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Heart chakra class plus fundraiser for Hope Cafe & elevating collective consciousness

Kundalini Yoga Heart Chakra special (2) classes - as a fundraiser for amazing cause, and as a gift to you from me, for a reduced price ! (~ 20% off) - this Thursday and Sunday only - bless yourself and bless this world! Our collective consciousness is deeply affected in a positive way when we come together from the heart

Gifts For You !!! March Special Heart Chakra Classes ~ Back In The Chapel –

  Sat Nam !!! I love the message the above image portrays to me anyway ... looking at the bigger picture.. being in ourselves, time to self ... enjoying nature, away from technology and  information .... feeling connected to nature ... realising our oneness ... feeling humble and small but precious ... what do you see in it? Imagine being there

March Kundalini Yoga Elevation

Sat Nam dear Yogis Oceans of love and JOY to you all!!! Thank you for being part of all our divine kundalini yoga journey into the Divine within! It is my greatest privilege and pleasure to hod classes! So thank you!!! I love seeing you shine, and I love the energy we create! If you do too, and I know

February Kundalini Yoga 2019 – Self Care Focus

Blessings to you! How are you as you are receiving this newsletter? Are you breathing deeply and smoothly, giving yourself the gift of the pranic lifeforce and great wellbeing of that deep conscious breath and hence straight spine? It is so worth it!!! WithSelf Care as a February theme, I will be drawing all our practises and classes into deepening our

January Kundalini Yoga Bliss

Sat Nam!! Happy New Year to You!!! Wishing you an amazing year of 2019! May it bring you amazing joy, laughter, and success in all that you dream of from your heart and soul! This year of 2019 is a number 3 year! Quite a different energetic from the year before, which was all about self mastery. A bit about 2019

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Divine Yogis! End Of Year Celebrations!

Warmest greetings to you!!! This newsletter has 3 parts to it. If you wish to learn about our December and January events and schedule and end of year charity class and party, them check the yellow boxed content below. If you wish to hear about kundalini yoga itself plus yogic wisdoms specifically from Yogi Bhajan, recipes and music or kriya/meditations,