“The primary objective [of Kundalini] is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. Clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.” –Kundalini Research Institute
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Yes this BALI Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat is for me!ย 
Sacred Women’s Soul Retreat is happening in BALI in July … it is going to the incredible: where else can you retreat and rejuvenate with three women guiding you? Usually you get one person or maximum two retreat holders .. here the three of us co-create in utter bliss (seriously!!!! ) about what we love! What do we love? What ALL women love: To feel and be vibrant, aligned, in joy about life, connected to self and the earth .. to be radiant, feminine, strong, enjoying our divine gift of being who we are, uniquely, powerfully !!!We have created a retreat that embodies all our life’s work, direct experience and deepest heartfelt passion… for more check: www.sacredwoman.com.auMuch BLISS!!!!

Sat Nam beautiful soul!Oh YES! I nearly forgot~ my website is all new since last week. I re-launched an upgrade and it includes a fantastic booking system, to help make booking in EASY for us all… it will create an account for you (takes 20 seconds) and then you can book in next time with just a click. You can pay online using your credit card, easy! Then you don’t have to think about bringing cash to yoga anymore.I have been wishing to make these changes for some time, so we all have it easier, smoother… and here it is!!!!


Book into class with the awesome NEW MindBody System
This week’s classes:The mental bodies which affect the way you experience life:
This week is is the Second body, called the protective mind.Yogis see that we have a thousand petaled lotus (Buddha’s crown – see the image below ), which is partly etheric and partly philosophical at the top and centre of your head. For every petal, a complete thought is produced every second. So that’s a thousand thoughts per second, which is serious computing power. You are capable of ย very sophisticated computer-like processing. Some of these thoughts are CONSCIOUS, around 80-90% are UN/SUB-CONSCIOUS!!
All of these thoughts get channeled into different parts of the brain through neurological pathways.

The way you process these thought potentials (to buy into them or not for example) depends on your disposition, your childhood training, your training via society, your culture, plus your personal nature.

You have a unique way of processing thoughts, receiving them, and disregarding or accepting them, and manifesting from there. This shapes your life, completely.

So in kundalini yoga we have meditations and kriyas to be aware of and balance these aspects we call the three minds: protective, projective and meditative. It is all in you, and when BALANCED, you feel INCREDIBLE, INVINCIBLE, ALIVE, IN TUNE, IN JOY!

More details below this section.

Also: I wish to ask: who would love a Wednesday 6:30 am (yes am, not pm) class in Rose Park/Dulwich area?
Please say yes if you are by clicking the button below.. to give me feedback.

Also in WINTER I am going to bring hot amazing yogi tea to yoga classes … all I ask is that you please bring your own cup – to keep it environmentally positive ;-). This will start very soon .. and i LOVE it!!! Start choosing which cup you’ll bring along, wit you own mat, cosy blanket, pillow and water. To make your yoga time extra fabulous! And why not? Self-love, self-care! It rubs off on those around you, and your radiance will make others want to do the same (to really take great care of themselves).

Below is a link to an article that i love, for it describes what kundalini yoga is, in contrast* to all the other yogas out there .. it is just so ‘total’ so ‘wholistic’ … it touches and nourishes ALL that you are, not just the body or mind .. it goes far beyond that and hence you’ll feel it with weekly classes instantly … I hear this feedback often, and it makes my heart soar even more… stay open… feel it .. allow it .. you are divinity itself!!!!

*I am not saying things are wrong or right .. it is just about personally making a choice .. discerning .. ๐Ÿ™‚


YES! I am very interested in a Wednesday early morning class in Rose Park (indoors) (close to the city) easy parking! – 6:30 am!ย 
Explore our kundalini studio website – relaunched last week, with the intent to make it more awesome for you!!!ย 
Your second body:This is your Mental Body of the Protective MindWhat’s this about?
How does it affect me?
How can I harness this gift in a balanced way?ย 

This mind is vital for us all… it is helping us to realise potential danger in choices we make: like relationships, business, lifestyle choices … this aspect of yourself is about measuring the risk, and when balanced, this is extremely healthy, and not a fear based thing, but a thing of AWARENESS and clear DISCERNMENT.ย 

We may not realise when this aspect of ourselves is overprotective, not allowing us to take healthy risks, that lead to new openings and expansion. And yet if this aspect to ourselves is nit balanced, we can spend a lot of time and energy in situations that drain us, hold us back as we live in un-nurturing, depleting, ‘risky’ situations … risky not just to our physicality (food choices), but also importantly also about what relationships we allow in our lives… you have all heard of toxic relationships that fester, quietly or loudly so.

This aspect of yourself, enables you in pursuing what is beneficial, empowering for you, by showing you/ allowing you to be eliminating risk. So you haveย more energy for what is positive for youย energetically.

This protective mind is about keeping you safe on all levels, deeply, soulfully too. It balances with the two other minds/energetic bodies: the projective (it says yes to what works for you, in a balanced way), and the neutral or meditative mind, which allows you to relate from deep centredness and connection with all that you are, beautifully.

We have a very cool meditation which we will experience this week … and a kriya to go deeper and balance this for your deep empowerment and raising of consciousness.ย 

I can’t wait! We create the most sublime group energy, rising together. It is purest bliss to sit with you and guide you into your kundalini yoga experience of your true self!!!ย 

Here is an article that illustrates this too: Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

How a moment of gratitude and openness changed this ladies life – going through a divorce … <3ย 


How to get the most out of my kundalini yoga classes:
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting time.
  • Bring your own mat, blanket, pillow and water to really take best care of your unique needs; it is easy if you keep your gear in the car always. It is better hygiene if you have your own mat, plus greater commitment to practising yoga regularly. You can get amazing mats online or in sports shops.
  • Set an intention before arriving by contemplating about your current priorities. You can use intention setting as a powerful tool to release old habits or to bring in new ways of being. The group energy supports this enormously! Set your intent in a “now” state, as if it is happening now. Paint the image in your mind, and FEEL how you would feel with this already fulfilled. Then let go and trust, without clinging.
  • Have only very little in your tummy. If you need food, see if you can have it latest an hour or so before class, and perhaps something light, like fruit or a bit of yoghurt, or coconut water .. it will sustain you and keep you hydrated in a great way full of electrolytes. Yoga is best on an almost empty stomach.
  • See the yoga time as a time to connect with yourself, to empower yourself, and to realise that all people in your life will benefit from your yoga practise, as you vibrate high and have great self-care, others will learn from you, be inspired and also see these benefits .. and as your vibration rises, so does the world’s naturally. As you take care of yourself, you can offer more love, depth and creative joy into others lives.
  • Communicate with me if you have questions or experiences: experiences can be incredible joy, or wishing to stay within, or the mind becoming noisier as it is seen for what it is .. I have a fair bit of experience and am here to reassure you and to share tips and awareness with you in how this process of raising the kundalini manifests and works. It is unique for everyone, and there are common points we all share on the seeming journey. I am here to share and support in yogicย ways.
  • Let me know if finances are challenging or if you changed to going back to studies (concession) – I truly honour this and invite you to talk openly with me about this.
  • If you wish to include some of our work at home, talk with me, we can create a home practise to anchor your practise. This can be uniquely tailored to you completely. If you wish for a 15 minute or 1 hour practise .. if you wish to work through a specific challenge (addiction, relationship, breathwork, toning, increase awareness training, stress release, better sleep, spinal adjustment, hormonal balance, immune system boosting,ย emotionalย challenges etc), if you wish for a general practise.. there are infinite possibilities.
  • Offer me feedback of how you are going and what you are experiencing and if there are certain things youย wish to hear more about, or learn moreย about.