Sat Nam dear Yogis … don’t you just love that image? So natural… so easy … peace and joy amidst the busy world, in the middle of the day! Our inner being is like this always … more below .. but first of all some important announcements and changes too : a NEW class time too!!!

As from December I am holding a NEW Saturday morning class, in Norwood at the Clayton Wesley Church at 11:15am (starting time).

As from December there will be no more Friday morning classes. I feel that a Saturday morning is easier to get to for most of you, in comparison to a Friday morning, due to work commitments.

Classes on Thursday and Sunday are as per usual: the dates and times are to your left.

Classes will FINISH over the festive season soon, for a little break: Last class is on Sunday the 15th of December 2013.

The first class for 2014 will recommence (yay!!!) on Thursday the 9th of January.

Please mark these into your diaries. I will still be available for private yoga classes during the break (partly the break is due to the Church asking to use the space for Christmas Hamper Making for the less financially fortunate).

In December and January: Bring a friend for free! What fun!!!!

Also, just in case you don’t know (mostly because I don’t promote this; I am more in yoga mode and forget all else in class):

You can give gifts of yoga to your friends and family .. just let me know what you wish for and I’ll create the voucher. I have two class vouchers up to twenty class vouchers etc. The come in a unique design and are laminated and in an envelope with information about kundalini yoga.

I also have more of the kundalini essence of bliss oils (roll on & dropper version) and aura spray available, as gifts or for yourself of course! .. they really help release stress and create a vibration that resonates with the energy of the class, as a peaceful sanctuary to be within, to reconnect and help with self-realisation through aromatherapy alchemy. A list of ingredients and their effects can be found on my website here:

Now back to our NATURAL state .. the CHILD in us, just like the children in the picture were so excited ! They LITERALLY ran to the area under the tree , dropped their hats and with huge smiles sat down to enjoy yoga :-))))))) … when I asked them what their favourite part of lunch time yoga was, they all agreed in big enthusiastic voices: meditation and deep relaxation! They laughed and giggled in between postures and waved their nearby friends over to join in! It was such ease and joy! They looked so happy and natural in their own ways, the flow was effortless .. Let’s stay in touch with that openness and ease within us .. now and during the joys and potential expectations during Christmas/holiday/new years time …

…..right now simply chose any of your favourite breathing styles we covered in class so often, and simply give yourself the most awesome gift of all: a few minutes of conscious breathing …. feel the immediate difference … it seems like magic but it is the most natural inner source .. we are full of infinite possibilities, of ideas, ways of being, ways of seeing our world! This is what I celebrate each day in one form or another … what a gift to be alive … to enjoy this multifaceted life, to realise it is all within, truly … to unfold that immense creative potential.

Please feel free to email me back by simply replying to this newsletter. I welcome your thoughts and ideas always! I welcome knowing about your journey, your questions, your new realisations! Very much!!!
Please book in if you get the time, I really appreciate it! Instructions are on your left below the class dates and times. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is easy!

Here is an incredible youtube video on the power of yoga and where it can take you … it is incredible .. bear with the beginning few minutes, it IS worth watching – may you feel it and inspire others to always believe in themselves and their potential.

( In the youtube it shows how a disabled man transforms through yoga … incredible! I highly recommend it!)

Keep shining brightly …
Sabine Abnashjot
or just “Sabine Abnashjot Toh” on fb as a friend

Group energy

With our intent and willingness to do the kriyas (definitions in the last newsletter), we create a very strong dynamic energy for transformation as we sit in a group. It is unique to the group. In group yoga sessions (vs personal home practise – see next column to the right) it is different energetically and this commitment too brings about a powerful shift in consciousness, often as a quantum leap, where stillness is found more easily and tuning into higher frequencies is easier .. we ARE all connected, and working through and releasing heavy energies together is far more effortless and joyful in a group than by yourself. Do please share your experiences .. ๐Ÿ™‚ Share in class or as an email or on an internet page that you feel connected to. ( I have a yoga page and a blog page listed above).

Your personal unique home practise

Home practise is very powerful, and having your own unique kriya and meditation tailored to your personal needs/situation is an incredible journey. The commitment to yourself in itself a powerful factor for shifting from old ways into new ways, honouring your divinity more deeply!

The subtlety of working on your own practise at home brings about another dynamic – commitment to yourself, your own personal refinement, which in turn changes your life and helps others be uplifted by your presence too, the presence of self-empowerment. No holding back! Realizing and aligning with our full divine potential, regardless of what is happening around you.

What’s on to keep you uplifted and vibrant:

Kundalini Yoga classes: including:
*awareness training (concentration)
*deep relaxation for healing
*meditation (for peace and clarity)
*kriyas – to balance the chakras (which includes the glandular systems and organs)
(i.e. hormonal balance, immune system strengthening, releasing blockages in the flow of your prana)

Kundalini Yoga classes:
NO Tuesday classes until I find a venue near Torrensville/Henley beach that suits

Norwood 7:00-8:15 pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street

Fridays: last one this week
Norwood 9:30 -10:45am
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street


Norwood 11:15 am-12:30pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street

Norwood 4:00-5:15pm
280 Portrush Road
Clayton Wesley Church
Enter via Union Street

Please book in, if you get the chance.
It is easy and on my homepage, more details below.
You can book weeks in advance!

Booking in:
All it takes is one minute of your time, or less .. you open and 1/3 rd of the way down to your left you see a booking calendar .. (under the SEARCH option). Choose ‘Classes in Norwood” then double click on the pink rectangle that pops up saying ‘book’. Tick the time and the quantity, add your name, Email and Mobile number, and finally just add up some numbers to show you are a human being, not some machine trying to book in as a virus or something like that .. and all done!!! No need to pay in advance!
It really helps me a lot, and I thank those of you that book in!

Deep Namaste and thank you so much !!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚