Warm greetings dear Yogis!

Silence ………… what divinity ….. your senses and perceptions come alive … you know presence is all you need …. there is deep natural peace when you delve into your silence.

Have you tasted it before, or regularly? Are you comfortable with it? Would you like to find it, or go deeper into it? Longer?

I will share techniques, kriya and meditation at class,  on how to do exactly that, as a main goal. And this is deeply healing and releasing and helps you to find your own alignment, peace, clarity and wisdom through stillness.Excellent for big decision making. And helps hugely if you are confused or at a cross road! 

Feel free to bring a notebook to class, and whatever else makes you feel best! Crystals, candle (safe types), water, blanket, pillow, layered clothing … pack it all with your  mat (or mats for extra comfort) into the book of your car, so you are ready for class!

Love yourself deeply so there is ease and grace in getting to class, and the joy of anticipation to the gifts you receive when you just spend time focussing on your wellbeing on every level (physically, mentally and spiritually).

In whatever you do. Not just yoga, but also for whatever else you do for self care or work. Make it as joyous as you can!

So here are a few contemplations for you:

What place/time do you give silence and stillness have in your life?

Have you experienced any value in stillness and silence as a means of increasing your own creativity?

What would need to change for you if you want to experience more reflection and contemplation and stillness  in your life?

We all know  about the many distractions and business which seem constantly around us, until we go to sleep … there is sound all around us, radio, people, TV, internet, music in shops, elevators …

Is this draining you? Keeping you in a rut perhaps, in semi-overwhelm, and not allowing you to hear yourself think and for your own creativity to be heard…?

To stop and feel ………….. how divine!

With social media buzzing about, video trainings and books focused on ideas, tools and strategies for succeeding as a creative, successful, whole person, it can be easy to miss the important and necessary direct experience of your stillness and silence, right NOW …. as you read these very words … and hence we choose unconsciously or consciously the power this plays in our lives. This choice! Remember where you attention is, there is your life, and where you place energy, this is where it is spent in that moment, which never returns (that moment).

Research has clearly demonstrated that a quiet mind and body can bring about increased determination, focus and a surge of creativity which tends to be inaccessible in a busy and noisy world.

Has our increased focus to be socially connected more and more (online) robbed us of the healing balm of contemplation, silence and stillness? Have we allowed it to unground us from our own inner silence as a foundation?

Allow yourself to explore what is truly  deeply meaningful to you and focus on what brings you happiness. Find that clarity and serenity within … dropping overwhelm and rushing about…

Over the years, many of my  clients have shared their struggle with the inability to really tap into their inherent creativity. They shared, they felt stuck creatively.

By exploring  silence and stillness,  they have enjoyed some simple daily practices and immediately they noticed a significant increase in their motivation and their capacity and JOY to tap into their creative flow.

Remember: all of life is CREATION and creativity itself. So this connection or reconnection serves on every level of your life. All problem solving is creative, all relating and work can be improved with increased creativity, this is innovation evolution and empowerment through becoming aware of your limitless nature!

See you in class.. a safe, silent, meditative environment to go deeply into yourself and remember who you truly are!

Oceans of love!!!
Abnashjot (Sabine)
M:0424 029 032

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Other news:
Our Himalayan retreat is filling up and will be so so awesome! If you are interested, read below and let me know! Flights are still quite good, but they go up unpredictably every week now.

I am offering donation based (just gold coin which goes to charity) community meditation and stretching classes at Burnside community centre starting this Thursday 1:10-1:50pm.

All welcome, no previous experience needed, and just gold coin donation toward community funding! Bring your parents, but you must book in via the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore. It is geared towards absolute beginners and the elderly.

I am teaching KIDS FUN yoga as a community event – only $5, Friday the 28th of April from 10:30-11:30 in the awesome ballroom in Burnside! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – and via myself. Total FUN! And self expression and self  love for kids!

I now offer NLP sessions  and will talk more about this soon.. I graduated at an NLP practitioner and Timeline practitioner on the weekend! Awesome stuff!!!! More info etc coming soon!

Kundalini Studio is listed on the MINDBODY app, for easy bookings, and a specific Kundalini Studio App is NOW LAUNCHED! YAY!

We are back in the BALLROOM on Tuesday the 9th of May, if you prefer that venue, put it in your diary now and see you there!!!

Thank you all so much for writing to me, I love it, so please keep going, if it feels great for you!

Sat Nam!!!