his week: reaffirming through writing and contemplation your commitment to yourself, spiritually and physically. Gong sound bath to release what is ready to go energetically and mentally .. more surrender practise .. awesome energy flooding into me already about our class together … deep strong energy and practise! Bliss!
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Sat Nam dear Yogis,

have you made the time, lately,  to really focus on your commitment to yourself, your path, your deepest fulfilment and what this would mean for you? If yes, would you like to deepen it, refine it, strengthen it? 

It could be about your relationship with yourself – is it loving and do you give yourself time for self-care physically, mentally and spiritually? It all starts from here, and from this space love floods into your life in your friendships, relationships, and amazing new or improved opportunities present through work/career, as you are vibrating highly (hence attracting energetic matches), with excellent self care. 

This takes awareness … if you wish to reaffirm and visit this place, to tune in and set an intent and truly paint this picture, and hold this vibration in your self, then this week’s classes are perfect for you. 

I will guide this process using kriya, sound bath, meditation and you will have pen and paper to go deeper and take home your realisations .. 

As a group consciousness we can travel much further, faster with this kind of work. 

I am deeply looking forward to this. 

As always this means balancing the chakras, meditating, deep relaxation (yoga nidra). 

Giving yourself the space to let go, and in that to touch your true divinity within. 

Our kriya is very cleansing and recharges the bloodstream with oxygen and your entire being will be filled with fresh prana in a very powerful way. This is a cleansing of the old, and filling you with fresh vibrancy. Giving you energy and clarity to walk your talk/wishes/intent. 

Another practise we will enjoy this week is a kriya that will cure any dis-ease. It opens the valves in the veins and arteries for complete circulation; it opens the vertebrae to allow the blood flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of the body. 

This cleansing is also for releasing what we hold within us, mentally and physically … we hold so much from the past in our bodies and minds, and hence they are projected out and re-experienced. Clearing this out with awareness and intent and refreshing with new life force are all part of this week’s kundalini yoga classes. 

If you wish to do the practise for deep peace; it was the meditation for releasing traumatic past experiences…  we will be re-visiting it again for fine tuning. I am posting it also later on our Facebook page: 

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So yes this is how it is … life is moving and the more conscious and aware we are the more we can recognise old patterns and the way in which we resist the gifts present right now, in our life, all around us… it all is a way of tuning into life, a frequency, a vibrational field. You could call it the lenses through which you perceive life. 

When we are raising in frequency through inner commitment, joy and focus, we see a new world. We are present and we recognise how our beliefs manifest our life experience. The unconscious habits come to awareness. Then the alignment into grace happens, as you are no longer a slave to these old patterns that limited you. 

We could also look at it as a return to our original innocence, in terms of child like awareness. To be playful and in the moment again. To relish and feel life every moment. To be free to be creative. To feel worthy, and loved and completely at one. It is in us all. Touch that within you. And cultivate and grow this seed and this tree … so it expands into every direction of this infinite life experience. 

This is -to me- the gift that kundalini yoga  offers. This  flow  of energy through this embodiment … incredible expansion and awareness … and life is magical. A most incredible gift. Not just because we have food and a bed, and a healthy body and mind, but because in our consciousness we can taste and create experiences of any kind, and delve into infinite bliss, awareness, total peace. To me, I say:  what could be more divine that that? 

I celebrate this moment in deepest gratitude! 

I thank you all – who have graced me with your presence and beautiful divine open hearts as you join me in this amazing journey .. 

It is a privilege, a gift and beyond words. 

Thank you, 

Sabine Abnashjot 
M:0424 029 032

P.S. Our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat is on over the October long weekend (October 2nd -5th 2015. 3pm start and 3pm finish) and we are taking bookings now; we only have 12 places and bookings are already flowing in for this divine retreat – more information is below. 

P.P.S: Jai-Jagdeesh, international Kundalini yoga teacher, musician and dancer is coming to Adelaide fro The US, and to our yoga space, and holding an amazing ‘Authentic voice’ workshop on Tuesday the 15th of September, details and booking link is below too. It will be a rare event and absolutely divine! 

For our Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat you will be taken into daily Kundalini Yoga, Wu-Tao, and Sound baths. You will be off the grid, in a modern Eco Lodge at the Inman Valley. You will be spoilt wit sublime healthy vegetarian food. You will be surrounded with kindred spirits, all women.

There is art therapy, dance, journalling, nature walks and of course our sacred ceremony and lineage work for our ancestors.. We cannot wait. It is like a reset button, a reaffirming time, re-entering, refreshing… it is simply beautiful!

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