YOU are magnificence itself! Truth!!!

Welcome to our BIG December/January newsletter.
LOTS of info within. Take your time to explore and absorb and feel inspired!

Warm joyful greetings to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Imagine yourself without limitation and only potential .. that is truly you! Every single moment … right NOW !!!!! Yes!!!!
Feel it, see it, breathe it in .. breathe it out …

There is a saying along the lines of:
Four things you cannot recover:
Time after it is gone
The word after it is shared
The occasion after it is missed
The stone after it is thrown
(more/a response to/ on this below from a yogic perspective)

Yes and this is the gift of the NOW .. as you are present fully to now, your breath right now, your physical sensations, the sounds around you, the thoughts coming and going.. include it all, you are here … watch the sensations and thoughts … allow them … no attachment … just seeing … right now … how do you feel?

Deepen your breath to go further … slow it down … your breathing is the absolute key to your consciousness in life … from here everything shifts … watch the world transform in front of your eyes as you shift your breathing into conscious, slow deep breaths …

The BENEFITS for YOU are:
You are centred in your truth
You are present
You can respond rather than react
You are extra creative and clear
You act from calmness and clarity and love

So coming back to the saying above:

You are so present that you won’t throw a rock unless it needs to be thrown. You know you don’t miss opportunities/occasions, you are present and know that whatever happens is divine perfection..
You enjoy each moment, so time is rich, deep and eternal to you.

You know you are living to the fullest, as you are present and presence itself. You are free. And most of all when you take action, it comes from clarity and those actions reverberate in positive ways that you can clearly see … so no need to back-peddle or feel bad.

How is that for saving time, cutting out complexities, enjoying life deeply?

To me it is the highest gift to myself. I love it and can never express the amount of gratitude i feel for life itself and this consciousness that dances as infinite creation.

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You are this magical!!!!! Know it enjoy it, be it … run and dance with it … sit with it … enjoy silence within this dance of infinite light as YOU! It is all your brilliance … perceive it … cherish it .. and radiate it into the world so all may be infected by it .. Hehehehe … ๐Ÿ˜€

Each day is a new beginning .. each hour, each minute, each second .. we like to think of it in yearly terms at this time of year … contemplating what we wish to enjoy, embody, create in the upcoming new year … then we make quarterly, monthly, weekly plans, daily plans … let us enjoy these ways of the amazing MIND

.. these are great gateways into our wishes and dreams … and this week in class we will go deeper into this and harness a timelessness of NOW .. in appreciation of where we have arrived at right now , all these amazing things we have created and transcended this year of 2014

.. an awareness into a deeper NOW to be able to live it .. from our CENTRE, spontaneously through our awareness using our intuition and higher awareness of all chakra senses, especially the crown centre: infinite expansion and oneness … each breath is a renewal … we shall spend time in class to enjoy this, to really create the awareness and SPACE to feel it … and to increase this way of being in our daily lives …

True living in the MOMENT it the ONLY way to true fulfilment ..we cannot be happy for an idea of the past or future .. even though it presents as a memory of the now, it is a mere movie in our mind’s eye … right now all is contained therein … we cannot grasp it but simply allow it and flow and be present with the ever changing dance called life … that is liberation in my eyes … it creates such ease that all stress dissolves at an instant .. it creates such openness that your creativity is expanded and seeing only infinite possibilities arises naturally … that is full dynamic joyful living in my yes …allowing that is the key .. trusting it … how do we allow and trust it? For me it is by realising I am all that, I am beyond the physical body, the mind, thoughts .. we are totality itself and in yogic terms we have layers of mental, etheric, soul, pranic bodies .. and these we learn to remember and feel though Kundalini Yoga … Its entire goal is to realise yourself … to realise you are pure brilliance and have infinite potential and awareness within you … everything we do in Kundalini yoga is geared towards this, which is why i LOVE it beyond love!

We learn to go within, to still the mind through breath and body awareness … we learn to slow down and touch our inner kaleidoscopic shimmering infinite selves … we honour the physical body in movement and grace, we work to unravel the unconscious habits that keep us in a loop, we awaken to our radiance and youthfulness on every level: body, mind, spirit … we learn which type of meditation suits us, to discover eternal creativity, peace and acceptance of all that is.. we can be joy embodied … see the love and humour in life easily .. offer our love and support to those around us deeply …. what a gift is that ? To not just ourselves but the world?

I am inspired each day by life itself … the incredible complexities and beauty and contrasts ..I see it all around me in every face, every plant, every shifting cloud … I see my embrace and I see my resistances as totally divine … I fully trust my entire being ..

I must thank my parents utterly and beyond words for being my parents, for they simply always allowed me to be myself.. throughout my life! As a child, a teen an adult, a mother myself .. I have yet to meet two people with such incredible unconditional love … this has allowed me to trust myself and decide for myself … and kundalini yoga is a culmination of all I ever learnt in life, from love, to the mind’s ways to quantum physics … there is total and utter clarity in all of my being of its depth, scientific and beyond truth way of the body-mind-soul/spirit …

I did not plan to write all this … I get inspired beyond words when I am about to teach or merely think of you … I am blessed to share this journey with you and I thank you from my being to allow me to share what means literally infinite love to me! Thank YOU for your presence in class, your tryst in me, and for you being YOU!!!!

Action !!! Sometimes we keep our greatest dreams securely inside ourselves … the mind telling us all kinds of funny stuff like: “oh wait, it’s not the right time, oh wait till this happens, oh maybe you are too old, too young, too poor, too unripe, too busy .. ” hahaha .. we have to laugh at this mostly, cause this programmed unconscious mind is just trying to keep us ‘safe’ and in a predictable safety zone of life. It has its origins when it did serve us , but most of us have outgrown these things that often were programmed in childhood long ago …

Taking action really makes things happen … it shows your commitment to what you truly envision for yourself.. dreaming about it is great, has its purpose … but without movement into that direction, it is a mere dream … we are made to dance, sing and create … to BE in life and yet within … to fulfil and tune into our unique message and purpose …

AGAIN – to me this is all kundalini yoga! Being totality. Not just a mere little aspect. Expanding fully into all you are and can love and express and enjoy … OH Wow .. I honestly am high as a kite, with feet on the ground just feeling this …

I see it in my life … I will share about this more on my facebook page: www.facebook/com/adelaideyoga and my blog “”.

I have had a massive study load, for becoming an early childhood educator, and this has in a sense kept me from writing more deeply, and hence it is bursting out of me now.

Loving this amazing now …

Please let me know what you love about classes, would love to see more or less of .. times for extra classes etc …
Be free to send me a message!

Email your requests, likes, dislikes

And I am SURE you know this … life can get busy and honouring this awareness is challenging at times … well the breath travels with you wherever you go …

If you wish to commit to regular yoga classes the benefits will be exponential in your decision making about family, job, love life.. in your self care, and in your inner peace, energy levels boosted and ability to think outside the box for creative amazing life decisions … I have enjoyed and enjoy these benefits and have seen so many students enjoy them too ..

Dance, sing, and enjoy !!!

Sunday December 28th 4pm

Join us for this community kundalini yoga class in the divine Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Plane Tree Drive. Between the gardens and the zoo, under the large trees, opposite the Friend’s gate.

Bring your own mat and water and blankets.

If you feel ‘rich’, all donations go to the RSPCA .. and accept this class as my gift to you …attend, bring your friends, lets raise the vibrations of the gardens, into Adelaide, the suburbs, the state, the states and cover the world in radiant peaceful light …

Time 4pm. In the grasslands opposite the Friend’s Gate.

Important: for all outdoor events:
Please bring your own mat and water, and blanket .. whatever makes you feel at ease.

There will be a facebook invite to follow also. Bring your family and friends.
In huge joy: Sat Nam and Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚

Last classes for this year in Norwood Clayton Westley:
Thursday 18th December, Sunday 21st of December.


All January classes will be OUTDOORS:

Following our usual patterns:

We begin:
January 4th Sunday – 4pm at the Botanical Gardens in the city, bring your own mat!
January 8th Thursday – 7pm – at the Beach – possibly Henley Beach near the square – bring your own mat. Sunset yoga!!!

This pattern will continue throughout JANUARY 2015.
Back in the hall again for February classes.

So Thursday nights are at the beach Henley Square beach front near the jetty, Sunday afternoons are in the Botanical Gardens, under the majestic trees, in between the Gardens and the Zoo, opposite the friend’s gate. Just come in via Plane Tree Drive.

PLEASE book in – in case of weather challenges which may result in change of venue or cancellation. It is for YOUR benefit, so I can reach you, should the need arise.

Please book in so I can know who is coming and I can reach you in case anything causes a cancellation. Also this helps me with my google/internet presence, which helps me to expand into offering more classes as more people hear about the classes as google brings it up in a search. Tis is how the internet world works.

To book in send me a text on 0424029032 if you do’t have the time or inclination to go online. If you can please book in online, that would be FANTASTIC and much appreciated:

It is the timetable to your left on my homepage.
You choose Norwood, the time, the amount of tickets, you don;t have to pay, simply book in, leave your email address and verify you are ‘human’ by adding up a coupe of numbers… easy peasy ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a link:
Booking into class of bliss


Kundalini yoga of course is featured daily, as is: Wu Tau Dance, Sound Healing, Sacred Ceremony, Journalling, Intention setting, Art, Massage, healthy vegetarian food, accommodation (twin share) all included. Held by the three of us: Ahilya, Fiona and myself. Early Bird $1400 before February 2015.

Nurturing days in Adelaide (for a taste of what we offer): February 8th and May 3rd: 9 am -3 pm in Adelaide. Flyers available at the yoga studio. Investment $108. Lunch included. Email us for enquiries and bookings on:
Enquiries for Bali retreat or Adelaide Nourishment day retreats