Our new Tuesday class starts tonight! If you are a beginner, this class is particularly suitable! If you are a regular/intermediate yogi, it will assist you to fine tune and deepen your practise. It IS after all Kundalini Yoga .. balancing chakras and your consciousness to expand, raising the creative kundalini energy according to your unique pace!

This week’s focus: Deepen your breathing, with breath enhancing kriya and new breath signature explorations.

This is happening while we stretch, enter poses and perform the kriyas and meditation.

Totally awesome!!!!


Our theme in ALL three classes this week is breathing! The breath affects EVERYTHING! Your mental and physical wellbeing … energy levels, peace, clarity, cellular health and vibrancy!!!

We have kriyas and specific meditations to allow you to really experience and explore this! This is a deep passion of mine!

Being just aware of the breath brings you into the most powerful state: The NOW!

Harnessing your breath capacity fully will not only take you into deepest meditation, but also rejuvenate your physical body into youthfulness and incredible energetic awareness, vibrancy and the power to live in alignment of what is real and true for you, from your true self!!!!!

This makes life incredible and any obstacles or challenges a graceful and grateful gift!

I truly look forward to inspiring you, sharing the knowledge (scientific and yogic, which of course are ultimately the same) and also most importantly assisting you to experience this for yourself, directly!

Please book in online!

And please note my pricing and website has slightly changed and a few little things are still being ironed out, as the new/modified site only went live on the weekend. Your feedback is super welcomed!!!! Any feedback is in fact!!!
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Thank you so much for speaking your truth from your heart!!!

Sat Nam !!!!
Sabine Abnashjot
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As you breathe consciously you touch this moment … you are here .. only THIS is real … the rest is gone, past, a memory … the future has not arrived and is affected/created by your current state … set yourself free in this NOW … love yourself as you are NOW … can you ? If not, ask yourself .. why not? How does it serve?

Breathe out the doubts, the self-sabotage … breathe in the freshness, the now, the infinite creativity of clarity and presence … self-love … ย let that rule … be true to yourself .. become calm and centred with this breath .. and the ego and mind will drift into unimportance .. and you gradually align with your TRUTH … this is bliss .. ! Alignment and very powerful. Your being dances!


Reflect on what would matter on your death bed as you think over your life … I do this too, hahaha .. this I share with Steve Jobs .. it really gives instant clarity and instant access to what truly matters … honour that! Be bold, stand in your truth! Trust it totally ….