In this newsletter I am announcing the return of our chakra series starting NEXT week – all 8 chakras will be completed by the end of the year for a full balance, expanded awareness and empowerment for a new official (numerically new) year, a fresh start and enhanced energy for new projects, renewed self commitment, on the level of your deepest soul fulfilment.We will start with the first chakra next THURSDAY the 29th of October and Sunday the first of November. A new chakra is explored each week. A full chakra balance happens in each session … so if you can’t attend all, it is perfectly fine! 

YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR CHAKRAS … when these energy centres are balanced, your life is flowing in a very rewarding and joyous way in all dimensional aspects of your being. 

I will offer handouts and lots of information and practical daily applications for you to enjoy at home too. It will be incredible.

It is a deepening each time. So if you are wishing to delve deeper into these powerful centres, add it to your diaries and explore them all … they are all affecting your life each and every moment … so to my way of seeing, I feel:  what could be more wonderful than to understand them and to balance enhance their divine qualities ? 

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Warm greetings to you!

Yes our chakra series are back, starting next week!!! Please check the information above this block or further details.To understand and balance the energy vortices called chakras, is very insightful, empowering  and very very joyful actually. It is a clearing of the old energies also, and a beautiful way to enhance your chakra flow, for a life full of balance!

As we flow in awareness, including movement, breath and using kundalini yoga kriyas, which are designed to balance the energetic current of the chakras, you will feel much clearer in your life about the many facets of your inherent nature and how they determine your experience of life, be it your relationship with yourself, friends, family or work related relations, be it with your way of flowing, your centredness, your commitment to stick to your decisions, your heart space, your ability to communicate and your insight through your intuition .. or your awareness of your infinite self … the truth being: you literally have an infinite field of energetic potentialities around you each moment, and to see and live those, all you require is to open to this and vibrate with (align) this frequency with your consciousness/energetic field. So we are literally balancing and raising vibrations and hence it is also often called raising the kundalini. The “kundalini” being the most powerful creative energy that pulses through us all …. to be unaware of it or ignore it, or not wish to explore it,  is like ignoring say the windscreen wiper function of the car, or the take off button on an aeroplane .. I am just expressing how I see it with a playful analogy…. You are brilliance and somehow we all forget this from time to time …. Kundalini yoga is here to make you your own master, to see your own realisation of who you truly are … the specific kriyas and yogic meditations are ancient knowledge offered to us, like a manual to the self, to truly harness our beauty and radiance, wellbeing, potential and expanded state of consciousness … this is peace and wisdom and true joy of living … all is within … always.

This week we will work more on our Pranic Body, preparing our breathwork to really open into the next  8 weeks of chakra work, exploring the powerful gifts and duality that chakras offer each of us. 

When your chakra field is balanced, you experience the empowering qualities, when chakras are over energised or depleted you will experience these polarities throwing you out of harmony within your perception and expression of life. 

Breathing Power The effect of rhythmic, even and conscious breathing changes the brainwave pattern powerfully. Slowing down the breath to 8 breaths per minute moves you into a meditative, receptive, open state – where the everyday mind is in the background, and learning and intelligence is actually enhanced.

If you slow the breath rhythm to 6 breaths per minute the pituitary gland is stimulated. If you  reduce it to 4 breaths per minute or less, the pineal gland activates the crown chakra – which is experiencing you infinity, your boundlessness, your oneness with all, your deepest expanded state.

Our first breath is the beginning and sets the experience of what we call life.. it is the real food of life, as it is more than oxygen and Co2 exchange, detoxing and energising, but it also is panic energy, prana coming in, which is life force in itself; and apana leaving the body, to release and clear out the old, no longer needed.

Conscious control or awareness of the breath is a vital aspect of the yogic life. The way you breathe is the way you live.

If you are scared your breath will become shallow. Clavicular breathing like that can cause a panic attack. The breath and mind are intricately interlinked. This life force, or prana, determines your radiance, presence, clarity, inner strength, centredness, physical health, auric health, and psychological wellbeing.

In Kundalini Yoga we have as a divine gift a wide spectrum of breath styles or breath signatures to explore, to experience balance, energy, restfulness, healing and deep insight.

I will emphasise as usual that breathing is mostly through the nose, techniques to anchor into the rhythm, to make it regular, to relax body parts for open easeful breathing … we will warm up and explore to our unique capacity.

The benefits are the same as for meditation: calmness, gentle euphoria (alignment with truth -inner peace, inner completion) and patience. We can be more present rather than rush through life.

Some breath styles:
Long Deep Breathing
Breath of Fire
Breath Suspension
Breath ratios
Segmented Breath
(Just to name a few)

In Kundalini yoga we often use a specifc  kriya to prepare us, and of course these include hand positions to align meridians, posture, inner focus and a sense of allowing into a mindful state.

This is totally my passion.

See you in class if you resonate!

Feel free to ask me questions there before or after class.

Much joy and deep Namaste,

Sabine Abnashjot

M:0424 029 032