Namaste and welcome !

It is always wonderful to get to know your yoga teacher, or breath work and meditation teacher, to see if you feel a connection and resonance. To try to encapsulate myself into a biography was a great experience, and challenging .. how much do I say, how much is enough, to give a sense of my being? So I sincerely hope you enjoy this little reading journey, I added pictures, to offer more dimensions. I look forward to getting to know you and serving you in the highest way!

My backyard in my childhood in Germany
My first day of school in Germany

My journey began in a small remote village in the south of Germany, where I grew up in deep love and deep reverence about life itself.

In my teens I migrated to South Australia which was a profound spiritual awakening in the form of a transformation through this mini-death, and the contemplations that went along with it.

As I went through high school, I realized that in my awareness was a strong desire to help people, and to aid people in curing disease, as I saw people struggle with weight, with depression, with aches and pains to which they often could not find cures or answers. I saw how it slowed down people from feeling alive and passionate about life. I found that sad, for I was sure there is a cure for everything! If it once wasn’t there, it can be released. The body renews itself fully every 7 years. The body is deeply intelligent, and always creating incredible homeostasis down to the most minute detail, continuously. Its wisdom beyond that of science even up to date. I always had huge interest in research and latest knowledge, ever changing and ever fascinating. But I realised  at 16, that we can’t replicate the brilliance of the eye, nor the brain, let alone all that allows our physical temperature remain close to 37 degrees Celcius throughout our lives .. Later at University I would realise that certain aspects of  what was taught to me one year in Immunology lectures,  was phased out the next year and revised distinctly, revealing to me the deep intelligence of the human organism and how little we truly know, despite the well of information in countless books. It was humbling, and inspiring all at once!

When I was 17, and just finishing High School, I was in a car accident which caused my spine to be strongly maladjusted. I saw a physiotherapist and chiropractor, and upon being told that I would most likely have to visit them for the rest of my life, I cringed deeply and enquired as to how I can heal myself and stabilise the treatment into a fully recovered outcome. Immediately I thought of yoga, and asked my chiropractor if he felt it would help. He said, possibly. Well I was super keen to heal myself, to feel I can create my own health, to be independent of weekly or monthly visits to someone else. I started yoga classes immediately. And guess what? After 6 months of 2-3 yoga classes a week (on average), I didn’t need anymore treatments of any kind! I felt great. I saved time (the visits) and money (for the visits). And I allowed my inner wisdom to do what it is designed to do.  I love being empowered.  And I love seeing others empowered into their own inner knowledge, knowing and wisdom

After working in various departmental faculties of research science I became passionate about breast cancer research, and was offered a scholarship to study cancer, in this case prostate cancer and obtain a PhD. As a research assistant I had gained greater knowledge in the field of genetics and wished to delve into the aspect of further genetic research. I was fascinated by how bacteria and viruses replicated and how they could change their own genetic code, so to speak . I became interested into the human genome project. I was fascinated by what some called ‘junk-DNA’ those days, and how there could possibly the idea of useless code? To me it was clear that we just didn’t understand this coding yet, and that everything has a purpose. This is what Science accepts now too; ~ 18  years later ..

During this time I also started to become  aware of vibrational medicine and obtained a Natural Therapies Diploma.

I had also discovered yoga and its effects upon my busy mind, which were profound, for e.g. yoga was leading me back to the deep peace I had known as a child. My passion to find a cure for cancer lead me into meditation, breath, other lifestyle options (fasting included), and many healing modalities, including mindfulness. Loving vegetarian and organic food as a preference, many fasts later, teaching a nutrition course (which I created), I gradually used all this and yogic knowledge to have natural healthy homebirths.

Research days!
How blessed am I! With my three divine children.
We visited countless temples in Chennai, India
I adore the spirit and how women dress, and this laughter as a group of women enjoyed the ocean in their colourful saris..

The resonance with ancient Indian knowledge from the connection with Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi) lead me to study deeply into breath-work and metaphysics, and everything in connection with it. My desire or affinity to wish to help all people, lead me to Oneness University, where I was initiated into a Oneness Blessing giver after a 21 day retreat at the ashram in India. I felt supremely at home in India!

Throughout these times, my yogic practice deepened, and many types of yoga were explored and experienced, each carrying divine gifts.

Reading Michelle Stanton’s ‘A timeless world’ inspired me to became a Zone coach (life skills coach) and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and seeing the profound freeing effects this work had upon many!

Holding meditation and relaxation classes for two years as a community service for people touched in some way by cancer, was pure bliss and total resonance, and this awoke the joy of holding group sessions for me, and to share.

At last Kundalini yoga was discovered and the resonance total. While practicing kundalini yoga, I have tutored both Medical and Dental students and Adelaide Uni and found teaching students some simple relaxation and breath techniques, even for just 5 minutes, was a great benefit for the students. Mediating towards the joy and relief from stress for students and the people at the Cancer Care Centre, was being in my element .. my highest most joyous way to live.

Upon completing my training as a kundalini yoga teacher, which I began purely for the purpose to go deeper myself, I realized there was no greater gift than to share this powerful, profound yogic technology with those open to it. Kundalini yoga encapsulated all that I had so far learnt and discovered, and opened me up to so much more! At this point I was accepted into law, with a vision to become a human-rights- /or environmental-lawyer, but on this cross road learned, that my singular most powerful way (for me), was to empower people through this yoga; so they can all fulfil themselves, empower themselves by the regular practice of this very effective and deeply transforming yoga: kundalini yoga, being the yoga of awareness, because it focuses primarily on the practices which expand sensory awareness and intuition in order to raise individual consciousness and merge it with the Infinite consciousness. It is an advanced form of yoga and meditation, its purpose is to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others.

So far ( from 2011 onwards till now, 2015) I have had many wonderful experiences on this journey.

Some of the most rewarding experiences were to share the science of yogic breath and postural asana at Adelaide University and Flinders University of South Australia, during my time there as a tutor,  which made a big difference to Medical Students under immense stress; within 5 minutes only teaching them easy simple steps.

I have had the privilege to be invited to Flinders University twice to hold yoga classes which I specifically designed to support students during SVOTVAC (exam period), where I taught about and created experience the benefits of stretches, different breath styles and deep relaxation techniques.

I have been invited by FUSA (Flinders University Student Association) to introduce all students and staff to the yogic benefits of inner focus, posture, breath, meditation and deep relaxation ~ again for support during their intensive study challenges. There was much feedback about how it touched many deeply, how it empowered them with techniques to use throughout life and it was pure joy for me as always too.

I have taught yoga during PE education week at Saint Peter’s Girls Collegiate to year 4 and 5 girls, who had joyous outbursts of positive praise for their experiences.

I have also taught a 5-week course as a gift from my heart to EDASA (Eating Disorder Association SA). Helping create acceptance and connection to the body and the self as it is.

Carers Support Australia invited me to teach yoga during their incredible “RAW ENERGY” retreat for teenagers that are carers, these were teenage girls and boys ages 14-16, with lives that were more complex and stressful than the ‘usual’ lives. The effect yoga had on them was visible and obvious, and it was pure joy to share and see!

I have since been employed by the 5 star Mount Lofty House to hold morning yoga for Delegates from the Department of Education.

Working with entrepreneurs at Hub Adelaide in Peel Street was another great way to teach and tailor yoga to help entrepreneurs with the vital gift of relaxation, energizing exercises for increased productivity. While there, I also gave a talk about ‘increased productivity and yoga’, using my scientific background to relate to my audience. This was well received and inspired many to look into yoga as a new lifestyle addition.

Creating workshops and courses focused on Breath & Meditation were held at Natural Health (Norwood), and the Burnside City Council, was another powerful way to share this ancient and scientific knowledge. To enhance people’s inner peace and performance in life to live their fullest potential. Many participants shared that their life was transforming powerfully for the better within even one half-day session.

My passion to share the gifts of kundalini yoga have taken me on the most enjoyable, divine journey imaginable, meeting the most incredible people, where I was able to offer yoga fundraiser classes at the beach and in the botanical gardens that would go to the RSPCA, women’s shelters, and homeless people in Adelaide so far.We have raised hundreds of dollars for the Permaculture Fund, Bali Green school and recently Hope Cafe (for refugees and more). In Melbourne we raised funds for the wonderful charity ” Backpacks for kids”.

My next privilege has been the deeper learnings and parallel integrations I recognised as I trained to be an NLP/ timeline and hypnosis practitioner. Understanding the ways of the mind, PTSD (post traumatic stress) and how our childhood experiences, past lives /conception/birth affect our current lives, is a deeply empowering awareness I love to share in my sessions as a women’s coach. I see incredible shifts weekly after just one session even.

I have taught corporate yoga, shared classes and workshops about chakras, self care, hormonal balance, essential oils in Canberra, NSW and Melbourne and given charity classes with great joy.

It was incredibly wonderful to be interviewed in 2018 by the wonderful Hayley and Lauren from Adelady at the GLOW event in North Adelaide, and running a meditative and breath practise for the audience; and soon after that to be a guest (inspirational) speaker for the GROW (Generating Remarkable Organisational Women) event fundraiser at A.P. Aegers Car Group Limited, (the largest car dealership in Australia): “How to be brave, bold and confident!”

Currently (2019) I am in the midst of a PhD in sleep and breath research. Ancient yoga meets current science. I love it!

Also since April 2019, I have specialised in teaching specifically to females, in the form of yoga, coaching and meditation classes. Corporate classes are still for both females and males.

The journey continues …

Yoga and mindfulness at Flinders University
How blessed! Holding kundalini yoga classes at the awesome beach here in Adelaide!

I have never forgotten the way yoga enhanced my entire life, allowed me to shine more and be with challenges in a most present, graceful way. To share this, (and in sharing, practicing and learning more deeply) is my ultimate truth.

The journey continues …