This week’s theme: How to see, be and live your truth…

Hello you perfectly unique expression of universal divinity!
You are that! Nobody else is your expression of life … your unique combination of life is a one off! How incredible!
The mind likes to group things together and can have a tendency to generalise, as a way of creating knowledge, patterns and control… but in truth, everything is a deeply creative flow and what you see and experience is yours and yours alone … Often we try to share this with close friends or kindred spirits, be it family or even someone we just met. It is this quest for self recognition …

Perhaps even self validation… but we can ask ourselves, who can ever validate all that we are? Our innermost thoughts and ways of seeing and feeling? That is your treat for yourself! Even words could not suffice to describe this very moment now… try all you may … can you describe your state, the feelings and sensations in the body, the way you see the screen, or swallow, or experience your breath?

So how about knowing your truth, living it, and trusting it?

You know how some people shine and seem invincible? Well it could be many things … they may be totally aligned with their truth and passion in that moment, or maybe their ego is feeling very validated at that time … maybe they feel that way for a day, a week, a month? Who really knows, and it truly is irrelevant, for comparisons cannot help you to go within, into your truth.

Everyone has better and worse days … it is a natural aspect of being here and human, as we move through life with its countless dimensions, encounters and literally aspects that affect the way we may feel.

So the greatest sanity, to me, seems to just accept your divine, unique experience of life as it is, right now.

To not resist it or try to change it even… change is a natural part of life … being present to that is something that seems to waver …

So your truth is now. This.
Can we relax in that?
Notice and honour it?

What peace … such a release of tension to efforting… there is nowhere to be, nothing to change or prove … wow …

So as always I weave kundalini yoga and how it serves you into the context of the week’s theme.

Kundalini yoga helps you to connect to your being beyond the incessant thinking and egoic concept of self. It helps you to reconnect to the NOW, which is the actual reality and most potent place to be.

It helps you to learn to see thoughts, unconscious habits and ideas… thoughts coming and going … how can they be you, your true self, when they can change so easily ..

What we are searching for is this truth within. The stable, the home aspect of ourselves.
We search for it in relationships, careers, connections, moments, success of varying kinds … and these offer us a temporary illusion, it is joy, it is an experience that is beautiful, unique … but not the actual deep truth beyond these concepts.

So kundalini yoga helps you to find your deep you … that which is ALL … one with all .. energy, consciousness … and yes! All experiences are divine, valid and part of the cosmic play and your unique expression of that…

It seems that yogis tend to be people who want to know what is beyond all this … what is actually me? Where is this taking me, what am I capable of to see, be and conceive ..

Again … kriyas prepare you to be here, to embody this energy of expanded awareness … so you can find that .. whatever that turns out to be for you, with all the phases in between …

Like I often quote in class .. all you are looking for is here and now … open up, allow … and that is what kundalini yoga offers … that ancient science to expand consciousness … fearlessly .. true presence, openness … and remember when you truly accept yourself as you are, your divinity shines and guess what? You shine even more … as your truth, vibrancy and essence … it is like you are opening the windows of your house and letting this amazing breeze flow in, curtains flapping joyously and aliveness flowing freely through your house … the house being the metaphor of your embodiment …



Enjoy being you .. in this moment … in truth … being true to you, and free to reveal this you … that is liberation and free energy flow … allow your family and friends to see and experience the real you … the more you are your truth, the more aligned your life becomes, and in that, your presence allows all around you to be inspired and maybe do the same … that is creating a wave of world peace from within …

How to get the most out of our kundalini yoga classes:

Dedicate yourself to yourself with conscious intent.
Use the space, energy and safe sanctuary to really go deep into your divinity.
Let go of the usual social patternings and habits and connect to all that arises in you, becoming aware.
This is a special time to delve deeper into yourself, using kundalini yoga, which is an ancient, unadulterated yogic science, fully dedicated to take you EXACTLY there.
Really honour your body during class and use the breath to release, deepen and revitalise the mind, body and energy field. To create reconnection deeply. To yourself, which is Source ultimately.

Please honour the silence of walking in and leaving, so as to really harness the most from this unique gift.

Listen to yourself.
Deeply. Becoming (if you are not already) your own best friend!

Share about your experiences by emailing or phoning me. I am here for this, completely.

Namaste! Sat Nam!
Sabine Abnashjot