Being Your Truth

This week's theme: How to see, be and live your truth... Hello you perfectly unique expression of universal divinity! You are that! Nobody else is your expression of life ... your unique combination of life is a one off! How incredible! The mind likes to group things together and can have a tendency to generalise,

Chakras, Sound And Your Inner JOY

February is bonus sound bath month with all our classes! Either the symphonic gong, or the quartz crystal bowl will lift you into sound healing and deeper inner awareness. March- April marks a SPECIAL 8 week consecutive programme of journeying into the chakras, a deep delve into your dimensions of mind, emotion and physical expressions

Nature Outdoor Yoga Is Going Ahead For All Of January :-)

Let your life be an awesome adventure :-) Join us in the rain, sun, wind, sea and under the trees in the grass ... only this January. :-D View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward Sat Nam!!!! Adventurous greetings to you!!!! The weather in Adelaide has been just wild! Not like we expected