Warm greetings to you … 

Last week’s grief release classes have been potent and graceful, and I thank each of you for being there to become free, to take the time, commitment and have the courage to embrace this freeing process … thank you for the emails and please do keep sharing …

This week we are working with a focus on the foundation of the spine: hips and lower spine. So we are working gracefully to release hip restriction, sciatica and free ourselves up in the lower chakras with the benefit of allowing ourselves to MOVE forward in life.

Do you feel stuck and confused about your direction? This is often linked with stiffness in the hips and lower spine.

To move forward with clarity and strength, we need a firm foundation to rest upon. This happens naturally when we learn to sit in a grounded, balanced way, and walk equally, feeling connected, grounded and aligned with our hips. We feel grounded, balanced, clear, open when our hips and lower spine release. 

The kriya and warm-ups are going to be focussing on this, this week.

Being stuck in any way of course is ultimately an energetic block, which can have arisen from birth, childhood or any time between then and now .. tendencies of stiffness or inflexibility in certain areas of the body can be inherited through generations, formed by mental patterns and of course anatomical inheritance is linked to this.  

Moving forward is reflected in a big way in the hip area when we find that area to be painful, even though other areas are quite flexible, yet this one remains … any area like that is significant and has been lingering, when released, equals a great shift in life! 

For example if your neck is your area of stiffness that won’t release, you can also contemplate: where are you not allowing yourself to speak your truth? Or where are you using your voice to cause destruction due to non- connection with heart centred awareness at times? 

With hips it is to do with many elements: trusting the future, opening up, sexuality, birthing, being directed/controlled, vs feeling you can dance and flow with life.
 Feeling restricted and caged within (from what you perceived or learnt in your life at some point, and innocently took on board) expresses itself outwardly. This also includes actual physical abuse in this area, like sexual abuse. Or being hit on the bottom, falling awkwardly and much more. 

It can go as far as being scorned for your sexuality, your teenage years, or for women not being lovingly prepared for the time where puberty and menstruation begins. Feeling shame, or unnaturalness creates tension in the body. Every thought  — that is unloving towards our true nature — which is inherently an innocent nature – will affect the physicality/hormones, and in general our biology on every level, including  corresponding emotions and mental outlook. 

In class we shall set intent to set ourselves free from such enforced limitations .. if you are ready .. let your being guide you … let grace flow and set yourself free … 

If you feel this is not resonant, then you can just enjoy the kriya as a breath awareness experience,  to go deeper, plus the usual chakra balance you achieve … if your hips are free, you may be moving through the kriya into the heart and delve into the aspect of meeting your true inner love for yourself more deeply … 

Oceans of love!!!! 

For your diary, please note workshops, Indian Himalaya kundalini yoga retreat at an incredible ayurvedic spa, and a soon upcoming aromatherapy workshop for chakra balance where you learn to create your own supportive essential oil blend to take home, plus more. 

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Shine brightly and love deeply.. 

Sat Nam 
Abnashjot (Sabine) 
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This is an image of the Golden Temple at the Holy City of Amritsar

~ what do you feel when you connect with its essence?
Yogi Bhajan inspiration for you (he brought us Kundalini Yoga)
“Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you.”
“What is meditation? When you empty yourself and let the universe come in you.”
“A spiritual person is vast, like an ocean – but very mighty, very powerful.”
“ If you only know one kriya, then share that. Just be humble, teach it. Every student is a teacher.”
“Hope is not a prediction of the future, it’s a declaration of what is possible.”
“If you give your Self a chance, your Self will give you all the chances.”
“When we love there are no barriers, no desires, no needs, no wants.”
“You know how to drive a car, but you do not know how to drive your life!”
“If you want to progress in your life and grow, act not to react.”
“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.”
“If your mind can go along with you it is a blessing. If your mind obeys you, it is a super-blessing.”
“Fantasy and anger totally destroy the human body. Tolerance is the greatest human asset.”
“Every happening is a lesson, a message.”
“ The moment you value yourself, the whole world values you. ”
“ If you are happy, happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is. ”
“ When you do not consciously relate to your body, your mind does not relate consciously to you. ”
“ Any act in the name of God returns 10 fold. ”
“ Improve with each breath. Every negative vibration returns 10 fold. ”
“ Ingrown anger is like an ingrown hair. The pain it creates in life is unbearable. ”
“ Fools live in fear, a wise man lives in strength. ”
“ In all darkness, there is a light and in all light there is a darkness. ”
“ You are very powerful, providing you know how powerful you are. ”
“ Fake it, you will make it. But you have to believe it. ”
“ Happiness is your birthright. Live it! ”
“ Life is a lie if truth is not found. Truth is just an idea if it is not lived. It is living that matters. ”
“ We must be guided by faith. If we are guided by fear we lock ourselves and our expansion. ”
“ Wisdom, character, and consciousness conquer everything. ”
“ Your greatest strength is love. Your greatest weakness is fear. ”
“ Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested. ”

Rishikesh – what do you feel when you gaze at this image? You are looking at the Ganges River …