Exploring the chakras! We start this week … and in this newsletter I am writing to share an overall and simple summary which would serve to reflect within yourself about your life, and where perhaps you would like to create more balance, using the science of kundalini yoga, which is always about including totality, and hence your ability to work with your energetic vortices called chakras. Each chakra is liked to certain ways of seeing life, to an endocrine gland and each chakra brings gifts. These wheels of energy can be over-energised or under-energised, and will fluctuate throughout life; and can be balanced with kundalini yoga. Every experience is divine and perfect in each moment. We are not judging.. we are becoming aware. And using our gift of consciousness and the ancient knowledge of the yogis to bring harmony into the flow of energy of the embodiment of your being. It is a temple. A most sublime manifestation. Within it resides boundless possibility. Understanding this deeply is very empowering. In a balanced way, not egoically .. it empowers your expansion and ability to see far wider and broader and truly be present to the magnificence of life and this experience.

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Namaste and warm welcome to you!!

“Your life is in your chakras” ! This small sentence caught my attention long ago and had me studying these energy wheels or vortices called chakras. You can easily google this and find an immense amount of information about these centres that truly do influence your total experience of life. 

What do they affect? 

Your way of thinking, your biochemistry, your spirituality, your overall vibration. 

Everything is energy. This is finally common knowledge and the yogis are not seen as being strange for saying this anymore. 

All chakras interact with each other and are in essence never separate. This is the ultimate truth. For the sake of realising this, and taking the steps towards this, the yogis have shared ways in which to identify the traits of experience associated with chakras as separate contemplations. I will share about these each week with you. There is a refinement that happens each time I contemplate and delve deeper into this awareness … teaching about it deepens it each time. Each time I experience subtle shifts as we move through this energetically together in classes. It is truly wonderful! And so rewarding !!! So freeing. So insightful. Like a manual to the self. 

Yes I get very excited! It truly is amazing for me each time, and I hear this from yogis too, that these classes truly shift many things, so easily as we move through these explorations, each with specific kriya to awaken your awareness and experience the essence of each chakra, how to balance it and flow energy up the Sushumna, where the Ida and Pingala rise and cross over to form the chakra centres. 

Below you will find a very useful depiction for contemplations on the chakras, so you may connect and refine your awareness and presence to them. This week we start with the base chakra. Muladhara! Belonging, Groundedness. Gravity. Acceptance. Overall health. Balance. Comfortable in yourself and life. Present to now.

It is the foundation.

If the base chakra is out of balance, it is like the foundation of the house not being laid well…  it is in essence harder to open the next chakra centres and allow them to bloom, to flower, to spin, to exist in your expression of life. If the base chakra for example is not balanced, you will lose a lot of energy trying to compensate for this. You will look for that balance outside yourself. So because the base chakra provides security and groundedness, if you don’t have this flowing healthily for you, you will inevitably look for security and whatever makes you feel founded in other ways, from your external world.

This is a deep invitation to contemplate what these outer sources of comfort and security are for you … this can be unconscious too … for example if an unloving father figure created this un-groundedness in you as a child, you may explore to find relief with men, through their attention, regardless if the serve you or not … on the other hand it can also take you the opposite way …

There is literally the infinite depth and unique complexity here for each of us … and only you can tune into your world, your way, your experience….

Are they perhaps an addiction or clinging to a partner or friend? A need for control and predictability? Or food? Do you unconsciously fill yourself up to feel whole and secure and grounded, and aware of your physicality by eating certain foods and perhaps excessively? For some people this can be any addiction or even distraction from yourself totally, like computer games, or TV addictions.

It can also be sex, or extreme sport for example, depending on your personality. Here it is wise to choose a habit that serves you … for example walks on the beach, swimming, dancing, making music, meditation, yoga, martial arts, hot soothing baths, inspiring books perhaps. These can serve to assist and actually will nourish you to feel an overall wellbeing, with an uplifted (released) outcome.

You will find a lot of information about chakras on my blog on my website, where I publish these newsletters. A link to my website is below. As is a link to the Facebook page.

Recent chakra series were posted there too. There is IMMENSE depth to the work with chakras, and we can only cover so much in class. This is why I also offer chakra workshops, and will do so next year again.

Enjoy the exploration into the many divine dimensions of all that you appear as. 

Sat Nam! Stay shining brightly!! 

Sabine Abnashjot

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BASE CHAKRAWhen your base chakra is balanced you experience the gifts of:

  • healthy automatic habits
  • you are solid and not easily swayed with your stance in life
  • legs and feet are healthy
  • you are able to accept things you wish to accept easily
  • you feel supported by life
  • you feel comfortable in your own skin
  • you are earthy and connected to life, to yourself
When this centre is imbalanced you may experience:
  • feeling unstable, unsupported, ungrounded
  • you experience resentment often
  • you feel like you don’t belong here or into your family/situation
  • you find it hard to accept things
  • you find it hard to embrace new things
  • you find it hard to trust and hence give
  • you feel floaty and not connected with your physicality
  • you seek support from others rather than from within
  • you tend to be easily swayed by outside influence
Exploring this amazing base chakra will be such an enriching experience. We all fluctuate and experience changes here from time to time.As with all these contemplations, it is merely to become aware. To then recognise the over-expression or the weakness of a certain field of consciousness within your being. It is revealing and teaching you things about this life-experience.

Sometimes it is teaching us compassion, patience and trust; other times it is teaching us to be bold, free and take action spontaneously. In each moment this guidance is available to each of us. All we require is to be open to this and listen to it … this kind of consciousness then brings about the healthy balance immediately.

One of the greatest gifts and perhaps challenges is to spent time to be still. To acknowledge and tune into your silence, and wisdom. This is always here beyond the loud chatter of the mind, which tends to be egoic. Ego is ok, but very limited .. an expanded heart and consciousness leads to a rich, creative dance of life, right here, right now… there is a stillness and peace under the surface no matter what is arising or coming to your awareness. This is moving from unconsciousness to consciousness. You have all you need with you. The divine is not holding you back. It is generous and infinite. Hence the cliched but very true expression: Follow your bliss! Bliss is beyond mind and ego .. it is soulful, heartfelt … this is the real compass … and the mind can serve its guidance to create and live the awareness in this embodiment. Supreme creativity, openness, awareness, and joy!