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Warm greetings to you! This week we are delving into the brilliant aspect of your Projective Mind. It is also called the Positive Mind: and when balanced and strong, it allows you to feel expanded, and you see a lightness where there is no hope for most people. Your virtue is that of equality. 

When it is ruling out of balance, it can lead to diving into situations that lead to trouble, and you don’t tend to realise your boundaries where they are required. You wish in and buy into the glamour of appearances. 

When this Third energetic body is strong, you have a good sense of humour and you’re able to be very hopeful and able to project that hope. You’re like a candle in the darkness. If this body /aspect of your self is weak, there is a tendency to either “rush in where angels fear to tread” and not consider the risks, or to be over-positive to everyone’s detriment including your own. 

Take a moment to contemplate this in you. To be deeply aware of it. These aspects are in us all at various times. 

The third body when out of alignment can lead to a deep feeling of complete hopelessness. This is debilitating and of course can come in varying degrees.  A great analogy follows below with regard to illness and the path of empowerment and awareness. 

Suffice to say, we will enjoy an amazing kriya (yogic sequence that includes posture/asana, breath, inner focus, mantra/sound and mudra/energy flow). 

I am really looking forward to this!!!! 

It includes a rebirthing breath this time! Powerful and cleansing of negativity. Fire to burn the old and illuminate the new! 

More below. 

Please book into class with our new booking system. It is still being fine-tuned, but it is easy and it works! Here is a link directly to it: 


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If you are interested in daily kundalini yoga, plus daily sound baths and the amazing healing of the  joyous Wu Tao dance, plus healthy vibrant food prepared for you, plus massage, and visits to sacred temples, with all women, and in the land of the Gods: Bali, let us know. We are running our annual overseas retreat this July 8th-13th.Some spaces are still left! It will be divine sublime in every way as Ahilya, Fiona and myself share our life’s passion to uplift and offer you time to nurture, rebalance, have incredible wonderful times discovering your inherent amazing divinity! I have not seen another retreat that offers what ours does: three qualified women offering you purest experience through various modalities .. in a sanctuary, with a mix of quiet time, ceremony and as mentioned above, yoga, chakra balance, meditation, dance, art and sound healing …wow! I am so honoured to be part of this and my whole heart and soul dance in this.
If you are interested, visit or reply to this newsletter with your enquiry.
Please bring your own warm blanket to class to be super cosy during deep relaxation. Please also bring your own yoga mat and pillow. If you can, please bring your own little tea cup – I will be bringing YOGI TEA tonight as a treat – as it is an amazing tea with many benefits and no negative side effects! It will keep you vibrant and warm! I am wishing to not create more waste by using plastic cups. So please bring your own cup or glass and enjoy the benefits of yogi tea after class.

Ingredients are: cardamom, ginger, black peppercorns, cloves and cinnamon quills.

It cleanses your blood, supports your digestive system, helps with bone and joint health and much more! 

Oceans of love and gratitude to you all and life itself!!!!

Sabine Abnashjot
M:0424 029 032

The Projective MindAn analogy using illness. From Nirvair Singh Khalsa, who learnt directly from Yogi Bhajan and wrote “The ten light bodies of consciousness’ ~ which is the course of kriyas we are going through at this time.So I quote from this text plus added my own bits in between:

Another facet of a Third Body weakness is the feeling of complete hopelessness. I can illustrate this by talking about illness. From a yogi’s point of view, there are two kinds of illnesses — conscious intentional illness and unconscious intentional illness. I  other words, when you get sick, you do it for a reason even though you may not be aware of it. That goes for minor illness and major illnesses. This is interesting. A big new theme these days is the psychology of self-responsibility. This is fine to a certain extent, but not if its held like a sword to make you feel bad if you don’t take responsibility; or if you don’t want to accept responsibility, it’s a shameful thing. It’s too bad this happens, because in its essence the philosophy is sound. Your higher Self is arranging all this stuff so you can work certain things out over time, and it will work out for the best.

That’s what the Third Body is all about; it gives you hope so that healing can occur.

Your body is your best friend.

Not only does it allow you to get where you’re going, allow you to do what you want, but it helps you work out many physical, mental and emotional issues (you can see the signs and symptoms and feel them in your physical body). It allows you to work through things so you can solve your problems and meet your challenges and fulfil your duties, responsibilities and karmas.

So people contract minor and major illnesses (‘contract’ – like a written or spoken contract that has its purpose) ~ it is a contract with your own self to work out what you came to learn.

The invitation/aim is to triumph or evolve as some say, to not keep in the same cycle, but to expand and reach greater ways of being .. no matter how unpleasant the process, this is the invitation. The more we resist and repeat old habits that no longer serve us, the greater the suffering.

You can learn to create a hopeful and positive situation out of all of it, you basically become a positive projection, you can confront your issues, or habits easily, you attract support and you move into a higher space of awareness and self-empowerment. This happens when your Third Body (Projective Mind) is in its full healthy capacity.

It is not necessary to contract illness to strengthen the Third Body. You can eliminate your negativity (i.e your unwillingness to forge ahead) through meditating, kundalini yoga and through exercises which work on a certain part of your mind to release negativity. Most of all, you can actively and consciously develop your sense of humour. You can look at ourself with honesty and clarity.

How to get the most out of classes:Many yogis share their experiences with me and I support them in understanding things more deeply and trusting the inner presence and knowing. Do this if you can. This yoga is very powerful, you are shifting into your true infinite, peaceful, creative, hugely vibrant and deeply alive self more and more each class, as we shed what covers it up from shining: old hurts/blocks, old ideas, limitations. You are already totally divine in every moment! 

Bring your own yoga gear: pillow, blanket, water, mat, so you are fully taken care of. Treat yourself to a beautiful blanket you love, that marks your time to deeply relax and meditate … choose a yoga mat that suits you in terms of thickness, grip and colour .. these are awesome ways to commit and honour your unique self. 

Book into class online and arrive 10-15 minutes before commencement time. 

Ideally be with an almost empty stomach .. a bit of fruit or a very light snack are ok. 

Set an intention for your class to crystallise powerfully what really matters to you, and to empower  yourself with this. 

Wear lose and comfortable clothing. 

Feel free to use the specialised aromatherapy oils and spray available at the counter. 

Let me know what you love and don’t love, so I can meditate on it and improve my services to you! 

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