Sat Nam to you!!!

Amazingness for this week as always!!!
Here is an inspiration for you!

You are IT!

All you are looking for is within yourself … your divine inner peace, truth, guru, breath, experience … every vision, every sensation is perfect and uniquely you.

And everything in life is on your side … here to remind you of your inner brilliance … for nothing else will deliver it to you  .. every setback is here to take you into your inner strength, inner sanctuary, inner infinite realm of totality …. there simply is nothing else …. all the outer perceptions are your gifts …. if you wish to embrace them …

How? You may ask …

By being present … aware of breathing … slowly .. entering the observer through meditation … and even observing the observer … ultimately … and meditation is a way of being … it is here and now …. not just at yoga or on the nature trail, or at home sitting with legs crossed .. (if you know what I mean).

The inner guru is reflected on the outside … everyone our teacher to direct us back within … apparently holding our hand, or agitating us, or loving us supremely … what a brilliant creation!!!!

Kundalini Yogis and the lineage – Yogi Bhajan for example, understood this completely … and here we are given the gift of kundalini yoga to realise this.

So grateful!
Of course waking up can happen anytime, anywhere … and then the mind links it to something that it perceives as the trigger or cause … but ultimately everything is one, connected, and hence on our level of existence or focus, perceived as an outer trigger …. but if we reflect on this: the trigger is within, and for an apparent outside to trigger you, it had to be within you — held, or protected, hidden or feeling ashamed of etc. Usually unconsciously.

Hence kundalini yoga – being the yoga of awareness, assists us all in having the ability to see through those amazing veils, and to have the inner connection and composure to see and ‘deal’ with this.

Just an openness to seeing is usually the most potent step.
The next is acceptance … allowing it to be here, to be embraced, loved and allowing it to release …

Ahhh … so here is a bit about this week … mostly info about  our sessions, and quotes from Yogi Bhajan and his students.

Much joy …

Sabine Abnashjot

Deepening Meditation

Simran: The flow of the meditative mind.

Simran is the goal of meditation. It is a continuous, meditative, lovingly creative feeling. It is a feeling, it is a flow, it is a touch, it is a substance. Ang Sang Wahe Guru. (God is with my every  limb, every millimetre, every situation of mine).

When the state of consciousness reaches Simran, then you do not need anything: God follows you. At that stage the Almighty, the Infinite, the Omniescent, the Omnipotent God, the Something which you are so proud of, and which you talk about, the scriptures talk about, and saints and sages sing about, that entire Universal Power is totally towards the small sense of self.
Then there is a deep flow of spirituality. Spiritual flow is just like a river: anything can be taken out of it, it still continues. And that flow comes from simran.

This week we are having an awesome class set, enjoying three different kriyas (short ones) to enter into deep meditation.

This week’s classes:

Firstly Sat Kriya – balancing kundalini channels, sexual energy strengthening and balancing (releasing sexual phobias and enabling control over impulsive behaviours, rechanneling sexual energy for healing), It can cure mental imbalances, and in particular balance the lower three chakra centres. General physical health is improved and   the heart is strengthened.

Kriya to remove negativity:
This short set leaves you feeling great! Perfect for releasing depression, anger, fatigue or stress!

Secondly Serabanda Kriya – for curing any disease
This kriya will cure any disease. It opens valves in the veins and arteries for complete circulation. It opens the vertebrae to allow blood flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of the body.

Kriya to remove negativity:
This short set leaves you feeling great! Perfect for releasing depression, anger, fatigue or stress!

Plus instant HEART opener exericse!