This week we will start looking at each chakra in detail, with practises to balance each.. you will enjoy a full chakra balance and more awareness on the power of each one, each week… awareness is everything ๐Ÿ™‚
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Sat Nam and warm greetings to you!

This week we will start our chakra series: looking closer at the function and hence effects each chakra centre has for you in your life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We will start with the base chakra first.
“Strengthen our base chakra and we feel drawn to living more in tune with the natural rhythms and cycles of mother nature. It’s essential!”

The first chakra is the FOUNDATION of the chakra system. Chakras are wheels of vibration, energy, carrying a certain frequency of experience into your life. It is about your basic needs, grounding and security/survival dynamics in your life. Bodily systems affected by this vortex of energy are: bones, feet, immune system, large intestine, legs and rectum. The endocrine aspect is your ADRENAL glands. The emotion that holds back: FEAR … More about this below,namely some fantastic practises that help you free up and dissolve the FEAR!

All classes are now back to ‘normal’ and YES, the Women’s Retreat was simply wonderful … a true JOY on every level.

Soon I will organise more OUTDOOR classes, as these add another dimension to our yoga practise.

Could you let me know if you would be interested in a kundalini yoga class on a Tuesday night at Grange (1 minute walk from the beach)?

If there is interest, there is a possibility arising for us there…

Please remember to book into class via my home page, it is very easy and I will post below how to go about it step-by-step :-).

I really appreciate it. If you don’t have time and attend spontaneously, I also understand.

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and water to class if possible; and as you know I have spares available should you need it. It is a great way to express your commitment to YOUR yoga practise, and also home practise. Just 5 minutes make a difference in your life! In these relatively busy lives, taking time out can safe you a lot of ‘rushed’ or unconscious moves, that later use up more time to adjust or correct.

Finding the inner peace, wisdom and deep awareness always positively affects all aspects of our lives, and all decisions. They become heart and soul centred, and can lead you easily and gracefully to your total bliss and contentment, from physical health, to mental health and into the full expression of all that you are and can be …

Here is to joyous and amazing infinite possibilities always right here and now .. and deepest gratitude for each breath, each experience …

Thank you … for sharing this journey with me, and with the rest of the class…

In joy
Sabine Abnashjot

This is something my friend Ana Brett has written and it is so beautiful I am sharing it …

Are you involved in a running battle with a co-worker, former friend, or family member? Are you so pre-occupied with this drama that it causes you constant angst, worry, and sleepless nights? Think of all the psychic energy you’ve expended on this saga. What if you were to simply disconnect from this dysfunctional dynamic? It takes two to tangle. Instead you can use all of that inner energy to create the success your life is meant to reflect. When there is co-dependence no one ever wins. Someone has to break the cycle!

It’s part of life to feel frustrated, out of control, not validated by people and circumstance, or simply aggrieved about the turns time takes. When we’re in the throes of an intense emotional storm we have two choices. We can let it control us, in which case we become a human tornado, creating damage and havoc to people, places, and things. Or, we can harness that potentially potent energy and upgrade everything. If we can invoke a little self-awareness when we’re in the throes of various negative emotions we can become truly peaceful tantric yogi warriors.!

All emotions emanate from either love or fear. Fear engenders sadness, rage, lust, and pride. Love gives us joy, compassion, trust, forgiveness, and faith.

One of the highest attainments in this life is the ability to turn the tables on negative emotions while they’re happening. The Universe loves people who are proactive in this way and rains blessings upon those who can turn wayward emotion into fiery devotion.

So, how to get from a raging emotion to its positive polarity? The most powerful and elegant way we know of involves many amazing Kundalini Yoga techniques that you can do on the spot.

Five On the Spot Emotion to Devotion Techniques:

1. Teepee your hands at solar plexus level. Your eyes are 1/10th open looking down and in towards the tip of your nose. Inhale for 5 seconds. Hold the breath for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. 3-5 min. is all it takes to alter your state for the better, best, and blessed!

2. Block your right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through your left nostril. Hold the breath briefly and then exhale through your right nostril. As you hold the breath try to feel the feeling that has you reeling as intensely as possible. As you exhale let is dissolve.

3. Do the Kirtan Kriya (SaTaNaMa) Meditation. As you chant in the various voices, feel the feelings you’re trying to resolve.

4. Chant the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar. Feel Ek Ong Kar at the navel. Sat Gur Prasad at the sternum, Sat Gur Prasad at the sternum. Ek Ong Kar at the navel. This will turn depression into elation and sadness into gladness.

5. Interlace your hands over your solar plexus. Inhale through puckered lips, long and smooth. Exhale long and light through your nose. As you inhale feel your negative emotions expanding like a helium balloon at the solar plexus. As you exhale, let the balloon float away.

6. Bonus technique: When you’re experiencing an intense negative emotion that threatens to cause you to do something you’ll later regret, simply chant quietly: Wahay Guru, Wahay Guru. Wahay Guru… As you chant, let yourself feel the feelings around that impulse as intensely as you can. Do this as long as it takes until your sense of expansive overview can reassert itself.

The great gift of a regular meditation practice is an overview. That overview let’s us see back and forth in time and space. It helps us to understand which actions will lead us to a place of Grace. This is living tantra, the strategy that can turn an all too human impulse into inspired action!

The muladhara chakra or base chakra relates to the EARTH element, and to all solid earthly experiences. This chakra is involved with our physicality, our health and our survival on all levels of existence: primal and material.
It is associated with our ability to project and manifest our worldly/earthly needs.

It is the base where the kundalini energy begins …

The colour is red, the energy force is gravity. Food associate with it are root vegetables and protein.
Physically it is expressed when our of balance as: constipation, haemorrhoids, obesity, sciaica, lower back pain.
Emotionally either as fear(out of balance) or calm (balanced).
Mentally it is associated with SELF AWARENESS.

When this chakra is balanced you have these gifts:
Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, asking what can be learnt from adversity, being in the present moment, trusting in life, valuing yourself….

Location: base of the spine/perineum
Organs: organs of elimination
Shadow: fear, insecurity,life feels like a burden, feeling of not belonging here (on earth or with family/culture), weak constitution, elimination problems,reduced physical and mental resistance, sexual issues.

More in class about how this chakra presents when in and out of balance and what you can do with this extra awareness …

The power of RELAXATION:

Relaxation is difficult for many people because of a subliminal level of conflict or inner turmoil. Even as we go about our tasks, there is an emotive dialogue that generates patterns of anxiety, anger, hopelessness, or other self-defeating emotions. This is called ‘commotional living’ – it drains the reserve energy of the nervous system and creates defenses and armouring against the discomfort.

Relaxation the releases such patterns and that opens us to a new inner organisation of our resources is essential. To do it effectively, we need to change the distribution of prana (breath- life force)in the body and cultivate systems of nerves that allow the self to re-organise patterns of being and acting.

Kundalini yoga has many transformational tools and processes to create this level of relaxation …

Another dimension of relaxation comes from the fact that we are in reality a soul, a creative expressive essence.. We have dimension of ourselves which is free, spontaneous, and connected to all things .. The process of MANIFESTATION from subtle into gross realms proceeds in a flow : from essence to thought forms, to feelings, to patterns of feelings (persona), to desires and projections, and to actions and habits…

We can easily forget the essence, the FREEDOM , the choice to begin actions by recognising the intention and purpose of the heart … Instead we may become entangled in the web of attachments and actions we initiated in other times and situations. We get out of contract with the guidance and choices of our SOUL as we cross the ups and downs of our own wake from past experiences.

To RELAX in the midst of a HURRICANE we must first centre the inner eye. To direct the mind in this way, we gather energy and awareness and are able to truly see and be present. Then we dwell in the present moment and even amidst the greatest challenge, miracles happen ….
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