Shared Experience from our Yogis

“I have tried numerous styles of yoga over the years. Even with the knowledge that it is good for body, mind and soul I would fall to the wayside. Time and time again! That was until I discovered Sabine and Kundalina yoga. After 75 minutes of being with Sabine I knew I’d found my yoga. And, teacher.

Sabine’s teaching is sublime. She is wise, generous, caring and so engagement. Sabine crafts her classes with love and joy. Each class is different. And, somehow always gives me exactly what I need. Its as if Sabine knows what her students want as they take their place afore her.

Working with Sabine has been profound. My heart is open. My breath deeper. I feel serene, joyful and focused. Even, long term joint pains have diminished. Working with Sabine is a game changer!”

Kate, Fish Recruiting
I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from attending your kundalini yoga classes. I have been doing kundalini yoga for about 8 months and over that time have realised what a joyful and energising practise kundalini yoga is. I have been able to apply the breath and meditation techniques that you teach in situations outside yoga, particularly during times of stress. During an important interview, I used breathing techniques to reduce stress and keep me focussed, and I felt that I performed better than if I had just let stress run throughout my body. I also recently returned from India, where I felt that kundalini yoga, breath techniques and meditation kept me grounded so I didn’t worry at all about traffic, delays or any of the other common travel irritations. I was able to experience life more in the moment, thanks to kundalini yoga. I can honestly say that my life has improved due to your kundalini yoga, breath and meditation classes. Thanks!
Kate Wheldrake, Medical Student, Adelaide Uni, Bachelor of Law, Adelaide Uni
“I was looking for a replacement for a meditation class that finished, and found Sabine’s site through a Google search. After four months of weekly classes, I consider myself very lucky to be given the opportunity to study Kundalini yoga with such a kind teacher.

For me, Kundalini Yoga is an extension of meditation into a more physical space. It is giving me a greater awareness of the energies in my body and allowing them to flow more freely, along with all the usual benefit of meditation. Sabine overflows with a positive energy which she uses to create an open and welcoming environment. Everyone is there for the same purpose of inner-discovery, which makes doing the many esoteric exercises that much easier.

I highly recommend Sabine’s classes for those who want to use Yoga not just as an exercise, but for developing greater awareness and inner peace.”

Lloyd , Computer programmer
“Sabine’s Yoga class is addictive; a great teacher, a great atmosphere, a great experience – real, life-enhancing energy. Brilliant!”
Rhea Wells, B.A. Hons, Grad.Dip.Ed, Grad. Dip. TESL
I just wanted to share my massive thumbs up for the breathing workshops!! I am so happy with how LASTING the skills you taught have been for me. I use them CONSTANTLY because they are so simple and natural to just integrate as a habit! What a life changing experience.The skills have really lasted the test of time and are so powerful in their simplicity. Thanks again!!!!
Geoff Kwitko, Adelaide Internet Marketing Consultant & Serial Web Entrepreneur
Its nice to feel centred again.. & to feel that spiritual awakening, thank u & peace… Namaste’
Emma Lindgren
Just a little note of gratitude to you Sabine for the inspiring Newsletter this week. ‘I trust what I sense’ I see the divinity in myself and others’ especially you! Love and fragrant blessings to you and my fellow yogis. Your yoga gives me wings! Sat Nam ?
Wendy Norman, Director at Essence and Alchemy, Director Adelaide College of Natural Therapies: Aminya.
Perfect way to end my weekend and a perfect way to begin a new week. This is special. We want special, we want to be special. We want to feel special. The best part is that it is available to every-body. Sabine – thank you, you are special. Sat Nam.
Tricia Grosvenor, Personal Trainer, Personal Assistant
Anti-gravity Yoga was fun, but it doesn’t beat Kundalini Yoga for me….feeling grounded and connected….”in union with self”. GREAT image Sabine!!! The tree trunk in the background perfectly captures the feeling of groundedness and strength I feel during the breathwork and postures in Kundalini Yoga! …and the lush setting captures the feeling of vitality and rejuvenation I often feel after yoga class
Irene Patiniotis, Manager
The most amazing class, Sabine is a wonderful teacher, and even someone as flexible as a 2 x 4 (scoliosis)like me gets a hell of a lot out of it. Try it, you may just surprise yourself!
Pascal Brogan
Classes are warm and welcoming, and are lead by the experienced, inspiring and progressive teacher Sabine Toh.
Silvia Manuela, Florist, Artist, Writer
Thank you for the gorgeous class yesterday. Wow! Did it bring up some stuff but I’m drinking water and moving through it! Loved your breath workshops! You are an amazing inspirational teacher!!! Thank you!
Kristina Dryža, Futurist and Global Consumer Trends Expert, International Speaker, Author.
Once I had a taste of kundalini yoga practice. Guided by Divine Sabine, I have developed an unstoppable appetite for more. Kundalini yoga has transformed the way I breathe, think and do life. Kundalini has brought clarity to my life! Sabine is the best at teaching you that you you are the master of your own life. Taste it for yourself – its sublime.
Tricia David, Creative Living
Another sparkling, revitalising class tonight! Now I can face my studies! Just what I needed!!!This gives me ENERGY and FOCUS!!!!! Thank you Sabine!
Alecia, High School Student
Hi Sabine!! I cannot tell you how much I love your classes!! they are perfect for where I am in life right now – pure joy indeed!! you are amazing!! hope you have a wonderful week too 🙂

Recently I was having such an ordinary week & was bordering on miserable at work & after last’s class night I feel awesome & all these awesome things are happening at work today!! mental note to self – no more skipping yoga!! thank you 🙂

Tatum Dobie, Talent acquisition manager
Thank you Sabine for an amazing yoga class!! I needed it more than ever, especially with this crazy full moon at the moment.. It is sending my emotions all over the place haha! I have noticed my health and general well being slipping since I had not been attending classes as much as I used to. So I will be getting back to my weekly classes. I feel so amazing when I go regularly! Absolutely love what you do 🙂 ) It helps me enormously in my stressful position as emergency nurse, where we are basically ready to go all the time!
I am so happy I’m not working tonight and I can attend yoga! I am sharing my thoughts also because I think you are amazing and everyone should do this yoga!
Laura Giles, Registered Emergency Nurse
Hello Sabine, I wanted to thank you again for the kriya and the meditation and breath lesson last night. I started the lung kriya this morning – feeling amazing! Working my way up to the full amount of time they/you suggest.

I also used the right nostril breathing this morning. My energy is really low in the mornings, I’m often feeling quite anxious and resistant – a hangover from the depression though nothing like what it used to be, but its still a tough time of day for me! But I used the right nostril breathing this morning and cleared my mind and sprung out of bed!! Wonderful. Thank you so much for all the gifts of wisdom you bring, they really do change my life:)

It is fantastic to experience just how to how transformative you and your teachings are!

Danielle Every, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Psychology), CQUniversity-The Appleton Insititute
Sat Nam fellow Yogis,

My name is Uriel; I am a descendent of the Kuku Yananji Aboriginal community from Far North Queensland, and I would like to share my Kundalini yoga experiences with you. I have been coming to Sabine’s sessions for approximately 5 to 6 months. Before this I was attending Kundalini yoga with another teacher and began the practice 4 years ago.

I always say Kundalini found me. I was drawn to a website add, which described the practice and benefits of Kundalini yoga which really resonated with me. I will never forget my very first class, I felt great upon leaving but, an hour or so later I needed to go and lie down such was the power of the Kundalini energy!. I decided this yoga was for me.
I was looking for a practice to bring balance into my life. I have a mental illness; Bi-polar –effective disorder which I manage well with medication most of the time and I find a regular yoga practice complements this well. I am a wife, a mother of two young men and I work full-time job in the Education Department and I study part time; for a degree in early Childhood teaching; working with young children is my passion.

Over the past 4 and half years I have tried to keep a regular Kundalini yoga practice happening, I aim for twice a week; but currently I attend once a week because of end of year study commitments.
Not so long ago; maybe 6 weeks, I missed yoga for 2 whole weeks due to illness and what I discovered was during that 2 weeks, after I had got over my illness, I began finding it hard to breathe deeply and freely, it was peculiar, not only that but I felt I was letting things ‘get on top of me’ reacting badly to small stressors. I believe it was my body letting me know just how effective Kundalini is. It’s like the old saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I love Kundalini yoga and look forward to going each week knowing I am going to feel the benefits of the practice including balance, awareness and wellbeing long after I finish the class.

I have loved the breath work Sabine has offered and I am beginning to incorporate aspects of it into every day.
Thank you so much Sabine,

Warm wishes to all
Sat Nam