The hall and new floor boards are ready and very beautiful – no scent of chemicals remains, and classes are on this week!! … Theme: emotional, spinal and endocrine balance  and aura cleansing visualisation/meditation – receive your own divinity and blessings .. See you there!
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Warm greetings to you!

This is just a simple and short newsletter to announce that yes, our hall is ready, the floorboards refurbished and polished and I checked: there is no chemical smell now! 

I very much look forward to this week’s classes on Thursday night 7pm (please arrive 15 minutes before class of possible) and Sunday afternoon at 4pm. 

We shall enjoy an amazing kriya to enhance overall vitality and insight, and a beautiful kundalini meditation that releases fear and hence offers deeper peace through silence and clarity. 

Our minds have many facets that we can adopt or activate as we journey through life, as we embrace joy, change, grief, and challenges … these can create a sense of different aspects or almost other personas within us, which can be confusing for ourselves and the people we share our lives with too. The seeing of this is profound and the application of kundalini yoga to centre is the most amazing gift for growth and self realisation. We are – and yes I know you know this- far greater and beyond all our feelings and thoughts … 

Our retreat over the long weekend was totally amazing in countless ways … there is a build up prior to it and a process afterwards – besides during it, of course – for all participants. We create group energy and invite through intention and sacred ceremony to see and to release the old and to renew into who we truly are. Divinity. After this retreat the bliss and detached joyous state and the realisations just flood in for me. Then there is further process through bringing it into embodiment  – which can mean further seeing and release of anything that was energetically already let go of and seen/healed, transformed … life seems a continuous rebirth each moment. Consciousness dancing through and within the physical vessel as awareness and unique expression …. it can e very subtle and yet as we become more fine tuned it is seen and still a process… 

Breathe in this very moment. Through the nose, belly expanding, ribcage opening, all the way up towards the collar bones. Right now. As it is. Feeling the physical sensations. Breathe out slowly and fully, through the nose, belly moving back towards the spine… ahhh .. and hold briefly .. behold the stillness … and again, repeat if inclined … deeply … being present … allowing … 

See you in class, in divine timing. Cherish your divinity in its unique way, where it is at, how it is moving, revealing, how you experience resistance, limitation and also infinite bliss .. whatever it is for you …. presence itself dances … 

Much gratitude !!!!!
Keep shining, 
Sabine Abnashjot 
M:0424 029 032