Join Sabine for a day of nourishment where you are  lead  on a journey of deep connection to self, the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth. This is for ladies only.

The Unfoldment begins with Sacred Ceremony, and then flows  into Kundalini Yoga, where Sabine introduces you to postures and breathing techniques, mantra and mudras in the form of kriyas, to dispel negative energy and awaken the harmonious flow of  the divine life force energy that flows within us all.

We will enjoy a festive vegetarian lunch together, connecting or just enjoying our own space .. it is up to you!  You make it your divine escape and sanctuary into all that you wish for! Tea and refreshments are also provided.

You will enjoy journalling, sounding (the healing of your own voice plus chakra balancing vibrational sounding) artistic and visualisation techniques and movement to assist you to be able to delve deeper within your psyche to explore hidden patterns of thinking and believing that keep you limited and to release these in creative and gentle ways. You will be enjoying pure highest vibrational essential oils (healing and harmonising from the plant kingdom). You will feel deeper clarity and are invited to commit to a new unfolding to deeper honour your heart and soul from this day onward. Your frequency will be clear, high, pure and from this space, new powerful decisions are simply easy to see and to step into. Leading in your divine feminine way, from love, co-creation and deepest joy, is a gift you have inside you … living your purpose… and this serves the world! It is my pure intent for you to discover this, or if you already have found it, to nourish deeper into this and to relax, rejuvenate and become even more aligned … feeling the support of women around you, helping each other, cheering each other on, truly allows us to enjoy propelling our heart’s visions into the world, sharing our gifts with all. This is a great celebration! Living our dream, our vision .. expressing what we cam here to share on this beautiful planet earth.

We conclude with a Divine Sound Bath Meditation and Deep Relaxation where you are  held  in a space of love and grace, honoring your Divine Sacred Feminine Self.  Allowing the sound of gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Crystal Lyre (432 HZ balances all chakras) and other healing instruments to move through you, creating vibrations that move the energy for deep release and healing on all levels.


Time: 10 am – 4:00 pm  on specified Saturdays. Dates to be announced.

Please bring your ow mat, blanket and more details are available via PDF when you register.

Exchange: $150

For expressions of interest, dates, venues, bookings and further details please contact via or M:0424 029 032