Happy New Year dear Yogi!!

Let’s start by fully acknowledging that you are doing the work and amazing service for the world by honouring your full being … and every time last year, where you attended kundalini yoga class, you helped uplift yourself to know your true infinite, amazing self, and this in itself is the greatest gift to those around you and the world as a whole!!!

It takes dedication, courage, time, money and focus, and being ready to embrace whatever comes …

(By the way: If you are busy and want to just know about classes/workshops/retreats, skip all this and head to the next text box below!) 

So why am I saying this?

Cause it is the so-called numerical NEW YEAR and we, as a society tend to use this time to reflect on the past year and then project our visions, ideas, intentions to the new year ..

As part of my sacred time around the new year and at many other times during the year, I sit down and write down on a large page, with colourful pens if possible, ALL I did do up till then, or in the year that is ending. The stuff I did get done.

Often it is a surprisingly long amazing list and I feel really great to look at it. It seems to be in our nature to forget all the incredible things we completed, tried, explored, went through, rose above, or didn’t lose the plot at … we can be faced with so much and don’t realise how amazing we have been … things such as relationship split ups (let alone the tough challenges before the split), deaths of loved ones, health issues in ourselves or loved ones, financial uncertainty … taking care of others so much … and taking care of ourselves .. starting or completing projects.. knowing when to let go of something … knowing when to stop and REST. These are all valid and tests and lessons … we ALL have been through a lot, for the whole word is going through a lot, and nobody is a separate island. It’s time to pat yourself on the back for all that and really recognise your divine being!

So YOUR courage, grace, commitment to self care (sanity) and such, have helped us all … we are all in this together …

So THANK YOU!!!! And I really hope you are writing down ALL you did, including taking your children to music or martial arts classes … or taking care of your parents, including prayers … please include the days you were courageous and wise enough to take a day off to just be with yourself, nurturing yourself in whatever form that is for you ….

THEN on another hug page write down (if this resonates) what would make your heart sing and soar for you to start or do in 2017! And the steps you can take to get there. It is potent to have that vision, priority and awareness … use it in class with your intention setting … and the more your vision/intent is deeply loving to your heart/soul/being, the more you are naturally guided and doors present themselves through which you can get there.

BUT!!! — this is vital 🙂  — always stay here after this in the gifts of the NOW. Cherishing the MANY blessings bestowed upon you already now.

This is KEY.
When you truly deeply appreciate and celebrate what you have NOW, it just expands ..

For me I always naturally feel deep deep gratitude for my parents, who still support me, are totally unconditionally loving (I know! How amazing!) and have allowed me to live from a foundation of feeling loved always and fully accepted for who I am. This is beyond priceless .. and I am totally feeling this pretty much daily!!

Then my ex-husband, who created three incredible children with me, three marvellous unique gems of shining lights, each so unique and I feel truly privileged and deeply honoured to be their mum!!! My ex husband gets gratitude from me almost daily, literally, (I reflect and dream and ponder a lot, and feel such a huge grace regarding life itself) as he is the best ex anyone could want! He allowed me to follow my dream of kundalini yoga, because the divorce was generous and loving and truly kind. He never ever tried to make my life hard. Ever. He has supported our three children fully, spent his half of the time with them, being a great dad, and has totally supported all private school fees, every extra curricular activity – everything above and beyond. I get to live and own the family home as our sanctuary so the children suffer the least possible by this divorce -effect,  and also so I can also teach yoga and  be comfortable.  He never said I should work as a scientist again and quit my passion. He totally supported it, plus the actual teacher training, he financed! Yes. I get moved to blissful tears of gratitude and wish and send him blessings almost daily.

The gratitude of the incredible gift of motherhood to our three children cannot be put into words, if I begin, it would be an essay ..

Then I write down the names (with flowers and stars lol) of all the people that were/are my true soul friends .. and the ones that challenged me to rise above any small mindedness. Great teachers are those that really challenge us. Definitely! This I appreciate!

So then this feeling of gratitude and wellbeing, abundance and grace flood my being like a tsunami … then I write my visions and creative ideas for the next year!

By  the way, if you are into the MOON  (astrology/numerology) supporting your visions, the 28th of January is apparently that kind of moon :-).
So  take your time and enjoy the process … and put it out to the Universe on the 28th.

So in summary, this is the list:

  • Your achievements (through help/grace of God/the Divine!) of 2016 recognised 
  • Your gratitude for what is around me now and was in 2016
  • Your inspired heart-soul visions for 2017 and ways to getting there while enjoying the journey right NOW

As for dates and what’s happening at Kundalini Studio, please see below where all is written in a hopefully easy to digest way.

Let me know if you have any questions!!!! Simply reply to this newsletter!

Oh and my website had another issue and the “contact me” plugin/form was not working since some wordpress upgrade changed things. I am so sorry about that .. this is also where I practise my flow and relaxed state, while usually in the past I would feel somewhat frustrated. Ah such is life.

The new studio is nearly ready!!! It will be for advanced classes and workshops. This too has been an amazing journey. Of many dimensions: joy, creative bliss, patience, financial juggling, communicating, assertiveness, flow. All taped into at various times, ahhh .. the dance of life!!!

The new home studio is called “Infinite Yogi” – we all are infinite yogis! I have a blog website with the same name.

This Saturday we are having our first outdoor Saturday class! No official website bookings are required except if you could text or email please in case class gets cancelled or shifted to another venue due to weather or something unforseeable. (0424 029 032 or sabine@kundalinistudio.com.au).

Details below!!!

Infinite joy and love!!!!!!

OHHHH I nearly forgot!!! I have been spontaneously deeply inspired regarding my retreat next year! And all of December I have been  liaising with an incredible (!!!!!!!!) Ayurvedic Spa Retreat Centre in the Himalayas !!!!

I am going to hold my first solo retreat there!

We shall do kundalini yoga twice a day, have incredible organic food of high pranic content (gown right there) … we shall visit an amazing  local market, Rishi caves, Goddess temple, and enjoy ayurvedic treatments, rudraksha mala bead making, a fire ceremony held for us by the local healer, go for a nature walk among fresh springs.

Then as an optional, you can join us to continue on to Amritsar, where the Golden Temple is!!! Trains from the Delhi airport and and required taxi rides will be taken care of my myself and the retreat centre. You just need to get your flights. We can enjoy a group booking! This retreat of incredibleness will be starting December 1-7 2017!! Then 2 days to Amristar is optional.

I’m currently arranging everything! A huge job, but totally amazing!!!  Full of inspiration.

Prices and details to be announced soon!

Keep shining brightly!!!

Abnashjot (Sabine)


Divine Inspirations for you

Put aside your expectations and replace them with neutral anticipation  and childlike curiosity.

Put aside your judgements of good and bad and dwell in gratitude with what is real.

Put aside beliefs and imprints from others and claim the beliefs that are authentic to your heart, soul and experience.

Put aside doubts that see your talents and gifts – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.

Put aside the constant whirl of your life for the stillness and intuitive sensitivity of your consciousness.

In this way, the pattern of your destiny and the direction of your purpose will stand in this present moment of your life, just as the pull of the current shapes the form of a river.

As you sense that pull of destiny, capture it in words that will stir your passion for life and inspire others as well.

Sat Nam
Yogi Bhajan

“May you know how fortunate and blessed you are and relish in the precious moments of this human experience.”


“The blocks to that growth are your attachments to the familiarity of the past, and your fear of the expanded Self. As you practise Kundalini Yoga you will grow. Like a snake you will need to  shed old skins to be more of who you are.” Yogi Bhajan.

“You are what you relate to. If you can relate to an infinity, you are an infinity. If you limit yourself, then you are limited.”

Yogi Bhajan


Kundalini Yoga Classes – please let me know if you plan to attend, IN CASE it gets cancelled, so I can let you know if it is going ahead or not (due to weather and also I plan to drive my son to Canberra potentially, as he is going there to study at Uni, and this can be our fun road trip)

Special outdoor classes are 2 hours and $20 (instead of $22 for 1.5 hours)

Saturday 7th of January 7-9 am at Wood Park, Doonoon Avenue Hazelwood Park 5066.

Saturday 14th January 7-9 am at the AMAZING Castle in Bridgewater, surrounded by trees and flowers (image below)
2 Silver Street, Bridgewater 5155.

Saturday 21st of January 7-9 am
West Beach RoadWest Beach 5024  next to the West Beach
SLCC. Meet in the sand! Do bring your own mats or perhaps try  beach towel yoga! (Its the beach where Glenelg is to your left as you face the ocean, and Henley is to the right)

Saturday 28th January  7-9 am Adelaide Botanical Gardens – meet in grass opposite to The Friend’s Gate. Drive in via Plane Tree Drive. Yoga under the huge majestic trees.

Saturday 4th of February 7-9 am at Wood Park, Doonoon Avenue Hazelwood Park 5066.

All classes resume as per usual from, and the booking system will take bookings for this:

Tuesday 7th February at the Burnside Community Centre.

Thursday 9th February Norwood 7pm
Sunday 12th February in Norwood 4pm

Advanced classes are privately (text/phone or email) arranged and commence:

Wednesday 8th of February @ Infinite Yogi Hazelwood Park (near Burnside) 7pm

And for your diaries: Himalayan Retreat in Rishikesh and optional Amristar December 1-7 (-9 th if join us to Amritsar)

Below is a little picture of the Castle where we are holding outdoor Yoga! Thank you Keri for the photo and for helping me arrange this! I’m deeply grateful!!! 

At this stage the idea is fortnightly on a Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm:
3 hours of amazing deepenings, details, refinements and personal attention.

Includes refreshments (drink and healthy snack) and  required materials (notes/pens/art materials/sound equipments/kriya  or meditation or chanting  or general guided contemplation sheets).

Cost: $55 concession $45

Maximum participant number: 11 yogis

Dates will be always Saturday afternoons, alternating:

18th February:  How to use Breath (pranayama) styles for total self management of insomnia, or overreactivity, panic attacks.

4th of March: Adrenal Support with Kundalini Yoga – deep skills to destress and recover! Re-boost energy with grace that is sustainable.

18th of March:  Chanting workshop – how to chant with deepest benefit. How to chant from your heart and soul, and the gifts of rhythm, breath and sound.

15th April: Detoxing, fasting and supportive kriyas to heal

29th April: Deepening your Creative living/problem solving skills  with kundalini yoga kriya ands specific take home meditation

13th May: Depression and managing the unknown, communication kriya and meditation

27th May: Gut and general digestive health kriya to heal gut and digestive issues biologically, energetically and emotionally,  and  new lifestyle techniques to suit your personality.

10th June: Heart (self love) and lung balance – plus immune system boost. Centering deeply in your heart space. Deep healing.

24th June: Your Willpower and commitment strengthened in alignment with your highest joy and benefit – deep alignment with yourself through specific kriyas and meditations to assist with your relationship with others and yourself.

Further details will be shared in the next newsletter.