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Reminder: World Yoga And What You Can Bring For Charity This Friday 21st June

Additional message .. please bring something for the African children .. we shall collect that night ... see below .. This Friday 21st June  7pm at the Burnside Ballroom 💛For world yoga day (Heart chakra expansion and chanting for world peace, and blessings meditation)(Friday 21st of June, 7pm, Burnside Ballroom) (details at www.facebook.com/adelaideyoga) we are also collecting for Mission for Health

Epic Yogic Events Coming Up June July 2019

Ready to take a quantum leap? World Yoga will be the perfect event ... plus supportive Youtube Meditation included below...      Sat Nam dear Yogi!! Yes our annual amazing GLOBAL YOGA day is just around the corner, and our PERFECT chance to lift our vibration higher, and in turn help lift it for all, including the planet and its

Blue Moon Kundalini Yoga And World Yoga Day

This Sunday, 19th of May is a special day for a powerful moon kundalini yoga class! Details below!  PLUS: World Yoga Day  (both males and females are invited for this community/global event) Plus special offer if you attend 2 classes in the same week. Plus an important date to put aside - Friday June 21st World Yoga day in the

May Ladies Kundalini Yoga Focus

Sat Nam dear Yogini It is joy to write to you and to extend our April offer into May! Also yes, class is on this Sunday at 4pm on mother's day! You can bring your mother or daughter for free, how divine!!! Also below I have shared my latest YouTube where I take you into "meditation for a calm heart"

Easter And April Kundalini Yoga For Women -special offers

Sat Nam dear Yoginis So over Easter and all of APRIL our classes are ongoing: so Thursday nights 7 pm are on, and Sunday 4 pm is all happening  at the Clayton Wesley Chapel - the church is not needing our hall! I am also teaching on Anzac day! Would LOVE to see you in our cosy space! Please bring

WOMEN’s Kundalini Yoga – At The Norwood Hall

Sat Nam dear Yogis first of all thank you so much to all who attended our heart chakra fundraisers! It was incredible energy - very strong - do share more with me more by replying to this email ...I know a lot of us opened our hearts more deeply in a very real and tangible way! We had a total