass consciousness). So without going into your house personally, we can affect what goes on in your house/world in a positive uplifting way. Our intent and group field become very powerful.

Imagine what this can do? Powerful leaders have new ways of seeing what they see, and change their decision-making to a more altruistic, higher frequency level of thinking. The masses change their ways of thinking from perhaps feeling helpless and insignificant to powerful and more loving and empowered.

By silently focusing on a mantra, the mind detaches itself from the thinking process, overcoming thoughts and experiences to reach a stage of “pure consciousness.” At that stage, the advocates add, they are able to direct their energy toward positive intent such as love, peace, joy, healing…  and more.

Imagine how teenagers that feel suicidal then ‘somehow’ feel less depressed and hopeless, and instead of taking drugs or committing suicide or being violent, or taking abuse from someone, they NOW have awareness that there are other options, that they are worthy and feel open to asking for help, and making new, better choices.

All because you placed your time, attention and energy into elevating and uplifting our vibrational field, with your presence.

Equally with anyone … feeling from depression … for example, for any age. Or think of elderly that are feeling disposed of or helpless in their ageing bodies … to find joy and sparkle again !!!

What about people that are hurting others by being angry, aggressive, oppressive .. due to childhood trauma, caught up in an inner programme? They suddenly feel less angry … less attacking … wow! The sky is the limit.

This is what I see … what I have heard and what research shows … and really it is all energy …

The highest practise you can do is deeply look after your highest wellbeing!

At an event such as this, your own frequency heightens and old ways drop away (especially with your specific intention) … notice if you are more challenged, only to release on a deeper level … this happens to me each year for this event, and after it (and during) I ALWAYS feel incredible .. and that state sustains… it is truly brilliant GRACE.  I am infinitely grateful!!!! And I would LOVE for you to experience this too!

So join us!!! ONLY $10! (Should I make it more expensive so it seems more precious? The mind is strange, and some would be more attracted if I charged $100 adding some special gimmick to it. Stay soulful and aligned with your highest intent. I am making this very affordable, so that ALL who want can attend.

FRIDAY 21st of June 2019
7pm ~ 9pm ish

$10 only – all proceeds go to charity!

(invites with further details are on our facebook page also:  – kundalini studio yoga)

Address: Burnside Ballroom @ 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore! Burnside Community Centre (intersection of Portrush Road and Greenhill Road). Plenty of parking!

Pay on the day or ideally via our FREE app.
Because collecting payments is awkward when all of a sudden 50- 100 people are arriving at once …

We have gracefully been given the majestic Ballroom in Burnside for free (usually a super classy venue, very expensive to hire, like around $300 for a few hours) …  we are give it for free most kindly, as it is a charity class! All money goes to an animal rescue centre in Adelaide! So the divine animals also benefit in other ways!  I will share the link and receipt in a following newsletter. The Ballroom has floor heating! And divine acoustics for our chanting!

Bring you family and friends for WORLD PEACE … all you need is your own cosy yoga mat and blanket! (Bring water too)

This is my first message … the next section is about our self-esteem, chakras and more … and AMAZING one off OFFERS to honour your peace, radiance, confidence, passion, grace and overall deepest joyful wellbeing … that is what you want to have more of, right? Well MANY great gifts for you are waiting for you to say ‘yes, I’m ready’ to below … I would LOVE to see you there!!!!!

Blessings, Sabine / Abnashjot

(By the way you can just lick ‘reply’ to this newsletter and communicate with me that way..)

Meditation as a group changes the world – a great article for you

Self esteem and the chakra series! $30 discount for self care commitment of attending all 8 weeks! Plus huge rewards for committing to attend twice a week for your own highest frequency awareness and living!!!!

July marks the start of our wonderful 8 week chakra series intensive!
It is a powerful DEEP DIVE and a wonderful inner journey on another level in itself! Believe me – that is what I hear back from so many students each time I run this (usually I run this twice a year).

Oh if you know anyone in Melbourne who wants to experience my teachings/chakra classes, I am teaching in the city on Saturday the 27th of July! Promotional image/details included below!

So what you will experience in Adelaide for the 8 week deep dive chakra series:

  • Each chakra in detail each week
  • How to clear and activate and balance each
  • How to sense where the imbalance is and shift it
  • Incredible increased confidence, awareness and deep SELF Esteem through this alignment

And much more!!!

I am offering a SPECIAL early bird booking for all who wish to fully commit to this epic self care series! You will understand yourself so much better, plus KNOW what you can DO about the things you wish to shift stuck energy or under or overactive chakra centres in simple and easy ways!!!

Special EARLY BIRD (booking before 30th of June) rates for committed self care of 8 weeks: 
1 class per week: $22  8 times = $176 (usual price)
1 class per week concession: $18  8 times = $144 (usual price)

2 classes per week: $22 x2   8 times = $352 – $80 discount/ reward/incentive for attending TWICE  a week = $272

2 classes per week:  $18 x2   8 times = $288 – $80 discount/reward/incentive for attending TWICE a week = $208

If you book in before the 29th of June, you get another discount early bird rate of $30 off the 8 week package!!! Perhaps I am crazy, as I do need to pay my bills too, but I just really want to encourage as many of you as possible to commit to this amazing SELF CARE package and time in your life! As you elevate, the world will too! And that means the world to me!!! 😀

I may not offer the series again this year, and if I do, it is only in 6 months or so.

So now
Regular 8 weeks: $146
Concession 8 weeks: $114
Concession means you are a student or unemployed or on a pension due to old age/single parenting.

Regular twice in the week for 8 weeks: $272 – $30  = $242
Concession twice in the week for 8 weeks: $ 208 – $30 = $178

Class dates are: starting 4t July – 25th August
week 1 chakra 1: 4th & 7th of July -earth, belonging, needs taken care of, trust, stability from within
Week 2, chakra 2:  11 & 14th of July -water, flowing, union with self, creativity expanded
Week 3: chakra 3: 18th & 21st of July – fire, passion, self commitment, alignment with self , seeing fears to clear
Week 4: chakra 4: 25th  & 28th of July – air, heart, deep love, deep compassion, grace
Week 5: chakra 5: 1st  & 4th August – ether, communication, inner teacher, wisdom, impact
Week 6: chakra 6:  8th & 11th of August – etheric, intuitive, higher truth, seeing beyond
Week 7: chakra 7: 15th & 18th of August – subtle- oneness, infinite awareness, conscious expansion in humbleness, trust, surrender
Week 8: chakra 8: aura: 22nd & 25th of  August  – radiance, glow, field of vibrancy and health, protected, powerful presence

You can  simply transfer the money directly to me (add your name so I know who you are) and I’ll issue you with a chakra series class pass which I’ll mark off each time you visit. These are great discounts! I hope you enjoy them!!!

I wish you to spoil yourself with something amazing for the saved money, so it is an 8 week amazing self care time!!

Please bring a lovely diary and pen to each session for deepening, greater clarity and stepping forward with the new awarenesses gained that empower you!  So ready for this!!!

The banking details are:
Kundalini Studio
BSB 105 086
Account Number: 053 430 240

Great read on meditation for children implemented in UK schools
I recently continued refreshing my hypnosis skills and am keen to share the amazing work I can help you facilitate! It is so deep, easy and life changing!!!

Kundalini yoga is a lifestyle, like brushing teeth, a daily habit in one way or another, through practise, breath work, inner focus, kindness, compassion, reflecting and more … but if you have a deep seated issue that is the root cause and original seed, which created a massive tree of behaviours (metaphorically speaking), then kundalini yoga brings it up branch by branch, fruit by fruit .. and you gradually release and become aware … which is a great daily polish .. and powerful at keeping you stable, clear, graceful and radiant … with humbleness and awareness of balanced self-care.

Hypnosis takes you to the root cause! And there you see how you can release it …

It is like brushing teeth .. it cleans them, maintains them and clears away certain things from your teeth … but if you clench and grind at night, or you have holes from a few years ago, then you need to look deeper and find the root cause … these root causes  are 99% are from your childhood between 0-7 years old, and you know about them unconsciously and we can together release these, learn the teachings and how these moments were innocent and you created a response from that which you now can let go of, unless it still serves you and makes you happy. I could talk for hours on how this works and how deeply transformative and healing it is! It is a positive, divine process. And all hypnosis is self-hypnosis! You are allowing and transforming and aware of it all, and you are still totally you.

So I decided to put aside some hours in my life, to make room for bookings to give you a taste of this!

Offering two types of sessions:

  • A relaxation hypnotic journey of healing for deep realisation and restful being (stress release)
  • Self empowerment sanctuary sessions to boost what you want in life, enhancing your confidence and inner knowing.

These are simple but very VERY amazing and powerful introductory experiences for you. They are NOT about releasing trauma/hurt, but enhancing confidence and relaxation or energising your inner energies! Absolute grace and joy!

As a gift to you, my dear yogi, I am offering a 50 minute session for $75 only. That is a bargain and you will get many positive results.

If you book in for two such sessions, even better! I reward your wish to dive even deeper and explore further and for the 2 sessions it is only  $110!!

Usually such sessions are between $120 and $150 each, depending on time and what is required. Usually a prior phone call, and emails, plus home meditation and guidance is included in full sessions.

Hypnotherapy is  a powerful process that helps you make changes in the subconscious mind, & this can create instant permanent changes & can bypass the need to use so much willpower because it gets to the deeper part of the mind to make the changes. So easy!!!

• Weight-loss
• Confidence/ Self-esteem
• Depression/ Anxiety
• Addictions
• Motivation






Message me by clicking the button below if you wish to learn more about the essential oils: recipes, combinations, how to use them, how to get a wholesale account. I will send you a PDF with all the information as a brief summary. We can go from there, if it resonates! Absolute highest vibration and ethical ‘harvesting’ and giving back to 3rd world countries! Plus choosing to detox, leave behind polluted, toxic products, and embracing the health and radiance through pure natural and effective skin care, shampoos and your own range of essential oils to use in a myriad of ways! Instant emotional support! Hormonal balance. Creating a healthier space with antibacterial effect also! Getting back to self-empowered living, clean living, and reducing the negative footprint on our dear planet Gaia.
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Enjoyable and easy ways to raise your frequency.