Who feels the Divinity of this (above) artform…?

I am literally in bliss just thinking/feeling about it… 

Sat Nam dear amazing yoginis!

This is a ONE-OFF chance (this wonderful weekend: Saturday Sunday 21st-22nd of September 10 am -5pm) to put aside your intellect and flow with your heart and soul onto canvas … a holiday into colour and yourself … the lightplay called ILLUMINISM.

Have you ever felt you can’t paint or do art? Or are you loving art and want to flow more with layers upon layers …like the mystical veils of our consciousness and express this..? Perhaps have your own symbolically significant painting  in your home or work place to remind you of your deepest spiritual dimension … these kinds of reminders of our true nature always help me to stay centred, aware and expanded … it assists with grace and creative living .. creative relationships .. being in the creative dimension of problem (which is a gift to bring out the best in you) solving … it can springboard you into the infinite, which is your true nature  – and we talk about this and practise this in each kundalini yoga class … Why limit ourselves? Limitation= suffering ultimately. It feels ‘safe’ to the egoic structure of the self .. but our true nature is like a child: creative, open to learning, innocent, joyful, rejoicing in simplicity, seeing the beauty in the small things, and thinking openly still outside the box … beholding and embodying this is healthy and joyful .. and this is the NEW EARTH we are shifting into … remembering WHO we are again … freedom to trust the soul and heart-self … and so much more!

Can you feel it? I feel it so much! And even if challenges (gifts to help me elevate) are around me, I am always at home in the realisation of my true spiritual nature which is experiencing this physical, amazing dimension, thanks to meditation, kundalini and following my inner guidance in stillness.

Fame, money and all kinds of attachments to the physical will not last and are minor in contrast to the amazing grand picture … all has its place, it is naturally about feeling and flowing with the balance which is perfect for YOUR UNIQUE experience… always honour that. And feel good …and do enjoy the ride!

This is a small email with a few main  reminders/points I wish to share:

  • This weekend is the Illuminism art class on the divine sublime veil painting! We still have a couple of spaces. I would love to fill them for Madonna as she has gone into a lot of effort to visit us from Melbourne. She is brining specialised equipment custom made … you can buy it after class if you wish to do more veil painting at home .. it will be very affordable, rest assured!

Let yourself flow and experience this special weekend to your self … maybe creating the most amazing art of your life… maybe creating it for a loved one?

The sky is the limit …..

When you resonate with yourself, and give yourself time and meditative space, to be you, to sit, to move with creativity in intuitively guided timing, you FLOURISH! It is a message to self and all the energy of support around you: YES, I Am READY to receive! I deserve it!!!

As I shine my joyful light, the while WORLD benefits!

  • This SUNDAY KUNDALINI YOGA will be at 7pm instead of 5pm! Due to me being at the veil painting bliss workshop!!!
Oh I hope Madonna won’t mind me being excited like a child … hehehe …More info can be found on the link below (see the lime green button) which will take you to my website with the recent newsletter(s) on my blog, with all the details!

  • Also I do sell essential oils! Many of you asked me ” where do I get pure essential oils from?”  From meeeeeee …. if you resonate! Below is a link for why I promote DoTerra and why it is vital to choose the right company and quality of oils … and how to use them … (see the yellow button below)

Also get ready:

  • 26th September we start the amazing 10 light bodies of consciousness! This includes personalised kundalini yoga numerology, amazing deep dive and expansion – flowing with the expansion of SPRING here in Australia!!! Magical! Aligned! Check out the first class so you can decide if you resonate … for it is an 11 week series and I am offering SUPER discounts for those ladies with the full self care commitment of attending all. In the link to my blog and recent newsletter, you’ll see the amazing discounts etc.
I feel endless unconditional love for you and wish for you all to enjoy being you to the highest levels .. to shine so brightly it is beyond description!!! Let’s do this!!!!! Together is easier!!!
  • Also … I am creating online courses! What would you like more help with in an online format? I would LOVE your reply for ALL of you, including if you are overseas! For I am going for the creative joy of offering online courses!!!!

Many blessings and feel this incredible moment … there is infinite potential all around you … feel it, embrace it, know you are more than ready and worthy of it …. and welcome it!!!

Sat Nam!!!

Abnashjot Sabine

P.S. Are you joining us for a wonderful ladies dinner on the Sunday the 29th of September from 6-8pm at Cinnamon Club, just down the toad? If so please RSVP by replying to this newsletter and letting me know: I’m in! I would LOVE to see you there!!!

Link to my essential oils information page
Our recent newsletter – more info on Illuminism – veil painting, the 10 light bodies (discounts) and more!
I’m coming to the ladies dinner!
Above are examples of veil painting …. need I say more? 🙂